View Full Version : Need help with 1 and 2k Bretonnians

05-01-2007, 04:22
Okay, so I'm starting a Bretonnian army, and don't really know what the best set-up for a Bretonnian army is. Right now, for models, I have a paladin, a BSB, lady on mount and on foot, 2 lances of 8 knights w/full command, a trebuchet and 6 peasant archers. I am planning on expanding immediately (as there is a 1k mini-tournament coming up in 2 weeks) but I don't know where to go.

My regular opponents are Khorne, Archaon's Horde, Dwarf gunline, all skirmishing Beasts of Chaos, Ogres, and very magic heavy High Elves. I have yet to play Bretonnians, so all the advice I can get wuld be appreciated.

This is the army list I was thinking about, but have not yet purchased, since I'm hoping to get some guidance as to what should be the next few purchases.

1k Bretonnnians

Paladin with lance and shield (in KOTR)
BSB (also in KOTR)
Lady on warhorse (also also in KOTR)
3 X 5 KOTR with command
1 X 6 Knights Errant with command and Errantry Banner
1 X 3 Pegasus Knights

2k Bretonnians

Lord with Birth Sword, virtue of confience, gauntlet of the duel (in KOTR)
BSB with virtue of duty and war banner (also in KOTR)
Paladin with lance and shield (in Errants)
Lady on warhorse with 2 dispel scrolls (In KOTR)
Lady on warhorse with 1 dispel scroll and chalice of malfluer (in grail)
3 X 8 KOTR with command
1 X 8 Knights Errant with coammnd and Errantry banner
1 X 3 Pegasus Knights
1 X 5 Grail Knights

Is this a solid base to work from? What should I change? There are no peasants in the army because a friend of mine told me either do all-peasants or don't do any... and I like the knight models better anyways. Help me!