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Imperial Git
05-01-2007, 14:16
Tomorrow I'm playing 5000pts against Brettonia, with a special character match-up (Karl Franz for me and the Green Knight for my opponent)

If any of you could give some advice on killer combo's against Brettonians (both with units and items) I would greatly appreciate it!

05-01-2007, 16:16
maneuverablility is the key to keeping brettonian knights from getting th charge. i'd have a handful on fast calvary units ride up the sides to get behind enemey lines and keep them from marching. flyers would be good as well, maybe a character on a hippogripth. then of course you have to have a good amount of missle fire, artillery, and boom to slow his knights and wittle their numbers down. i'd go with a lot of hellblasters, i tend to like em more than cannons or mortars b/c they dont scatter but you will still need them. magic is key as well, i have found my brettonian opponents to usually play defensively when it comes to magic, i'd say be ready to expect alot of dispel scrolls ( i once played a brettonian in tourney who had 6 dispel scrolls in a 2150 pt match ) so have fair magic and alot of your bound items for a surprise. good luck

05-01-2007, 21:21
5000 points? It's a onslaught then! No advice, only blood! :) Truthfully, I think that you are going to field so many units that there's no chance to avoid completely the destructiveness of bretonnia's knights.

05-01-2007, 23:46
Cannons, hand gunners and more handgunners. Whittle them down and then smash whats left. Use anything which makes your units stubborn or cause fear as this assists with the brettonian charge. Also remember magic weapons as the Green Knight is ethereal and a real pain in the ****!

06-01-2007, 00:19
Are you taking Karl Franz on his new pet Dragon? That would be a truly worthy fight!

06-01-2007, 01:16
Flagelians at least one maybe two if your using the new rules. After that a 5k, cannons, hellblasters and spearmen. Of course Karl fance on his griffion is cool too!

06-01-2007, 08:28
Your magic will be vastly superior in offence. Exploit this to the full.

Your shooting will also be superior, and you will no doubt get first turn. Go for shooting with no save or good save minuses, obviously.

Take lots of magic items that can ignore armor, they will cut through knights like butter.

Imperial Git
06-01-2007, 12:51
Are you taking Karl Franz on his new pet Dragon? That would be a truly worthy fight!

I just might, if I find out I don't have enough points to fill out 5000pts.
Otherwise, I'll stick to Deathclaw (I'm not one for breaking bonds forged over the years ;) ).

Thanks for the advice guys; guns, flagellants and magic seem the way to go, so that's what I'm going for!

Lieutenant Frederic Henry
06-01-2007, 20:42
Pistoliers and outriders. Re-direct the bastards. Pepper his knights with pistol fire, flee when he goes after them, leading them into an outrider trap. Unleash with the outriders. Not many knights will be left. If he charges your outriders next turn, flee, and continue to harass him with pistoliers. All of this should be inevitably leading him towards a helblaster volley gun, of course.
Greatswords are good too, as stubborn troops can more than likely absorb the impact of a charge of knights. Halberdier detatchments and S5 attacks from the Gswords should pull some nobles out of their saddles. Leave your own knights at home, or in reserve. His knights outcharge you by 2 inches. As long as he's not retarded, your knights will be the ones getting charged; this is a bad way to use your knights, as I'm sure you know. Definitely splurge on a fair number of warrior priests, as hatred will make your units much more effective in combat. Big swordsmen units with detatchments of halberdiers. Use an Empire General and a BSB in your center to hold the line, and put your fearless/stubborn troops out on the flanks. Outnumber him by a silly amount, and you'll win. Use too much artillery or too many handgun units (which lose alot of effectiveness due to the Vow), and you will lose. Lots of Infantry. Lots of Infantry. LOTS OF INFANTRY. And Fast Cavalry. Remember- to win, you don't have to kill his units, you just need to beat them. Static CR and flank charging detatchments can do this. And, once a unit flees, it loses it's vow. THEN shoot them. Hope this helps.

Imperial Git
07-01-2007, 14:06
Lots of Infantry. Lots of Infantry. LOTS OF INFANTRY. Cheers.

I like the way you think, Lieutenant!

Sadly I've only read your advice AFTER the battle! :P

But no worry, it was a joyful massacre of Brettonians, and much fun was had by all (well, I did at least).

It has to be said that my opponent got unlucky with his Ld tests from time to time (especially when a unit of KotR with BSB ran off the table after my first turn of shooting), but then again, I've been unlucky with ALL my dice rolls for the past couple of months, so there. Here are some highlights I found were very enjoyable:

-Him avoiding my infantry centre, instead opting to go after 10 IC Knights with Grand Master and Captain and a Steam tank on my left; and 2 blocks of 20 flagellants and 8 Knights on my right, leaving me to clear away his centre with my shooting, holding up his right flank for a lot of turns (this was his strongest flank; 9 GK, 9 KE, 9 KotR, Paladin and General), and wiping out his left flank.

-Me panicking his unit of KotR with BSB after my first turn of shooting and running them off the board

-Me ripping apart his lord on Hippogryph with my helblaster and severely damaging the beast, who continues to rip apart the helblaster crew and subsequently gets put down by the outriders (sorry son, the beast was rabid, had to put her down :P )

-My wizard lord nearly killing himself with an uncanny amount of misfires (had only 1 wound remaining at the end of the battle)

-One of my units of flagellants being wiped out in one turn by a combined charge of GK and KE (amazing how much damage those guys can dish out against low quality troops) By low quality I mean statwise, flagellants are excellent troops

- My level 2 Fire Wizard blowing up one of his trebuchets with an amazingly powerful Fireball (rolled 6 hits, then rolled 3 6's)

- The entire Empire army wheeling to confront his 3 remaining units (all knights) on my right flank.

- Him throwing his last units against my horde of infantry in one final, gallant rush hoping to break through my lines in the last turn. (Very Theoden vs. Mordor :P)

-Him failing to break through because all my infantry were unbreakable due to prayers which he failed to dispel or the Rod of Command.

-Seeing two of his 3 remaining units being beaten and run off because of CR (and some solid empire boot-to-behind techniques :P) in the same turn he charged (being the last)

All in all, a very enjoyable battle for both sides!

08-01-2007, 09:38
- My level 2 Fire Wizard blowing up one of his trebuchets with an amazingly powerful Fireball (rolled 6 hits, then rolled 3 6's)
The Trebuchet has four wounds though ;)

09-01-2007, 12:08
I was about to mention that...

You will rue the day you tempted Bretonnia's fury, young sir.

09-01-2007, 12:39
So, how did the matchup with Franz vs. The Green Knight go!?