View Full Version : 2000 point dwarf army for rating

05-01-2007, 18:20

New to these forums and thought id put my list up for rating :)

General goes with hammerers, BSB with warriors, Runesmith with longbeards and Master Engineer with grudge thrower

Pretty typical dwarf plan of enough shooting to force them towards me were i can grind them down with my infantry blocks. Gyrocopter will go forward and hopefully disrupt there advance and cause a little damage with steam gun, maybe take out some artillery peices or capture table quarters depending on army im facing.

Reason the grudge thrower has rune of reloading is simply because i had 11 points left and nothing really good to spend them on.

Thane 142
Rune of Stone
Master Rune of Swiftness
Rune of Cleaving
Rune of Fury

Thane 115
Battle Standard Bearer
Master Rune of Gromril

Runesmith 127
Rune of Stone
2x Rune of Spellbreaking

Master Engineer 79
Great Weapon
Rune of Stone

19 Warriors 196
Full Command

19 Longbeards 278
Full Command
Rune of Battle

10 Thunderers 150

19 Hammerers 327
Full Command
Rune of Slowness

Cannon 125
Rune of Forging

Grudge Thrower 115
Rune of Accuracy
Rune of Reloading

Bolt Thrower 85
Rune of Penetrating

Organ Gun 120

Gyrocopter 140

Dispel Dice: 5

Models in Army: 89

Total Army Cost: 1999