View Full Version : 1K beggining force, ORCS!!!!

06-01-2007, 04:30
Okay so I have been back at home from college for a few weeks and I bought the new orc book and painted up a few of my existing models. Because my models are mostly orcs and they made new night gobbos anyway I went for a mostly orc force. These are pieces I alreadt have and was going more for numbers (what we do best) and a little strategy. SO, tell me what you think, I'm not finishing the army until the end of may so I've got plenty of time to re-think the list.

1 Black orc Bigboss-99pts
Heavy armor, Enchanted shield

1 Orc shaman-100pts

25 orc boys-180pts
Shields, full command

20 savage orcs-230pts
2x choppas, full command

5 wolf riders-81pts
Musician, spears

5 wolf riders-81pts
Musician, spears

2 orc boar chariots-160pts

10 arrer boys -65pts

So tell me what you think? too basic, not enough hitty force?

06-01-2007, 04:37
oh yeah, and just incase you care here's a pic of what I got painted. I converted a lot more, and I'll break out the brush this spring. I'm no expert painter and you may notice the warpaint, they're still regular boys as the savage orcs will be like 50% war-painted!