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06-01-2007, 21:48
Wargor, add HW = 64pt
Minotaur x3, GW, Mark of Nurgle = 172pt
Warhounds x5 = 30pt
Warhounds x5 = 30pt
Centigot x5, musician = 92pt
Beastherd, 6 gors (2HW), 9 ungors = 78gc
Marauder x20, shield, LA, full command = 165gc
Furies x6 = 90pt
Spawn = 60pt
Knights x5, Mark of Khorne = 220pt


This has low magic defence, only 3 DD.
Is only one hero good?

IS spawn good? SHall I make it a slaanesh spawn?

Which units shall I ambush with? 2 warhound units or warhounds + beast herd?

Are furies ok number?

Is mark of nurgle good on minotaurs (4+ save)

SHouldnt Ive taken centigors but marauder horsemen instead?

Is equipment on general wargor ok? Shall I let it join marauders/beast herd, or make it solo unit?

That was it, thanks in the advance!

07-01-2007, 00:58
firstly from what i can see the list is illegal, as the warhounds do not count towards your minimum core requirement and so your only core unit is the beast herd, for starters you will need to fill that second core requirement
next your army has five special choices, in a 1000pt game you are limited to three and so some will have to go
and you cannot take the mark of nurgle on the minotaurs without first giving it to the wargor as they can only bear the same mark as the army general

07-01-2007, 02:11
Whoa... even if your army was legal, I can't see what you're overall stratagem is with it. I mean you have a Wargor, but you're not using ambush to it's full potential: a really potent tool for Beasts in 1000 point battles.

I'd dare say you seem better oriented towards a pure Chaos Mortal list.

07-01-2007, 09:29

But I have got only 2 specials? Or cant I combine beast and mortal?

07-01-2007, 17:30
yes, you can combine the 2 books of chaos, but if you take the beastmen as core, all your other choices in the book hordes of chaos (Deamons and mortal) becomes special.

Secondly; if you wan't to take some marked units (for example your chaos knights), you'll have to field a character with the same mark (except for the chaos spawns).

Third; Minotaurs need to bear the same mark as your general, just as mightygnoblar allready explained.

Too start over, I'll recommend you to take either Beastmen of Mortal chaos.
Check what you really want, Go for the wargor if you want to play on the ambush and skirmish with some heavy hitters. If you wan't the solid heavy combat blocks, than take yourself a exalted champion.

best regards.

07-01-2007, 17:57
Thanks, Ill go for the exalted, Im still doubting if I should include knights, also the number of furies and gors/ungors not certain.

And should I go for spawn? Make it slaanesh?

Should I include one chariot? I heard its best in pairs, but I only have one chariot.

I think of giving both the general and minotaurs MoK, to give me better magic defence.

As special choices Ill take furies, minotaurs and a beast herd.

Also is 16 marauders a viable unit size? Or is 20 a must?

07-01-2007, 21:33
Army list:

Exalted champion, berserker sword = 140pt (rides chariot)

Wargor, AHW, heavy armor, shield = 70pt (on foot)

Warhounds x5 = 30pt

Warhounds x5 = 30pt

Marauder x20, shield, LA, full command = 165gc

Chariot, Mark of Khorne = 150pt

Minotaur x3, GW = 138pt

Beastherd, 7 gors (2HW), 10 ungors, Foe-render = 109pt

Furies x6 = 90pt

Spawn, Mark of Slaanesh = 75pt

Total: 997pt

My tactics:
Use the marauders and spawn to receive charges and tie up the enemy for reinforcements arrive.

The chariot with the general, the minotaurs and wargor are hard hitters and I use them to flank and break the enemy's big units.

The warhounds and beastherd should give me more manouvrability, and support the other units, also I use them to soak up shooting hits.

The furies also for manouvrability and support, and if Im lucky they can kill a lone mage or a war machine crew.

Im unsure if this will work, it's numerous for a chaos army, but with only 3 DD weak against magic, and the ridden chariot can be powerful, but S7 will be devastating, maybe I could better field him on foot.

Im unsure about the wargor, it is a nice manouvrable unit who can pack a punch, but 2 characters is generally not recommeded in 1000pt games.

The warhounds are cheap, so I cant go really wrong taking them.
The marauders also seem a solid unit. Are they?

I think the minotaurs are a good choice, but maybe I should make them khorne? I must make my general khorne to if I, Ill propably field him on foot then.

Im very unsure about the beast herd,
I have no clue how much gors and ungors I should field.
However, the 2HW are useful for them I think.
Im also thinking about buying the vitriolic totem for them, with their low strenght and numerous attacks, won't poisoned attacks be a great choice?
If Ill take it, Ill propably field my wargor within the beast herd.
Also, Im unsure if I should take a foe-render (champion), and should I take a musician as well?

The furies are nice I think, but am I right about their numbers? Ive bought ten furies, but ranking them up is too expensive I think.
Shall I field 8 instead? Or change the number into something else?

The spawn can be very useful for its points, unbreakable with nice T and W rocks! But its movement is very annoying so I made him slaanesh to give him more speed and take out the randomness a bit, am I right about this?

Ive left some room between my units for comments (which are greatly appreciated)

Thanks in the advance!

09-01-2007, 15:28
Will this be any good?

12-01-2007, 14:47
Still unsure...

12-01-2007, 17:44
Secondly; if you wan't to take some marked units (for example your chaos knights), you'll have to field a character with the same mark (except for the chaos spawns)

actually it's the other way round, to include marked characters, you need marked units.

edit: the list looks pretty solid, try it in a few games and see!

13-01-2007, 11:56
Thanks for the comment.

So I can run my undivided general in a khorne chariot?
If not Ill field him on foot.

But im still not sure about gor/ungor numbers.
And in another forum I got a suggestion to add a hard-hitting unit, would you recommed me that?