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07-01-2007, 11:15
So getting the Empire book yesterday got me to try and calculate out a possible 2000-2250 pt army for friendly games and possible a tournament (or two) I came to this.

The theme is that the Temple of Sigmar has been either orderd on a crusade or to defend a shrine.

Arch Lector, Heavy Armour, Extra Weapon, Shroud of Magnus (5+ Ward, MR 2), Van Horstmans Speculum....213

BSB, Full Plate, Barded Steed, Ring of Volans....117

Warrior Priest, Heavy Armour, Shield, Steed, Barding, Hammer (Sword) of Might, Aldreds Casket of Sorcery...160

Warrior Priest, Heavy Armour, Great Hammer, Doom Fire Ring, Sigil of Sigmar...143

20 Flaggelants, Champ....210
24 Halbardiers, FC (Deatachment: 6 Crossbows, 10 Swordmen)...248
20 Spearmen, FC, Shields(Detachment: 6 Crossbows, 10 Swordmen)...248

15 Greatswords, FC....180 (the foot guard of the temple)
6 Pistolliers, Mu....115
6 IC Knights, FC....196 (Knights of Sigmar)

20 Flaggelants, Champ....210

Total; 2140 pts

There are a few things that I'm not sure about namely the seccond unit of Flagellants and the "Shroud of Magnus". Detachment fro the Greatswords is also something I woulod like to have as well as a unit of Huntsmen.

Also concerning the "Ring of Volans" kan I just choose the default spell? In the item discription iot says that I have to roll which spell is in the ring, but I wouldn't ming just getting one of the deafault spells on some instancies.

Thougts and comment are wellcome!

07-01-2007, 17:08
I would ditch the cannon. The thing is, this looks jsut like a normal Empire army except that you have 3 WPs. While it's probably very effective, it doesnt scream "Crusade" or "Sigmar". Where are the mobs of Free Company?

But on to the list...

--an extra weapon on the general isnt that great. S6 A2 with a GW is better.
--i would turn the halberdiers into swordsmen, they are better
--swordsmen are'nt as good as being detachments as other things, like free comany and halberdiers
--keep the halberdiers

where are the characters going?

07-01-2007, 20:01
I've got the feeling that greatswords will lose a rank (at least) to shooting before they enter the fray, and they run the serious risk of breaking if they get to receive the charge instead of dealing it. Either buff them up to 20, including a warrior priest, and add detachments (archers as a screen would be good, and halberds or free company as flankers/countercharge), or replace them with maybe a second unit of knights, or a block of 30 free company (for thematic reasons).

The Casket of Sorcery is a nifty trinket, and would befit a Witchhunter type priest, but how great are the chances you get to use it? The Sword of Might is also something I find dubious on a cavalry officer - a great weapon or the Sword of Justice might be better choices. Maybe the Enchanted Shield, if you want to add some more armour.

You could consider using Outriders instead of Pistoliers, they have a bit more punch in their shooting at marginally more cost. Either with or without barding they would be good, I think. Neither is crucial to the theme, but it doesn't hurt to have a viable army in the meantime, and they are a nice answer to war machines and many flyers.

Last but not least, I think it's great that people try and make thematic lists. Good luck!

I have personally little experience with Battlestandard Bearers, but I noticed they have a hard time making up their points unless they are placed in really big blocks. It might be good to have one together with the Arch Lector in a 25-size block of something reliable. Swordsmen would be best, but for story reasons you should probably limit yourself to one unit of these at the most. Spearmen is likely your best option then, unless you feel like splurging on a real big (and expensive) unit of greatswords.

As to the Ring of Volans, I do not believe you can "drop down" to the first spell on the list. At 20 points, it's not horrible, though, especially since you'll have a huge amount of bound spells flying around. Speaking of which, how about the Horn? Auto-rally could save some of your more impressionable types from a bad charge and being chased off the field.