View Full Version : 500 Pts Warband For Naval Battles, help very much needed!

Red Skullz
07-01-2007, 14:16
Trying to make a long overdue return to WH Fantasy with some naval battles in a campaign with some buds. So I`ve been brushing off the dust of my pirates lately biggrin.gif

Buuuuut...I`ve got zero experience with warbands since I`ve mostly played battles in the 1500-8000 pts region in Fantasy.

This is the list I`ve kinda set my eyes on for now:
Orc Big Boss, add choppa, light armour

5 orcs with add choppa

9 orcs (plain as they come)

3 arrer boyz (just so I can use my swivel gun models so these guys are staying)

10 Night Goblins w/nets

1 rock lobba w/bully

1 spear chucka (yes I know it`s only 1 war machine but cause of the naval rules I can ignore the limitation)

(will have 2 small ships and 2-3 dinghys, pics sometime this coming week of the first small ship wink.gif )

Just let it rip on the list, I can take it rolleyes.gif