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07-01-2007, 16:30
Hi everybody^^
Ive got an idea for an O&G army that id like some opinions on, and a few pointers;)
These greenskins have found themselves a new god, whom they call "Ghorghul" the god of cannibalism and being magical/wierd
This army will not include orc boyz on foot (not hard enough ), the only foot troops will be night gobbos(religious fanatics) and black orcs(the chosen of ghorghul)whilst everything else will be either mounted (wolf riders, spider riders,savage boar boyz,chariots(not goblin))or wierd (squigs,warmachines)
Im gonna paint/model EVERYTHING veeery gory:D (i.e covered in blood) and with lots of trophies.
For the general im thinkin savage orc warboss (frenzy!) for the cannibalistic feel, and as heroes a load of shamen for the magic/wierd feel and maybe a night gobbo on huge squig (doesnt get wierder than dat!):)
The night gobbos will be painted with white robes (to show the blood more) but i dont know how to paint the rest..
This is the basic lazy rundown, i might get some more detail and a background story sometime soon, but until then, ideas people! Tactics, painting, background, whatever! Army lists would be cool to ;)

07-01-2007, 21:09
Well, that's one wonderful theme, and I definately think you should go for it!

Just one point: No normal orcs is fine, but with the reason that they aren't hard enough? What the heck dude, they're ******* orcs! :P
And if you want them to be fanatical canibalistic nutters: Use a LOT of Savage Orcs! On foot and mounted!

07-01-2007, 22:37
If you wanna go hard, and are planning mainly for friendly playing, than why not drop in some house-rules and let your blackies go boaring...


What I mean, make black orc cavalry.

Just an idea I got when I read your story.
Now I think of it... my army also still needs some cav.

08-01-2007, 09:55
What!? Cannibal orcs and goblins with gory trophies? shocking. It is not like all other greenskins in the whole warhammer world already are cannibals and also like to show off bitz of their enemies that they have chopped off.

Ok, that was a bit rude... Actually I love themed armies and this sounds nice. Go for it. I would advice you to make it a savage orc themed army as they seem to fit the theme better than other greenskins.

09-01-2007, 18:13
Dat would be grool but.. savage orcs are metal! me HATES metal minis(im gonna convert the blackies from normal boyz with lots of armour) ,and as a reply to the remark on orcs already beaing cannibals: I mean MORE cannibalistic, in a ritualistic type o way(with ogre butcher-amounts-of-gore. And Black orc cavalry.. sounds great! and in "unfriendly" games i can use them as boar boy big uns^^(and about the orc boyz not being hard enough, its about that they either have to get to the enmy quickly and kill them, or get there slower and kill them a lot more.. and da boyz aint dat quick, but BOs kill lots so they are accepted, simple as dat

09-01-2007, 19:27
I share your pain man. I love plastics too, both because of price and because of convertability (wait, what?! cheaper AND better? this can't be right =)).

Good luck with the converting, don't forget to put pictures in P&T when you get going!

warlord hack'a
10-01-2007, 14:54
I have a small drill and metal cutting spinning disk (don't know the english word) which makes it quite easily to convert my 58 savage orc metal models into spear wielding svg orcs and nothing hits harder than spear wielding svg orc big uns. Getting white night gobbo's sounds like a great thing to do although they will finally end up mostly red.. How about a squad of surgical night gobbos with green robes and caps over their mouths?

warlord hack'a
10-01-2007, 14:54
they can then be the cook squad (after all, you're cannibals)

11-01-2007, 12:40
hehe grool idea. and btw.. P&T?? me newb so me no know dis stuff..

13-01-2007, 00:01

13-01-2007, 00:08
hehe grool idea. and btw.. P&T?? me newb so me no know dis stuff..

P&T is painting and terain,

its the best place to ask for advice on all model related things

13-01-2007, 12:26
Aaahh, now me gets it^^

13-01-2007, 13:55
So you're going for a savage Orc army? Fine. But to me, this theme doesn't sound particularly new or very exciting. Also, it's hard to paint blood so it looks good.

Apart from that, maybe you should have a look at the posting rules in the Warseer FAQ and change your posting style appropriately.:)

14-01-2007, 00:01
Savage orcs? nonononono thats what it may seem like, i said : canniballistic and wierd, and u assume savage orcs.. Stoopid humies, i said NO REGULAR FOOT ORCS, and that includes savage ones!

16-01-2007, 16:14
Ive got an idea for the blorc boar boyz too.. Ill just buy 6 warboss kits and make them a unit, that would look nice right? although expensive..

16-01-2007, 19:08
That's one way. Only I don't like the new boxed set very much... Mainly the heads, that is.

Couple of other idea's:

1- Mailorder 6 times the boar of the warboss (the old one, with the armoured head). Saw 5 normal black orcs and 1 grimgor/borgut/badruk in half (yeah... crazy, sawing badruk in half, but I've seen people doing it). Then go begging at your friend or local shops if anyone has any spare legs from the orc command sprue (the one for the boar-riding general. Put the black orc torso's on those and mount them on the boar.
That will make a black orc cav unit that is quite comparable to your foot units of BO's.
2- Wait... and hope for both plastic black orcs and new plastic boar boyz...

17-01-2007, 18:54
I could wait.. im broke right now anyways.. ^^

18-01-2007, 12:05
They're both suppose to be coming out in the summer anyway so it's not too long to wait, just concentrate on painting your other stuff first (ie. big units of gobbos!!).

I think your army sounds cool, I like people who come up with their own ideas & individualize their armies rather than just designing armies to win all the time so go for it.

Gore is very hard to paint but if you have the enthusiasm then you'll put the effort into learning how to paint it properly so this shouldn't be a problem (check out the P&T section on here or also coolminiornot.com painting guides, not sure if there are any guides for painting gore but if you put a post up on here I'm sure you'll get some very helpful replies.)