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13-07-2005, 14:01
Mmkay.. obviously with High Elves the Silverhelms can perform a similar role very well. I play Dark Elves so the Dark Riders are my option for medium cav.

Medium Cavalry can't break a unit by itself normally, and requires the aid of some other unit charging the same target. Medium Cavalry is fast, but not always well armored. They must carry a spear at the least.

Anyways.. I've been thinking about this unit for sometime and I wanted to show you to get some feedback. The unit would consist of 9-11(10-12) Dark Riders, in a 5x2 or 6x2 formation, with a character in it. I'm aware they get no rank bonus since they are considered light cavalry in the rules, the back rank is for casualties and intimidation. Anyways.. to make the unit downright disgusting, I'd simply add a Battle Standard with the Hydra Banner, giving every Dark Rider & Dark Steed an extra attack, which would come to approximately 24 to 26 attacks, half at str4 on the charge. Would this unit not kick ass? Would it not perform casualty wise similar to Cold one Knights even? Without a Hydra Banner, of course. :)

This is what i call medium cav, the rules of light cav with the hitting power of heavy cav, while having a crap armor save. The BSB and hydra banner are expensive unfortunately, so sometimes just a regular Noble tooled for combat a bit will add the extra needed 'Oomph' .. clearly cheaper but clearly weaker, both could get the job done. So what do you think about Medium Cavalry in Warhammer nowadays, which armies have a good option for such a unit, and how would you use it? :)

13-07-2005, 16:12
urm, i would have to say both yes and no....in order for this to work your opponent would have to be either crazy or you would have to be cunning. the problem is that unit would cost alot and would be a bullet magnet...and your save is less than great..i have a unit in my dow, very similar....a simple hero armed with a great wep. i have to say though my unit is very cheap! you would have to either guard your unit well or hide it behind another unit! i played a dark elf army yesterda with three units of dark riders...menghil killed all three units in the course of the game one had a character in. however i have had my light unit make chosen khorne knights run off so its a gamble!

13-07-2005, 17:30
you evil Drucchi will have to contend with not having medium cavalry like us wonderful asur. The void is filled by something you do get though, mass attack infantry (witch elves) Also Hydras are vastly underrated, try using one, it works wonders if you focus it on one unit in the enemy's battle line.

13-07-2005, 20:34
narcis, its only a game!

13-07-2005, 21:30
Silver Helms are almost powerful enough to be called heavy cavalry, with a possible 2+ save, high weapon skill, etc. they're almost as good as empire knights. But their power can vary. I recall from the few HE games I've played, one time I charged a block of Marauders with them, killed quite a few, lost one knight in return, and lost due to the fact I had no musician (I did in fact have the war banner so I really won, only I forgot, but then it was border patrol so I wasn't allowed the war banner in the first place!). In another game, I charged a similar block of Empire Swordsmen, killed the enemy general with my champion (He had a 1+ save as well!), killed the rest of the front rank bar the champion for one knight's loss, then made the rest flee and persued into handgunner. Ahh, glorious times!

13-07-2005, 21:33
Heheh, well I'm not speaking specifically about my unit, rather Medium Cavalry in general. A unit that is 16-18" or faster on the charge, charges at least @ S4, and could use the addition of a character to attain its goals of performing a more combat oriented task.

The BSB with hydra banner is kinda silly I will admit, its an old idea ive had, it would be nice but its simply too expensive. A regular noble with some sort of item would be nice. I think a better version is a Dark Rider unit of 5 with a Standard Bearer, with no repeater crossbows. To accompany them would be a Noble.. with a lance, and the Web of Shadows incase anyone challenges him. ;) This would be tons cheaper.. and I'd still have the models for a 2nd unit of 5 with rxbows.

Ideally, Medium Cav would be best defined as a unit that has the Fast Cavalry rule, accompanied by someone that can actually kill some stuff. Maneuverability and limited striking ability though much enhanced.. yet fragile. Its sort of like elves themselves, they have to hit fast and hard or else they get squished.. they embody the traits of the elf. That is not necessarily a good thing.. heheh..

13-07-2005, 21:35
Mounted Chaos Marauders I would classify as Med Cav. Give them flails and you have a pretty powerful little unit. Yes a crapp save... but again.. they are only marauders :p

General Failure
13-07-2005, 22:34
New We's Wild Hunters with ST5 at charge and addtional attack on the next rounds seems to me like a light cavalry with quite a punch, high Movement and no forest penalty , as Beastmen Centigors do ... also empire pistoliers could be added, not so good maneuverability but good hittin punch aswell.

This are the units of the game i can think of right now that fits this "medium cavalry" concept, units with fast cavalry units or extremely high movement that hit hard (many attacks or -2 save attacks)

Powerful hard hitting flyiers could perform similar tasks but they are in another category (me thinks of Brets pegasus right now ... :cheese: )

14-07-2005, 00:34
narcis, its only a game!

Yeah mate, and I wasn't exagerating at all (spelling?)...