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Your Evil Twin
07-01-2007, 21:56
Hey everyone!

I usually take years to finish any army but I need this one done by carnage in march so im hoping a project log will help me get things done a little faster!

Ok so the fluff behind The Gate Keepers craft world is that they are a small mainly military craft world that is small enough to cloak its self. Its lies in wait outside the eye of terror and heads off many of the small chaos insurgences from the eye!

I know what you thinking, of all the places an elder craft world would be is near the eye of terror but this craft world is made up of elder who have strayed from the path and seek redemption (lots of rangers) and elder who are so enveloped into one aspect that they want to seek out and destroy chaos! (feel free to point out any major holes in that for me to patch up as I don’t know everything about elder background!)

So, moving onto the modelling….The colour scheme I have chosen is very dark grey (almost black with an extreme highlight of 50/50codex grey and black. Some parts of the model will be turquoise coloured, this starts at ultra marines blue and highlights up to light turquoise. The gems are green and the face part white. Also each model wearing a helmet will have a personal Japanese style marking on there helmet using the same turquoise highlights.

The tanks will be similar in colours but will have larger craft world markings on them (not sure what that is yet but it will be free hand probably)

So…here is two test models and the WIP Autarch (sorry about the photos, im working on it)




Any Ideas, comments, criticisms much appreciated!

Thanks In Advance

Your Evil Twin
(we were separated at birth :))

07-01-2007, 22:03
Oooh, really nice colours :D Paint job looks good too. Can't wait to see more! How will you be doing aspects?

Hand of Death
07-01-2007, 22:04
Looks great! I especially like the turqouise parts and the green gems.
As for the picture quality, try the macro function (most digital cameras have it) the buttons should have a small flower icon on it.

07-01-2007, 22:52
I like the fluff and the colour scheme, one bright and one dark colour works well in terms of making it look a like a dark and brooding craftworld while still making it noticeable on the tabletop.

btw, i think ulthwe got to the eye of terror before you, but i don't see why two craftworlds couldnt guard it, they could serve a different purpose like hunting chaos fleets that have left the Eye and picking them off one by one.

Edit: can i suggest that if you do aspects to do them in your colours of blue and black as your colourscheme would be ruined with any additional colours, if that makes sense

Your Evil Twin
07-01-2007, 23:02
Rardiv: Cheers, very motivating, i should beable to put up some more pics tomorro night!

Hand of death: Thanks for the heads up, at the moment im just using timer, this normaly works but the lighting wasnt very good tonight

HiredSword: Good piont, I forgot about Ulthwe, Luckily my craft world acted in a diferent way, they are smaller and cloaked and are able to make suprise attacks against chaos fleets to small to bother Ulthwe or that avioded them all together!
Good idea on the aspects although, what i will probably do is experiment with combining the aspect colours with mine, e.g howling banshies would have a cream torso but black leggs and head while the exarch was the full creme to show they are still obviosly banchis!

Thanks for the feed back folks!


07-01-2007, 23:29
Wow, you really are My Evil Twin! My Eldar colour-scheme is very similar to yours. I like what I can see, I really wish the Autarch pic was clearer, it is very promising from what I can see...


08-01-2007, 16:43
Colours like cream are alright, i just meant things like red for fire dragons might be pushing it (unless you do them the same red you did the shurikens lense) of course it's your army still.

btw, i agree with AventineCrusader, need to see a clearer picture of that Autarch!

The Keeper of Secrets
08-01-2007, 17:45
Veerrry nice Gerard, but can I suggest clearer pics?

08-01-2007, 18:55
Looking forward to seeing more. I'm doing a very similar scheme with brown instead of grey and a bit more bone. Definitely interested in how you do the Aspects as I've got my Banshees to work like that, but the Scorpions are proving trickier.

Your Evil Twin
08-01-2007, 19:18
Hate to disapiont so here is a clearer pic of the Autarch!!


In case you are wondering, he has the legs of a swooping hawk exarch and the torso head and arms from the dire avengers sprue!

Also, here is a better pic of the guardians and some Banshi conversions I was testing out! (the one on the right is not an exarch but has one of the mirror swords, I hate to waste a sword held backwards!!)




Any more comments, critisism's and ideas welcome as usual!!


13-01-2007, 15:56
Nice colorscheme. Ow, and your thread saved my live :D. I have been thinking of starting an Eldar army myself, but I didn't like the colorschemes of the aspects, I wanted more freedom. And I wasn't sure if I could just change that, but apparently I can :). Thanks. And I would love to see more pics of your Autarch, but I'll be patient and check every minute :p

Your Evil Twin
20-01-2007, 20:28
Hello Everybody!

I’m back after a short break as I’ve had a series of set backs, first of all I had to spend most of last week franticly painting up my Khorne army for a battle last Saturday....I was then very ill with flu or something and was bed ridden from Saturday to this last Wednesday and have then had school. But I am now tearing away with my new Eldar army and have lots of recent work to update tonight!!

First of all 1 more guardian with his head painted a different way, I will probably do some of the heads this way as a variance but not to many as I liked the original…


Second, A ranger test model…I used simple greens and browns etc with the black armour of the craft world and some gems and think it came out quite nicely. 1 down 9 to go!!


Third, a viper that I bought and assembled yesterday! Its still WIP but the grey is done, there will be some turquoise pattern on the front and the gems will be painted!! (please note the flash really brings out the grey lines, there much less obvious in reality!) The interior display shows mountains/terrain though I’m not sure you can see it very clearly!


And forth, A bike squad with some spare banshee weapons to make them look a little more active as they may become a body guard for a farseer!


Continued in next post!!

Your Evil Twin
20-01-2007, 20:29
Continued….Lastly, some new bases from miniature scenery!, there the most Eldary I could find so b bought one big one for my autarch and 10 for the dire avengers, if they look really good I might buy some more for the rangers and other aspects. I also bought some other types for my vehicles etc!

Anyway here they are!...


(all 10 are different)

C and C Welcome


20-01-2007, 21:05
woo! update :D

The guardian's helmet looks fine, it'll add some diversity to the squads.

Not too sure about the green cloaks, I think just black (maybe with some green camoflauge painted on) would work better.

Vyper looks good, (I actually thought it was finished when i first saw it, looks sleek in black anyway)

and finally the autarch and avengers are going to look really cool with those bases, I would suggest a sandy colour for the bases.

Warwolt the skaven
21-01-2007, 00:24
Ah, this is pretty nice acutally. I think it will look good when its all finnished. ^^

21-01-2007, 00:37
I like, like lots :P

The coloursheme is really effective imo as its the minimilised use of the blue and green look cool

btw got a link for the bases?

Rogue 7
21-01-2007, 04:52
I'm loving those jetbike conversions. The original models may as well be robots- you've done a great job of giving a sense of activity and uniqueness to each model.

Your Evil Twin
21-01-2007, 14:24
Cheers for the coments everyone!!

Shuya: I got the bases from wargames workshop (a shop near milton kenes) but I think they can be found somwere online, perhaps someone else could find the site??

There realy good actualy and they do tau styled ones as well as battle field reckage etc...

I will post up some pics of the vyper tonight hopefully and posably a biker test model but iv got alot of scenery and work to do so dont hold your breath :)

Keep posting your ideas


21-01-2007, 16:01
Wargames workshop can be found at http://www.wargamesworkshop.co.uk

Your Evil Twin
23-01-2007, 17:55
Hey everyone, time for another update!!

I have finished the turquoise on the viper and done one extra guardian!! (pics below) and I have assembled and undercoated my wave serpent as well as magnetised all the weapon options so I can swap them on and off!!

Here’s a group shot of everything I have painted so far (rather feeble I know)


And one of the guardian…


And the Vyper!


And finally the wave serpent!!


(turret in next post)

Continued in next post…….

Your Evil Twin
23-01-2007, 17:56

The turret and weapon options (all magnetised, the star cannons will have the covers from the viper weapon spru) I am also planning to magnetise the right side of the falcon and the viper eventually but I ran out of magnets!



Thanks for looking!! And remember any comments or criticism is well appreciated!


23-01-2007, 19:17
I like the colours and the lines you have put on your Vyper. I am just wonder if a slight dash of another bright colour would be nice. I think a bit of bright red here and there would be very nice. the black and the green(ish) go nice but it's a bit dark over all and from a distance might be hard to see some of the features of the model. anyway, just a thought :)

23-01-2007, 20:44
cool! i really like how you've painted the vyper, it's very unique and looks really sleek. Your craftworld is beginning to get character.

Your Evil Twin
26-01-2007, 18:53
Time for another update!!

Iv been working on alot of scenery this week so iv only managed to paint one bike, he still needs the gems painted + abit of detail but the main paint job is finished!!

Front view:


and from above:

Im fairly happy with him but i have yet to decide how to paint the sword, as hes effectivly just a basic guy it shouldnt be a power weapon and im trying to use NO metalics, do eldar us "wraith bone swords" or would that be even more prestigos than a power sword?? Any thoughts?

Any coments or critisism welcome!!


26-01-2007, 18:54
Lovely teal pattern on the jetbike and rider! A five-starer here, eh?


26-01-2007, 21:40
wow, even better than the vyper! Love that pattern, you don't normally see such creative patterns on most models, you're not a graphic design artist are you?

Your Evil Twin
26-01-2007, 23:05
Nope, just a GCSE art student with too much time!

Thanks for the comments guys...though some help on the sword dilemma would be much appreciated... :)


26-01-2007, 23:13
For the sword you could use teal on it and try to make it look like some kind of ceramic. Just an idea...

26-01-2007, 23:41
gcse art student and you have free time to paint? crazy :P

If you could do those kind of intricate swirls on the jetbike on the autarch i think that would look brilliant.

27-01-2007, 09:39
Maybe a deep red colour with glowing edges?


Brother Loki
27-01-2007, 10:20
These look cool - I love the pattern on the bike. One suggestion though, I think the green of the gems is a bit too close to the turquiose, so it doesn't stand out. Maybe you should look at a contrasting colour like orange for them?

As for the sword, I like the wraithbone idea.


27-01-2007, 10:54
Yes a bone colour is the solution to your problems. I, too, have not allowed myself to use any metallics in my Eldar army (don't they just seem wrong) and and all the weapons on my army are going to be bone. You don't really have to worry about differentiating power weapons from normal CCWs in an Eldar army as their is only one unit in the army that can has the option of a regular CCW(which is a S. Chainsword) and a power weapon (the Autarch)...


27-01-2007, 12:34
very nice patterning on the jetbike. keep up the good work

Your Evil Twin
27-01-2007, 16:15
Cheers everyone!!

I will probably go with the bone colour for the sword and red for power weapons in general...I was thinking of putting the pattern of the bike on the autarch and willl consider it further when i paint the autarch which will proabably be soon as im getting bord of painting guardians!

I may also re paint the vyper with the new pattern later so it fits with the bikes and tanks!

Keep up the great C&C


27-01-2007, 16:35
cool, i was going to suggest you repainted the vyper (not because it looks bad, just that its just not as cool as the jetbike pattern)

I'm not sure about using red for power weapons, i'll have to see an example.

Your Evil Twin
27-01-2007, 21:05
Good evening ladies and gentlemen...

Tonight, back due to popular demand....The vyper mark 2 WIP!


This is just the first colour (ultra marines blue) when its finished (later tonight hopefully) it will be the same colour as the green behind the cockpit!!

C&C welcome


28-01-2007, 00:33
loving it, very nice indeed

28-01-2007, 02:45
Wow man, sweetass freehand!

28-01-2007, 12:04
nice! please tell me you have a whole squadron to do like this!

whats the inspiration or is it just doodling? reminds me of the patterns on the zelda windwaker game.

Your Evil Twin
28-01-2007, 17:12
Cheers guys..

At the moment iv only got one but i havnt finalised the list yet so i may include more..but dont worry, the tanks will have a similare design and should look good!

HiredSword...the inspiration was as you put it doodleing, I painted one long swirly thing and then another and realised that there was a black swirly thing in bettween and it looked cool so I kept going :)

Your Evil Twin

28-01-2007, 17:18
Wow. THe patterns on the vyper and jetbike are excellent. Great colour scheme as well. I also like the conversions you've done on the banshee exarchs; are they anywhere near the top of the painting priority?

Keep it up!

Your Evil Twin
02-02-2007, 22:54
Hi everyone, Time for another Update!

So iv been abit busy with course work and my traitor guard but I have managed to assembly some stuff and re-paint the vyper!!

Heres a group shot of everything so far (sorry about the background)


Next, the warwalker...


(will be painted in the same style as the vyper)

And Here is the vyper, im officialy happy with is (still WIP as the gems and detail need painting)




Your Evil Twin
02-02-2007, 22:55

My Fire Prism, bought this off a mate recently...


As usual C & C welcome and any ideas/inspirations also appreciated!

Your Evil Twin

02-02-2007, 23:47
Some of the best Eldar I've seen! :cool:

I will probably go with the bone colour for the sword and red for power weapons in general...

I'd use a similar green as the green on your Guardians' gems to represent power weapons (maybe highlighted up to pure white to indicate intense heat, or whatever it is that power weapons use to cut armour). Right now you've got a great visual theme going with the black, bone and teal, and it would (in my opinion) be a shame to add red to that theme.

The Keeper of Secrets
04-02-2007, 16:43
Ahhh, glad to know you're finally painting my fire prism :)

Looking really good so far gerard.

The Laughing God
04-02-2007, 16:53
Your freehand is awesome, great job! I like the color scheme a lot too.
Looking forward to seeing it all done.

04-02-2007, 17:09
it's looking really good. I agree with squiggoth about adding the red as well.

Also, did you decide to go with cream coloured cloaks for the rangers then?

Your Evil Twin
08-02-2007, 18:30
Short update...

Squiggoth, good idea with the green I will have a go ASAP, though it might clash with the red on the banshis...Could I get away with green hair? Or is it totaly against their aspect not to have red hair??

Cheers laughing good and Hiredsword, very motivating! Hiredsowrd, the rangers were baught off The keeper of secrets and i havnt had a chance to repaint them yet (no offence keeper :) ) All though having seen some Ayotec rangers in another thread done with light brown cloaks and will probably use that sceme as it blends in with the 2 desert bords I have.

I should be finished the vyper and bie this weekend and then I have to holidays and im going to try to paint all 15 guardians, the bike squad and some dire avengers.

Any suggestions on...How to paint Dire avengers (I will put up my first attempt tonight), other similar patterns for bikes, thoughts on the banshi dilema or general Eldar related trivia would be much apreciated!!


Your Evil Twin.

08-02-2007, 18:48
don't worry about colouring the banshee's hair a different colour, i don't think it would be against the fluff, besides green hair would look good (you mean the same green you painted the gems?)

As for the dire avengers, how about the same as the guardians except with a bone coloured helmet plumes and the turquoise continued onto the breastplate and helmets? maybe the guns in bone (or whatever whitish colour you used before)

Your Evil Twin
10-02-2007, 23:16
Hey guys..

Heres my first attempt at a dire evanger and another WIP guardian...



Im happy with the guardian (its still WIP) but i dont know about the dire avenger, I put the patterns from the vehicles on his helmet which looks good and i like the red gems but theres something wrong! Help...


Your Evil Twin!

10-02-2007, 23:24
the dire avenger doesn't work because you didn't stick to your original pallette imo. Paint the blue parts of the armour black. Also, i'd make the whole of the shuriken gun white except for the streak of turquiose thats there. This all might still over complicate the model so i would suggest either making the plume all white or painting the whole helmet turquoise.

Sorry if this seems very critical but i think this is why the dire avenger isn't looking as good as your other models.

10-02-2007, 23:26
I disagree, I think the DA looks pretty good. I think a bit more contrast on the blue might help...maybe a darker shade.

I guess the question is, do you want an eldar army with aspects that look different than the rest of the army but still have tie-ins (like your DA) or do you want the entire army uniform? That's the Eldar conundrum :) I do the former, but plenty of people do the latter.

Like the swirly freehand stuff a lot!

Your Evil Twin
11-02-2007, 14:57
ok, a quick afternoon update...

Iv painted the under garment of the Dire Avenger black highlighted grey and have white dotted the gems and painted the base. I will probably re-paint him once iv finished the sqaud but im now happy with the schemme, thanks for all the ideas!!



The base will be drybrushed up to bleached bone and the ground underneath painted desert....Also note that the photo rather brings out all the mistakes, he looks better in real life!

More guardians on the way!!

Your Evil Twin

11-02-2007, 16:53
Wow! Stunning patterns. I love the vehicles!

12-02-2007, 22:57
You have GOT to be kidding me... Today I started work on my first Eldar army, and I decided to go for... Hawk Turqoise... Good news is, we are not working on EXACTLY the same army, as mine will be Bleached Bone / Hawk Turqoise instead of black.

As I am not much of a highlighter yet (I am a drybrusher) I am interested to know how you shade and highlight your turqoise. I only just started so I can still keep myself from making mistakes >_<, so your help would be appreciated.

Anyways, I really dig the patterns on your jetbike. I am painting a Wave Serpent right now and opted for just painting the "panels" differently instead of painting a motif. I must say, I like your motif better than my stuff, but I am gonna stick with what I am doing right now, as it has its charms.

Anyways, I am digressing. Your army looks totally awesome, and you should definitely keep it up! If you find time, please PM me with any tips! Greetings,

13-02-2007, 09:28
Some good work here! Very nice pattern and the colors work very well together without making it look too busy.
Only a minor point, tho: the gems! Please make them shine all in the same direction, or they look really strange, since the light reflected should come from the same source!

13-02-2007, 10:17
Interesting work on that Dire Avenger. I'm still not sure whether it works, but it's good nonetheless. It may look better with a bit more black on the armour but I'm not sure. The green and white crest however looks great.

Looking forward to seeing more :D

13-02-2007, 12:19
It works excellently. The swirl patterns is what makes this army so special.


Your Evil Twin
13-02-2007, 23:57
Hey everyone!

Cheers for the motivating coments :D

Danial 36: The hawk turqoise is a base of hawk turqoise highlighted by a roughly equal parts mix of hawk turqoise/lightning blue and a small amount of scorpian green. I then mix in white and abit more green for the final colour!
Also the black is drybrushed very dark grey then highlighted with a mix of codex grey and black...Hope this helps!

RAM_mit: I agree about the gems but one way or another it always happen, I hope to improve with practise!

Voronwe: im so honoured you think my army is special (wipes away tear)

Any way, I hope to be painting some more bikes soon and get started on some of the tanks! I should have photos of the finished, based guardian squad (10) tomorro night!

And when I have some money I will be buying 2 wraithlords and converting them!! WOOT

Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
17-02-2007, 18:38
Hey, time for those guardians I promised (a little late!) theirs only nine finished but the last one is nearly finished!


And back

This is the unfinished leader of sorts, you probably can see cause of the crappy pic but hes re loading!



Cheers for the feed back so far!!

Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
18-02-2007, 23:04
One more quick update,

Another WIP dire Avanger!

Your Evil Twin

The Keeper of Secrets
20-02-2007, 17:23
Looking really nice, when will you start on the fire prism?

16-05-2007, 16:14
Nice start to the army, funnily enough I have painted green as a colur for the hair on my howling banshees.. still not sure on it...

i think its the mix of white and green that give it the strange feel quality. Mybe just whit or just green would be another option? why did you choose grenn)

other than that its a nicely painted army.. i know how things can distract you in painting...

how did you get on in the tournement?

Your Evil Twin
16-05-2007, 18:48
Ok didnt do much work on this army for a while but iv just got back into it..Iv jigs the list arround abit it now goes somthing like this...

Autarch 70pts
Banshee Mask 3pts
Power Weapon 10pts
Total 83pts


5 Howling Banshees 80pts
Exarch 12pts
Executioner 10pts
War Shout 15pts
Acrobat 5pts
Total 122pts

6 Striking Scorpions 96pts
Exarch 12pts
Biting blade 5pts
Total 113pts

6 Fire Dragons 96pts
Exarch 12pts
Fire pike 8pts
Tank Hunters 15pts
Crack shot 5pts
Total 136pts


10 dire avengers 120pts
Exarch 12pts
Dire Sword and shuriken pistol 10pts
blade storm 15pts
Total 157pts

10 dire avengers 120pts
Exarch 12pts
Avenger shuriken catapult 5pts
Blade storm 15pts
Total 152pts

5 rangers 120pts


The Blade 115pts
Vectored Engines 20pts
Holo Fields 35pts
Bright lance 30pts
star engines 10pts
Total 210pts

The Claw 115pts
Vectored Engines 20pts
Holo Fields 35pts
Bright lance 30pts
star engines 10pts
Total 210pts

The Flame 115pts
Vectored Engines 20pts
Holo Fields 35pts
star cannon 25ptspts
star engines 10pts
Total 185pts

Basicly the list is now an aspect list with dire avengers forming a core of troops then 3 themed falcons each with an aspect squad in...

The Blade will be bone coloured with red swords down each wing, the claw will be green with scorpion claws down each wing and the flame will be red with flames licking up each side...also the autarch is now banshee themed and has jioned the banchee squad...

Il upload some photos of the new dire avengers later tonight!

Your Evil Twin

Anvils Hammer
16-05-2007, 18:58
looking very nice gerard, the guardians are looking nice.. im not to keen on the colour scheme, but ur not keen on my ithican colours... humm. perhaps a battle to decide whos colour scheme is better is on the cards....