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08-01-2007, 05:07
I'm thinking about finishing my Cult of Ulric army that's been sitting around half-completed for about three years now. I'm interested in using what I already have, sticking to the theme, and keeping additional costs to a minimum.

I picked up the new Empire army book yesterday, though I don't have the 7th ed rulebook yet (not quite sure if I should get the full rulebook for $50 or the Battle for Skull Pass box for $45 and try to trade off the miniatures in it).

My 6th ed, 2000 point Cult of Ulric army looked something like this:

High Priest of Ulric on barded horse w/ Blitzbeil & assorted other magic items

2 Seneschals on barded horses w/ assorted magic items
1 Priest of Ulric on barded horse w/ assorted magic items

4 units of 8 Knights of the White Wolf w/ full command (one unit of Knights of the Inner Circle)
2 units of 9 Hunting Hounds + Hunt Master

2 units of 10 Huntsmen w/ Marksman

After going over the new army book, I've noticed a few problems with this army:

1. Lord level Priest isn't the close combat master that the Ar-Ulric was.
2. No more Seneschals.
3. Only one unit of Archers may be promoted to Huntsmen and those that are no longer get longbows.
4. IIRC, ranks need to be five wide.
5. No more hunting hounds.

The first two problems aren't that difficult. I can just take a Templar Grand Master in the Lord slot, two Hero level Warrior Priests, and a Captain in place of the Seneschal.

The third problem will likely just be a downgrade that I will have to begrudgingly accept.

The fourth problem will probably force me to pick up another box of knights so that I can expand my existing four units to 10 strong.

The fifth problem is the one that I'm getting stuck on. Empire has no light cavalry, and I don't think players are going to like it if I strap a brace of pistols onto each of the doggies. The only solution to keep them in the army I can think of is running them as Dogs of War Light Cavalry. They'd go from 7 points to 11 points, but they'd gain an extra attack, an extra inch of movement, and a 6+ armor save. The extra move and the armor would be easy to pass off (they're the Mordheim dogs, so they have enough armor to pass for light armor), but the second attack might be difficult to fudge using "counts as" rules.

Of course, the Dogs of War rules are five years old and I'm not even sure if they're still legal. I'd have to use up both my Rare choices for some Fast Cavalry, but I'm not using them as it is.

Revised, my army list is starting to look more like this:

Templar Grand Master w/ assorted magic items

2 Warrior Priests on barded horses w/ assorted magic items
1 Captain on barded horse w/ assorted magic items

3 units of 10 Knights of the White Wolf w/ full command
1 unit of 10 Archers
1 unit of 10 Huntsmen

1 unit of 10 Knights of the White Wolf of the Inner Circle w/ full command

2 units of Hunting Hounds (Dogs of War Light Cavalry)

I have to take a hit to my magic item budget, but with the reduced cost of magic items, I won't have to drop too many of them.

So, my questions for those of you who got this far down my lengthy post:
1. Is this revised list still legal (notably the use of Dogs of War)?
2. Are there better options for incorporating my Hunting Dogs into the revised list?
3. Any glaring problems with the revised list?

Thanks :D