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Your Mum Rang
08-01-2007, 12:01
Here goes...

Lvl 4 - Wand of Wych Elm - Dispel Scroll


- - - - 2 good magical characters. Giving me 7 levels of magic and still leaving me with 2 more Hero slots for Alters. I have some awesome magic defense with 7 re-rollable dice with +1 to dispel. The Truthsayer also gives some nice combat ability to whatever unit he joins and his magic REALLY supports this kind of army. Especially Gift of Life!

Alter Noble:
Light Armour - Great Weapon - Annoyance of Netlings - Helm of the Hunt

Alter Noble:
Light Armour - Great Weapon - Hail of Doom Arrow - Briarsheath

- - - - The Twins™ are just very very useful. They are there to support my whole army. One is a HoDA carrier and the other is there to challenge and dispatch enemy heroes, and with Annoyance can tie up the meanest of Lords. They always work well for me and are perfect to support the charge of any of my units, in particular the Wild and Glade Riders.

5 Glade Riders:

10 Glade Guard:

10 Glade Guard:

8 Dryads:

8 Dryads:

- - - - Nothing special here. Pretty standard choices. I like 2 units of 10 GG as I use them aggressvely to force the issue with my opponent. Having 20 GG advancing towards your lines to unleash S4 shots tends to make opponents make mistakes. They are a good distraction ploy.

5 Wild Riders:

- - - - Another standard unit for me. These guys team up with the Glade Riders to set up flank charges. Supported by one or both Alters they can gang up on enemy units.

6 Wardancers:

- - - - Again basic for me. Treesurf in a wood with my Treeman. 6 of them fit in nicely there and can support the Treeman very well.

4 Treekin:

4 Treekin:

- - - - 2 very solid units. Most people say these take a LOT of punishment and with my magical setup they really shine. I can cast Regeneration on them and they also make good use of Gift of Life and regain a wound!


- - - - Never used one and now plan to. He will Treesurf with the Wardancers. He gives me a lot of options and can make good use of the Athel Loren spells as well as being able to regain wounds via Gift of Life. Along with the Treekin I have a very solid chunk of VP's in the bank.

Any comments are always welcome! In particular analyse the list as though you were going to face it withg your fav army. What scares you, what plans would you formulate and so on.


god octo
08-01-2007, 13:58
The list looks fine, and my only thought is that you could do with a few more wardancers. Maybe if you dropped 1 treekin, you could get 2 more wardancers.

08-01-2007, 14:14
Alter Kindred are no longer a solid option in 7th eddition. You are better off switching them for a Wardancer Noble and a Wild Rider Noble. Remember that single models may be shot at by anything and most players will not hesitate to toss a magic missile or even some bow fire that way. Nettlings as a spite on anything other than a Treeman Ancient is a waste IMHO as he only has 2 wounds and T3 with little protection.

I would also loose the Glade Riders as they tend to do very little apart from take a missile in the face. You are better off with dropping them for another unit of Dryads and getting a musician in your wardancers and free up points for the change in your heroes.

Von Wibble
08-01-2007, 17:57
I disagree with pretty much everything negativemoney just said.

Annoyance of netlings- the whole point is that it makes a character who looks wimpy tough to kill. He won't die in a challeng unless facing an opponent with more than 6 attacks, a really nasty magic weapon, or killing blow, or just a plain huge amount of luck!

Glade Riders make a perfect addition to any army (not just saying this because the core choices in this army are identical to mine). They can count flank charges and marchblock. No other reasons needed.

Alter kindred - you do have a point with magic missiles but the magic defense is strong. This one is a gamble to take but can pay off big time. Never tried 2 though....

I am guessing that there are only 6 wardancers because a unit that is too big can't really 'treesurf'? I have used units of 6 before and they do fine - they either take out support units or act as support themselves.

I like the list, but bearing in mind the opponent will have 4 more power dice and +1 to cast I am not sure if 7 dispel dice (even with reroll) is enough. Which then does make the alters vulnerable as even D6 S4 hits will scare them.

Your Mum Rang
09-01-2007, 12:07
TBH I tend not to listen to Negativemoney. He's become a one track record and clearly has yet to grasp how a WE army works. But there is noting wrong with having an opinion....

About them power dice not all opponents go magic heavy. And sometimes spells fail which means you don't even have to use those dispel dice.

I find it relatively easy to hide my Alters. A horseshoe of Dryads is a good shield if they have nowhere else to go! And the Wardancers are small because I would rather have that 4th Treekin and the WD are always support units for me. Imagine Treeman/Treekin to the front then Wardancers to the side or vice versa.

Anyway......what I want is more useful advice that goes beyond simple list choices. So take your own untailored and all-comers army and look at my list. Think about....

- What units would you worry about?
- What units would you not worry about?
- What general strategies would you sue against the army?
- What game-plan would you formulate?
- What could I do against you?

And lets not turn this into a dick-wagging "my army can beat your army any day" discussion. I am not saying that this list is invincible. Would just like something more than list comments :D

09-01-2007, 19:39
I think the army is well built for the kind of role it plays. In some other post on some other list someone said that WE are only good when they focus on what they want to accomplish. I think you've done that.

With the solid build-up of power skirmishers like the wardancers and dryads, I think that close combat will be a kind of hit and run/wound heavy/flanking army.

The Alters would probably be great support where your units are getting bogged down in some form of missile hail and with the Treekin/treeman playing defense you can focus the drayds/dancers/GG on offense.

the only problem that you might face is War machines. They can rip apart things like treekin and treemen is they aren't taken out fast, and you don't have a unit of waywatchers or warhawk riders to deal with those. Conversly, Waywatchers don't fit well in this close combat heavy list and war hawks get really expensive really fast.

Good list, great focus.

god octo
09-01-2007, 19:56
i play woodies i have to say, i like the list. It can deal with what mine can have trouble with- tough opponents (and me) due to the High strength attacks. I would personally run both of the altars toghether, or one supporting the wild riders while sone is supported by the glade riders. This wil give you quite hard hitting flanks. If i was fighting your list, i would aim to kill the treekin first, as i know how tough to kill them can be. I would advise running dryads in front of them to soak up missile fire. Also, against most people, they will attack the treeman, so your plan of treesinging him is a good one.

Good luck and have fun!

Von Wibble
09-01-2007, 21:11
OK, lets say I am using empire (I also use High elves and tomb kings for which some of these strategies would apply - and that btw is a reason for my focus on magic as both armies use a lot!))

I have to say, looking as an opponent of wood elves that I would target the treekin as a possible weak link. They are brilliant at destroying infantry but they have a tendecny not to be able to hold chargers thanks to lack of cr. I would throw my best knights (inner circle + warrior priest) at 1 unit. If I can get this unit and only allow 1 unit to countercharge me I am looking good.

I would also be aware that Dryads NEED support even more than other units in any wood elf force - and so I don't worry about letting them charge me as long as Mr. Alter isn't with them. Or some of their much bigger brothers of course! Horseshoe alter - I like that idea and hadnt thought of it before:)

I would try to make sure my flagellants are as far from your glade guard as possible as they can really slow down your units thanks to providing a mass of bodies where your army prefers armour to target.

Treeman - for all the complaints about these they are not too hard to deal with as long as they aren't surfing. Stubborn Ld 8 has above a 50% chance of failing to pass 2 break checks in a row. So a unit with a +5 combat res on average beats an unsupported treeman any time. And plenty of armies have plenty of those. Supported is a different matter.

General strategies are therefore

1) Divide and conquer

2) Know when to flee

3) Use your cr as and where (on the tabletop) it is needed.

4) Like with chess, if a cheap unit of yours can kill an expensive enemy unit, even being destroyed in the process, then as long as it doesn't compromise overall position, go for it!

5) Never let them distract you.