View Full Version : 2000pts Tournament army. With a dragon!

08-01-2007, 16:45

Prince; dragon armour, lance, enchanted shield, guardian phoenix, bow of the seafarer, dragon. Pts = 554


Mage; level 2, seer, dispel scroll. Pts = 180
Mage; level 2, ring of corion, jewel of the dusk, pure of heart. Pts = 180


Spearmen; x24, fullcommand. Pts = 294
Archers; x10. Pts = 120
Silver Helms; x6, shields, heavy armour, musician, champion. Pts = 159
Silver Helms; x6, shields, heavy armour, musician. Pts = 145


Swordmasters of Hoeth; x14, full command, banner of sorcery. Pts = 262
Chariot; x1. Pts = 85


Repeater Bolt Thrower; x1. Pts = 100

Pts total == 1994

Wooa! I suddently got in a hurry so I only have time to post the armylist.
So no sweet talk, im sorry. ;)

The main concerns with the army is the equipment of the mages and the prince ( the bow stays). And the chariot that i am tempted to trade in for another RBT.

I will get back later to fill out on the details. Until then, cheers!

Captain Lysander360
08-01-2007, 16:48
I think the lord is a bit expensive for 1 model.Yea the lord is good but if you came up against a mass organ gun dwarf army then i think he would be taken down very quickly.Espeacially because there 2 few models and you most probably have less models than my brettonians have in 2k(mainly because i have 40 peasant archers).

bobert the great clen one
08-01-2007, 16:50
you can take a maximum of 2 organ guns in a 2000 point dwarf army but i tihnk you should take a eagle atleast to take out warmachines

08-01-2007, 17:06
Okay, I got some spare time before I must leave.
I am aware about the high cost of the dragon, wich is bad caus I really need more models.
The basic idea with this army is that the character will be able to surf around and shoot with his Bolt Thrower on the flanks of cavalry units and other ace units. And he do ride a dragon so he can fight in close combat to. And then it is the support elements of he Reapeter Bolt Thrower and the archers to "dominate" the shooting phase. The problem is that I would need another Bolt thrower for that. And that I could change the chariot for.
but the chariot i s nice for support to the swordmasters and a good annoyance unit, cause many players are afraid of chariots.
But for that role the Eagle must be better when you mention it.. and cheaper. Don't know what the cost for an eagle is.

The problem with High Elves is that I have never played with or against them.. so I am not familiar with their weakness/strengths.

Gotta go again...

Von Wibble
08-01-2007, 17:45
I have a problem with the dragon - it costs more than a griffon and commander (well equipped) put together and in the role you have planned for it I don't think it achieves anything more.

I would have a griffon instead, and get another bolt thrower with the change.

Trade the ring of corin for the ring of fury, which will augment your shooting more.

Archers won't add much to your army. I would drop the unit and get an Eagle and a second chariot. Chariot + silver helms/ chariot/ griffon rider = dead unit (especially if the griffon is in the rear!). A risky army mindand not one I'd use myself.

Final advice - drop teh swordmasters for 20 spearmen, drop the other spearmen to 20 and then you have change for a second eagle. War machine hunters are needed in this army, and 2 eagles might just be able to take a dwarf war machine crew, where 1 would fail miserably.

Ender Shadowkin
08-01-2007, 20:07
I don't think the bow of the sea farer is going to help you out much. You want the dragon in combat, killing things, not dancing around shooting. you will probably only shoot it twice. Do you think you can make up the points with 2 shots?

The Vambraces of Defense are very very good for dragon riders. . . Keeping your low save, t3 hero allive is a priority.

08-01-2007, 20:17
I would have a griffon instead, and get another bolt thrower with the change.


Slight prolbem with griffon, t5, no armour
It can be shot to pieces relativlety easily by anyhting with lots of small arms fire, with it being a large target, and not having a save.
Then youb ahve a lord stranded in the open, out of a unit.

08-01-2007, 21:37
The Bow of the Seafarer is so nice. jumping around and shooting cavalry and other nasty things to bits is so tempting. And when im at the right spot I can make a combined charge with Silverhelms+dragon to crush enemy units in CC.

But the ideal place for the bow of the seafarer would be on an archmage on a great eagle. That bow really needs to be mobile.

The dragon is good because he causes terror and have breath attacks to!
That combined with the bow on the prince and.. ive been playing with the idea to have the ring of fury on the prince. That could be devastating if he gets to the right positions. But that way he has no magical armour things.. except a Talisman. And that's bad.

I have actually not played so much of the latest edition of warhammer. And terefore I dont know how vulnerable my prince really is on top of that dragon.

Anyway I have made another list for you guys to check. It goes like this..

Prince 125pts
-lance 6pts
-shield 3pts
-dragonarmour 8pts
-bow of the seafarer 60pts
-Ring Of Fury 30pts
-Talisman of Protection 10pts
-dragon 320pts

Mage 95pts
-level 2 35pts
-Ring of Corin 35pts
-Jewel of the Dusk 15pts

Mage 95pts
-level 2 35pts
-Seer 30pts
-Dispel Scroll 20pts

Silver Helms
-heavy armour & shield

Silver Helms
-heavy armour & shield


Swordmasters Of Hoeth
-banner of sorcery

Reapeter Bolt Thrower

Reapeter Bolt Thrower

Great Eagle


I can't do whatever I want with this army because I aint got the models for it. But the lists I have posted I have models for.
If anyone has a good idea about what to do with the models that i got besides these two lists then please feel free to post it.

The models I have available are the following.

40+ spearmen (2 command groups)
2 chariots
12 Silver Helms (1 champion, 2 musician)
4 Repeater Bolt Throwers
1 Dragon with converted "archer" prince.
2 mages
20 Swordmasters fullcommand
1 Old Tyrion ( I believe its him, a guy with great dragon helmed on lousy ponny..)
And im going to buy two great eagles.