View Full Version : What should I do?

08-01-2007, 23:16
I have 250.00 to finish my BT army. This is what I have so far:

15 In.
10 Neo.
5 Assault
5 Termies
1 EC
1 Chaplin
1 Land speeder
1 Marshal

Should I get the megaforce? The only thing I see wrong with this is that the Razorback can not hold big squads, I don't need the scouts or the command squad.

Sould I get

1 10 man tac squad
1 Pred. tank
1 Dread
5 man assault squad (to fill out my 5 man squad)

Any help would be appericated.


08-01-2007, 23:36
Build the razorback as a rhino, take the command squad for the awesomeness it is in bitz and reconsider the scouts :)

John Vaughan
09-01-2007, 00:24
Mojaco took the words right outta my mouth. Simply put no gun on the razorback, and wallah! Its your own rhino! Easy as that!