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09-01-2007, 06:05
This is just a quick question (it can be deleted after answered)

I am looking at the online store and I noticed this

Battle of Skull Pass - comes with plenty of Dwarves and Night Goblins as well as main rule book $45

Larger hard-cover rulebook by itself $50


Now, it seems to me that the Skull Pass box is woefully underpriced and that would suggest to me that there is something direly wrong here. The models in that box alone go for 3-4x that price let alone being cheaper than the main rulebook alone...

So... which is really the better deal?

Varath- Lord Impaler
09-01-2007, 06:24
It depends, i want the artwork in the rulebook.

And it hurts more when you hit people with it

So big book it is

(also the fact that i would use about 10% of whats in the BFSP box)

09-01-2007, 06:46
Well, I don't much care about artwork and I could use the models. The army I am making will be Hobgoblins and I'll only have 1000pt army. The Dwarves I can turn into Chaos Dwarves and then I'd be able to incorporate the Night Goblins too in order to create a 2000+ pt army if I ever have the occasion to use one.

And, of course, the box would be good for army transport...

I am more interested if the rulebook is seriously outdated or lacking and thus it would ultimately be better to pay the extra $5 to get the regular rulebook.

09-01-2007, 06:48
the rule book is smaller, but has all the rules, not the cool hobby stuff but the rules. frankly if you can use atleast half of what is in the box, then get the box, but if not then just get the rulebook

09-01-2007, 08:04
Dont get the rulebook. The smaller version you get in skull pass is an exact copy of the rulebook, they've just made it smaller and deleted all fluff and hobby pages(which you can live without).
Get Skull Pass, which is actually a good deal from GW for a change.
The smaller rulebook is also much more convinent.

The Ape
09-01-2007, 08:36
Buy Skull Pass. Sell models on Ebay. With the proceeds, buy big rulebook. You then have hardback book for home and small rulebook to take when travelling/going to tournaments etc.

09-01-2007, 08:57
The difference between the Skull pass rule book and the big one is that the Skull pass book does not have the 40+ pages of fluff that the big book has, nor does it have any hobby articles.
It's just strictly rules, and I know that I would rather buy the big rulebook than the Skull pass box (I bought both, so it was never an issue).

The reason for the Skull pass box being so extremely cheap is because it's the perfect way to lure new people into the game with many models for a small cost, and then ramp it up from there ;)

09-01-2007, 09:39
like Falkman said, it's a lure for new players. Of course if you play either of the armies in the box, you can beef up your army. if you just play one of the armies, find someone who plays the other and buy one or two boxes. that way you get the models you want at a cheap price.

I'm starting an army of each dwarves and goblins. they'll be cheap to start this way, but once I start expanding on the army, gw'll get the money back on the more expensive models I buy to fill out my forces.

09-01-2007, 20:34
it's the perfect way to lure new people into the game with many models for a small cost, and then ramp it up from there ;)

You must be lying GW would never do that! ;)

As everyone else says, if you want the fluff & hobby pages then the big rule book is a must.

Me personally I'd rather have the mini's at a bargain price & that's what I got. :D

09-01-2007, 20:45
The models in the skull pass box are not the same as the normal boxed sets. They are more akin to the Maccrage minis for 40k - they are simplified in assembly. They still look quite good in general though.

My recommendation is to get Skull Pass, and here is why I say so: The 7th edition FAQ mentions that, *in reprints*, many of it's wording corrections will be printed. So you can wait awhile and get that bigger rulebook someday when it's no longer from the first run and it has the corrections inside.

A third option you might consider is to just buy the pocket rulebook itself. This item is actually available seperately for $25 CAD (so probably about $20 USD) but not directly from GW. You will only find it sold by retailers or on ebay. I got mine from a place out in Calgary but they're all out now. It is not simply taken out of the Skull Pass box (though I'm sure some retailers do that too), it is available as a seperate product.

Heretic Burner
09-01-2007, 20:48
Buy the Rule book.

If you have everything you need to play (dice, template, etc) BfSP won't give you anything you need. You'll miss out on a much better rulebook than the cheap small copy included in the BfSP set.

The models are widely available for next to nothing. Heck it won't be hard to find people literally giving them away.

You probably will never find a better time to pick up O&G models on the cheap with so many players flooding the market with unwanted O&G figures.

So basically unless you are collecting a dwarf army with those specific units, the basic rule book is your best bet.

10-01-2007, 13:18
If you just want the rules (none of the fluff) then go for the box set and Ebay the rest (sell the Individual units NOT the whole lot !)
I did the above and ended up making a 6 profit :D
Admitedly I waited till just after the O&G army book release before putting them up for sale and thus maximised my selling potential.
But Im sure you would still get very close to getting your money back

The small rulebook is a decent enough quality to last you and doesnt take up nearly has much space or weight in your bag when taking your armys to Clubs/tournaments also less chance of knocking over your minis when you are quickly looking for a rule in the middle of a game ;)

If you want the Fluff then By the box set, sell it (as above) then put your profits towards the Big book. Youve then got a big book for your shelf at home and small book for Clubs/Tournaments.

Either way you cant lose by buying the box set.

11-01-2007, 06:54
I personally plan on going for the Battle for Skull Pass. It's $5 less then the hardcover book, has all of the rules and none of the crap I can get anywhere else (I dont need 30 pages of painting tips), so either way I save money.

And then, as if that weren't enough, I can just sell the dwarf and orc minis to other people learning to play warhammer around my neighborhood. We currently have one orc and one dwarf player, so i'll see if I can sell all of the goblin and dwarf stuff for 20 bucks each. I just paid 5 dollars for a rule book :)