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09-01-2007, 07:07
Hey guys! Sup? My very first thread here, isn't it cool? LOL! Anyway, I was thinking of a very devious plan of Da Boyz crushin sum skullz and dis is wat I cames up wid' :

Characters = 659

Black Orc Warboss = 249
Heavy armor(6), Shaga's Screaming Sword for +1 A and S for each enemy character within 12 " (50), Warbosses Best 'At for 5+ Ward Save (30), Guzzla's Brew to possible get Hatred and/or Frenzy for the battle (15), Shield (3)

Night Gobbo Big Boss = 120
Giant Squig (50), Porko's Pig Stikka for a total of 6 attacks at S5 on a normal unit (40)

Orc Shaman = 115
2 Dispel Scrolls (50)

Gobbo Shaman = 105
Staff of Sneaky Stealing to take a power die from opponent to get extra dispel die (50)

Core = 870

25 Boyz(125) = 180
Full Command(30), Shields(25)

25 Boyz(125) = 180
Full Command(30), Shields(25)

25 Boyz = 180
Full Command(30), Shields(25)

25 Big Uns(225) = 330
Full Command(30), Shield(25), Mork's Totem Banner for adding dispel dice equal to rank bonus(50)

Special = 325

2 Spear Chukkas = 70

2 Spear Chukka = 70

1 Spear Chukka = 35

10 Squig Hoppers = 150

Rare = 205

Giant = 205

Total = 1989

I know I don't have a lot of fast moving things to cover my flanks, but with the new General's WAAAGGGH!! I think I can get my units into combat faster without having to worry too much about that (depending on the situation). Also, the squighoppers are kind of a gamble, but one that for some reason gets over looked by my opponents. A lot of people don't realize that squig hoppers get 2 attacks at WS4 and S5. I've had a unit of 10 of these guys maul through units of dwarves, saraus, you name it they ate it. In one game, 10 of these bad boyz captured 3 standards (one of which was the Battle Standard), and had only taken 3 casualties. So I was thinking how could I get more out of them. That's when I saw the Giant Squig that can be thrown in with the Big Boss adding 9 more S5 attacks!!! Post what you want, I am open for suggestions. Got Squig?

09-01-2007, 13:40
i would remove the lone chukka, and put the points there to invest them to buy some spears for your big'uns. you still keep the choppa shield if you charge something weak that you can punch in the first round of close combat, but in the long term i prefer spear for them. more S4 attacks!!!!

the rest looks nice, but i'm not to fond of taking squig hopper without night goblins. so i would replace them with some arrer boyz. buy a unit of 20 with full command, fire at will and when your opponent gets to close to reform, and charge!


09-01-2007, 22:02
Guzzlah's Brew is a bit of a gamble, you want a Stupid Warboss? I like it for fluffy reasons (Hard drinking orks!).

Love the giant squig rider, you gonna convert this model?

Lots a boyz is a gud un! Is the Pig stikah an ork only weapon?

and I'm just not a huge fan of bigun's... seem pricey to me!

I love the squigies, I'd keep em!

10-01-2007, 04:23
Tanks for da input guyz!

jahorin: Good idea bout da Arrer Boys. Me wuz dinking bout down gradun da Big Uns to normal boyz. I'm finding dat with da new choppa rulz a unit of me boyz stand a much better chance on their own mashin sum faces in. I wuz gonna use da pointz from down gradin the Big Un's to get dem Arrer boyz for more shootza. Tanks for pointin dat out. Got Squig?

damiengore: Da brew is a bit of a gamble, but so is da boyz doin more time fightin with each other. Da curse of animosity (but dats why I likez me boyz!). For da conversion, I wuz gonna use Gobbla and find a good Gobbo model to ride da eating machine. I read da rulz for da Pig Stikka, and it's not an Ork only weapon!! Dat's how I gotz da thinkin of putting it on the Gobbo. So dat combined with da Gaint Squig hittin a unit of Humies, des getz 9 S5 attacks!! Tanks for da commentz!! Got Squig?