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09-01-2007, 10:24
Hey guys, unfortunatly the new Empire release has drawn me in and this below is my first list, I myself am not sure how I feel about it so comments and suggestions are much appreciated. And the final thing, do I have too many guns here?

Empire General: Dawn Armour, Sword of Justics, Holy Relic, Shield and Barded Warhorse

Captain: Armour of Meteoric Iron, Icon of Magnus, Great Weapon

Battle Wizard: Level 2, Rod of power, Ring of Volans

Battle Wizard: Van Horstmanns Speculum, Sword of striking ( I assume this still adds even with a swapped profile) Barded Warhorse

[The horse could feasibly be used for either wizard. ]

Battlestandard Bearer: Full Plate Armour, Barded Warhorse, Griffon Standard

Master Engineer: Light armour, Repeater pistol, Pigeon bombs, Orb of Thunder (My brother has woodelves and likes eagles and warhawks)

20 Swordsmen, full command, 2 10 man detatchments, 1 handgunners 1halberdiers.

20 Halberdiers, full command, 2 10 man detatchments, 1 freecompany 1 handgunners

20 Halberdiers, full command, 2 10 man detatchments, 1 freecompany 1 handgunners

20 Crossbowmen, full command, 2 10 man detatchments, 1 spearmen 1 halberdiers

20 Greatswords, full command, 2 10 man detatchments, 1 handgunners 1 swordsmen

5 Pistoliers, musician and Outrider with repeater pistol

5 Pistoliers, musician and Outrider with repeater pistol

5 Outriders, Musician and Champion with Grenade Launcher



8 Knights of the Inner Circle with full command, the General and BSB ride with these.

Total points: 2993

09-01-2007, 10:44
I would not use crossbows as a major block with detachements. I also prefer larger main blocks - they are more resilent to fire and will loose the +3 rank bonus later.
I am not sure wether the repeater pistol pays off. You get 4 instead of 2 shots now, and these are fire or move iirc.

09-01-2007, 15:41
I would be tempted to go for 3 or so 25- or even 30-man blocks for your center, swordsmen or spearmen. Put th wizards in those to protect them and encourage a challenge for the VHS carrier.

Maybe a denied flank tactic with a table edge on one side, some light cav as a march blocker there as well, and a 20-25 man block of greatswords with a war banner on the other flank together with your remaining light cavalry and maybe a unit of 6 knights.

Other than that I agree wholly with Axel.

Von Wibble
09-01-2007, 17:50
afaik the master engineer is not allowed magic items now. It specifically states in other character entries that they can , but not his. Another nail in the coffin of a choice never previously used by me!

You have 6 special choices. Only 5 allowed. So yes, you do have too many guns.

Griffon Standard on a unit with rank bonus 1?? Just take the war banner for the same effect at 30pts less! Or put the bsb with a unit on foot.

I think crossbows can be used as a main block but only recommend 1 detachment. If you get a hill (a certainty if you want one using current terrain placement rules) tehy all fire slightly behind the battle line, and a combat detachment can actually win through in hth through sheer cr.

Repeater pistol is not m or fire.

You will have trouble deploying this army on a 6' by 4' table (unless you spread out and have weak points in your line). I suggest you go for more quality in places over quantity. Use your 2nd lord choice here (I recommend arch lector or wizard lord). Drop one halberd unit and detachments.

Vhs on a wizard. Very risky - a champion in a knight unit has a good chance of wounding you. You are also restricting spell choice.

Flagellants could be very useful in anchoring your line - with greatswords on the other side the enemy will have trouble breaking through.

09-01-2007, 20:40
Thanks for the replies guys, right

Crossbows: I admit I used these because with them being a relativly new weapon for the Empire I thought a rich looking army would have a group.

Block size: SO going bigger than what I have seems to be the consensus yes?

Engineer: TOTALLY missed that they can no longer take wargear, I will NOT assume things again, so I now lose the action against flyers:

Specials: Doh thats because I was finding something to spend my last points on LOL

Griffon Standard: Yeah I dont knwo why I gave him the horse I had intended to have him with the Swordsmen (With the greatswords getting the other Captain)

Crossbows again: 1 detatchment, hmm yeah.

A second Lord.... considering I already have nearly a third of my points costs in Characters is this good? I mean clearly I would replace a Wizard if I took the Lord ... hmmm.

VHS on a wizard.... yeah I was thinking more of a surprise for the enemy maybe not a good idea then.

Von Wibble
09-01-2007, 20:53
I recommend a 2nd lord and flagellants, more knights etc because last time I tried empire in a 3000pt game, with a smaller army than yours, I just couldn't fit on the table! Accounting for loss of the orb its only just over 100pts to upgrade the wizard to L4 btw.

And yes - I usually use 25-30 in units to get outnumbering and full rank bonus even with casualties.

Horse on bsb not necessarily a bad idea - mounted characters can join foot units and its +2 to the save - protection badly needed as he WILL be targetted.

09-01-2007, 22:58
Another good way to spend points if you don't want to throw them at characters is to make sure you have the maximum allowed number of banners. If you have a general, it's at least 3 I think: General allows you one on a block of state troops (up to 50), the knights can have one up to 50, and whatever the BSB is carrying. I am not sure whether multiple knight units can all have a banner.