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09-01-2007, 14:08
My list is: 2000 points

Arch lector - war altar, danw armour , enchanted shield, van. horstmans, sword of battle.

W.P. - Barded warhorse, H.A. shield, sword of might, orb of thunder. -- goes with Great hammers

W.p. - G.W. armour of M.Iron. ring of doomfire(i think this is the one) ---goes with Swordsmen

Battle Wizard - level 2 Power stone -- goes with Great hammers (teuton)--


- 24 Swordsman full command.
Det - 9 free company

- 15 Flagellants

- 5 - knights

- 5 - knights

Special :

- 20 - Great Hammers, full command.
Det. - 9 halberdiers

- 1 - Great Cannon

- 1 - Great Cannon

- 5 - Pistoliers


-1 - Helblaster

- the tactic is to hold the center with Swordsmen and Great hammers. Flagellants to pull down a big unit (pretty sure +- 5 can last) so that it can be charged and flanked either by knights and war altar or the rank units. 2 cannons for big threats and machines, pistolers for fast cavalry. Iīm not taking handgunners because donīt have the points left, but i have the orb of thunder for those pesky flyers and dragons, for 2 and 3 turn, this will surprise them and hoppely will get it charged. detach. will work in 3x3 in the midlle of units so that canīt be charged. i only need to take the ranks out.

I got 4 power dice, 7 dispel dice and 7 bound spells - soo its a good magic phase without too much worry for miscast. Donīt think its needed dispel scrolls, do you?

Do you really think i should put some handgunners? if so, i have to take something out, what should it be?

Still not sure of what lore to take but i think i need one with great deal of damage , i will go with fire. (help?)

Thanks for your advice.

09-01-2007, 17:26
I think that a dispel scroll is a good idea. How about this combo on your wizard.

Wizard, level 2 DS, Wizard Staff (+1 dice for casting), the item that give MR 1 for 15 points. Thats a total of 50 pts of magic items and allows you to be more efficient with your magic phase.

10-01-2007, 02:26
1.arch lector cannot have 2 magic armours ( the dawna rmour and enchanted shield are both magical)rule book page 121
2.warrior priest #2 has too many points in magic items the armour costs 25 and the doom fire ring 30
3. you don't need handgunner imo they are a constant disappointment, if you had points go for crossbows or for the cost of 14 handgunners/crossbowmen get another helblaster

10-01-2007, 05:20
Rod of command is invaluable. Try it with some skirmishing archers. That will surprise the enemy when he attempts to chase them off the field.

With skirmishers, you get to place your hero where you want. So you don't need to protect him too much with magic armor. You can just line him up against a basic trooper on the edge. Then prepare your hammers for a swift counter charge into the flanks.

10-01-2007, 09:29
hi, thanks for your help,


I forgot the 2 magic armour thing.... then it will only take the dawn armour and normal shiel for 3+ a. save.

About the W.P. - i will see the combination (don´t have the book here)


The wizard combination you gave its nice, maybe i will go with that...
The skirmishers with rod of command is a well thinking strategy... have to think about that...

11-01-2007, 04:50
The magic phase seems to be very interesting. 7 bound spells will help balance out that you have only 4 casting dice (you're list is almost like TK incantations LOL!!).

The only problem that I see that that there aren't enough units that are built solidly. The Teutonic Guard and 24 Swordsmen will be able to hold well enough. But the Flagellants are going to have their combat ability drastically reduced if your opponent has just a couple of shooting units. The 5 Knights, those could swing a combat in your favor. They do have a 1+ armor save, so they should take somewhat of a pounding before they start seeing the effects. But one wrong move, and they just became easy VP.

The list is definetely different from any other Empire list I have seen. I would like to see how it fares. Let me know how the first few games go. Good luck!

Got Squig?

11-01-2007, 05:20
jester is right although you have a decent magic phase your army is really small you get 96 models and 3 warmachines.

Now have a look at my list i get a little less magic but still good but the difference is i have 146 models and 4 warmachines

11-01-2007, 10:37
I?ve just looked to your list, its a lot of models, and i don?t have that many, i could get another unit of 24 spearmen with 9 freec. detachment, but don?t have more models (and not going to buy more) i think it could get better with this other unit, but i?m talking of 209 more points... i could get rid of 1 knights unit 115 points, and something more. Don?t you have a Lord? Arch lector?

In my moderate experience in empire i?ve come to the idea that many warmachines doesn?t do what we expect from them, and i think 2 cannon?s and a helblaster serve good before they blow up or get "eaten" by the enemy (because they will, and that?s 310 VP, not allways they get the same VP back), and that i will not change, 3 is more than enough.

I really want to try the war altar and the bound spells magic phase, and the 2 knights units are for supporting the War altar, but since i have the pistoliers, i could drop 1 unit of knights.

Next sunday i have the tournament, and i will be playing against:
- High elves, sea guard army---lot?s of shotting with a dragon and eagles

- Dark elves, with a dragon.

- Empire, probably with steam tank.

- Chaos,

- Vampire counts, lots of magic

- ogre kingdoms, but a newbie player

- Skaven, real pain in the A..

Soo, i think big problems are dragons and fliers. I have orb of thunder and pistoliers for fliers, cannon?s and helblaster for dragons. cavalry for getting there kick and kill war machines and flanking. i think only problem with big blocks of units is the skaven army, soo i think i should go okay with 2 big infantry units, what do you think??


11-01-2007, 10:55
Looks good to me, although I would use 6 knights if you can swing the points, and the table/playing field isn't too narrow.

I wonder how replacing the cannon with 2*5 outriders would work? I'm afraid it would make the center really narrow, since you'll have a lot of stuff vieing for space on the flanks, but it could be nifty. If your opponent doesn't use too much magic, it could even be efficient (the cannon are usually out of LOS of mages, but the outriders are more visible on the whole).

11-01-2007, 11:37
I do like the outriders, but don?t own them yet, so can?t do it... but will have to buy them, its a lot of shots with 24" range, we can have them instead of handgunners, only there special...

Thanks. i will post after the tournament the result.

11-01-2007, 11:53
The problem i see is that your plan revolves around holding the centre, and using the knights to flank.

The two units you have, Swordsmen and Greatswords, are not going to be able to hold the centre and small units of Knights will fall to any unit that has a good static combat res. I can't really say what to drop and replace as i don't have the new book. I can only say as my general experience of playing the gameq.

As the title says, this list is for a Tournament, and IMO will not get very far. The army has alot of small unit that a clever general can get easy VP's from. The cannons and Helblaster are good, but you don't have a unit that can cover them. These can easily be attacked by fast cavalry or flyers.

As for a Lore, you will be better with a defensive lore, try the Lore of Light or the Lore of Life.

Hope some of this will help.

11-01-2007, 14:46
You all seem right, i think don?t need the BSB because can make units umbreakable with WP,and flyers will get stoped with orb of thunder and pistoliers(will be next to cannons) and they will have to take the center because they will be the units to move further as the rest waits for combat.
except when there is lot of war machines and i have to get there fast with knights. but if they really want VP, its on the center units, (flag. sword. teuton, and war altar,) and they will be near each other( i?m talking about 4 units in the center.

-------------- DDDSSSSS DDDGGGGG
------------------ SSSSS---- GGG

1- WP1
2- WP2

ok, but what should i do?

1- get another block unit (25 spearmen with det.)
2- get 1 big unit of knights (inner circle or vanilla)
3- get handgunners (don?t have crossbow)
4- get another thing...

Mind that :

1- i want to field the W.P. and Arch Lector with War Altar (don?t forget this is a Power unit and it will draw much atention for my Van Horst. spec.)
2- i don?t have outriders, more flagellants.
3- i have in reserve: steamtank, 1 cannon, 2 mortars, 1 helbaster, 10 knights, 15 handgunners, 25 spearmen, 20 free company, and not much...


12-01-2007, 00:43
seeing as you want to use the arch lector and as many knights as possible as a big flank rushing force, if you can mount and of your preists then do so, drop 1 cannon to find the points.For example take 10 knightsd inner circle and 10 vanilla knights with the war alter in the middle, place the infantry in the center and all the fast stuff on on flank and hide the pistoliers behind the knights so they don't get killed.