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09-01-2007, 17:00
Well then, this is primarily about my new, shiny Empire army, which I will be assembling. Updates will probably be weekly. I may also throw some other stuff in, painting & modelling- wise.

The basic background for my Empire:

Duke Hans Von Leidermann took a vow after the Storm of Chaos to 'wipe out evil in the Empire', or sacrifice all his men trying. The subsequent recruitment drives resulted in nearly the entire population of the town of Leidermannstadt, in south- west Talabecland, to join the cause.
Leidermann was presented with a Runefang from the Imperial Armoury to help him on this quest. Understandably, he's not hurrying to give it back. Since then the army has travelled the legnth and breadth of the Empire, destroying all foes that present themselves and becoming more weathered and veteranistic.
They are also highly superstitious, and often display black ribbons in tribute to Morr.

The colour scheme is this picture (bear in mind I thought of it before I saw the picture- weird):
The army will start at 2000 pts, containing:

Von Leidermann (General) on warhorse
Battle Wizard (Death wizard) mounted
Captain w/ Battle Standard on foot
Warrior Priest on foot

20 Swordsmen
20 Spearmen (Detatchment of 10 Crossbowmen)
10 Handgunners
20 Free Company
20 Flagellants

15 Greatswords
5 Pistoliers
5 Inner Circle knights
Great Cannon

This is also planned from an economic point of view, as well as *cool model syndrome*- The batallion, detatchment, general and greatswords boxes and some flagellants & a warrior priest will provide it all. I'll convert the wizard.

Hope to get some general pics up soon.

09-01-2007, 17:34
Looking forward to seeing the pics-always niceto see a fantasy log in this 40k dominated are of the forum :)

10-01-2007, 17:26
Sorry- forgot to mention this earlier. This is actually my firstfantasy army- I'm a long time IG collector, so some painting stuff for them might pop up now and again, but I was really captured by the dark and gritty imagery of the Empire, and WH as a whole.
(and... I love the models)

17-03-2007, 12:45
Ok then...
Sorry for the slow start - needed to gat myself in gear. Anyway, I've finished the General and you can see him below. Not too much conversion because I think the model is very atmospheric anyway. The only thing I did was create the look of full plate armour by glueing the gorget onto a state troops helmet.
C & C welcome!

On the way next are a 10 man Handgunner regiment and a warrior priest. Also bought and made are a 20 man Swordsman regiment and a 20 man Militia regiment. I hope to make a start on the BSB soon too.
I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of the batallion and then the real fun begins!
(Can my bits box take the strain?)

18-03-2007, 20:14
As requested by LordGoatee, I've moved this thread to Fantasy Project Logs.

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18-03-2007, 20:16
Thank you very much Wintermute