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11-01-2007, 00:32
Firstly, updates won't be too often, averaging half a model a month at the moment, hope to kick that up to two, or even three, though.

Well, a bit of history then. After seven years of gaming, collecting, painting, stripping and painting again I finally had what I considered a "complete" Slaanesh themed Chaos force painted to my, then, best standards and was thinking of, finally starting another army. (I believe it was nearing five figures in thousands of points with the final addition of my own scratchbuilt Titan) Enter an utter disaster, when on display they went flying across the floor closely followed by a full bookcase on top.

May have been able to salvage some, but I didn't pin models at the time, end result was a lot of lost pieces, a lot of damage and total lack of any motivation so I stripped the lot, dumped the broken plastic, sold off some and put the rest into a box in the attic.

Around Three/four years to cool down and ready to make a go once more. Sadly I have now very little free time, two minis in four months so far, and plan to use the project to push my painting skill as far as I can to hopefully improve and perfect some techniques. In any case looking at around 2 years for a 1500 Point Force I imagine, so hoping to use this as motivation and something to look back fondly upon when done. In need of some goals I believe;

Finish a "Display Quality" army.
Learning Freehand and NMM are two main aims
Perhaps source lighting and, as a follow on from that, natural shading and highlights (My style tends to be rather "cartoony" given I've only ever painted Slaanesh Marines and the odd Daemonette).
Make a decent display base or two.
Would like at the end of two years to have enough skill to take a mini to games day and make the cut. (Unlikely, but won't get anywhere not aiming high!)

So, onto the minis!

Blastmaster Marine (Colour Test #1)

This was a quick, very rough colour test, adding pink to my old scheme for the first time as I planned for pure Emperor's Children rather than Slaanesh Themed Chaos with this Force. The end result wasn't great, as expected, but more worrying than the finish the colours just did not seem to gel at all. 10-15 hours for this guy I believe it was, almost entirely spent trying to get the shade of pink right with a lot of repainting.


Sonic Blaster Marine (Colour Test #2)

Made a go at NMM for mixed results, settled on the shoulder pad option and think one or two more models should see it perfected. At least there's one goal on it's way!

Removing some of the blue on the mini near or above pink, as well as more black and the purple highlights all worked well. Getting very close to the final colour scheme now I think, just NMM tweaking and perhaps changing the gun head colour to black or metal. Probably took close to 30 hours which means around 45 being the standard when putting my all into one. (I did say I was slow). Perhaps one mini a month isn't too conservative an estimate, I'm hoping (praying!) I can paint the much simpler daemonettes a lot faster.


Well there we go, result for the months of July, August, September, November and December. Currently working on the final (I hope) Colour test marine and my first Daemonette colour test. Be glad if one is done by Late February, even less time these two months, may throw up the odd picture when I get a few hours to work on an area/colour, here's hoping this gives me some motivation. I'm going to bloody need it! ;)

11-01-2007, 01:04
It will be one mad army dude, good luck keeping motivated. Looking forward to the monthly update.

11-01-2007, 01:31
Seconded. I hope maybe you'll get a little motivation to go a little faster. Very nice start so far!


11-01-2007, 03:02
Love the lieutenant - do you have any pictures of your previous one?

11-01-2007, 03:09
Wow. Amazingly colorful, great blending!

Cant wait to see more!

11-01-2007, 06:30
Wow, the colours are brilliant. I love them being so rich.

I also hope to see more updates for this army.

11-01-2007, 17:34
Cheers all.

About all that's left of the last Lt. is a crumpled Talon of Horus sadly. I recon the corner the the bookcase or one of the heavy files hit him. Basically the same though, right down to the stance, only with a normal Shoulder on the right, Raptor backpack instead of wings and the plastic chaos claw from the CCW sprue on the left arm rather than the terminator claw, as well as a standard base.

Anyway, Daemonette Colour Test #1. Painting time: ~ 1 Hour. Didn't even get the basecoat finished, going to try black skin with purple highlights on this one. Hoping I may get back to it sometime this weekend if I can crank out enough work to have some free time. Might help if I didn't keep a web browser going in the backround when working. ;)


Night Master
11-01-2007, 21:38
Those are amazing Noise Marines!

You must show us more!!!

12-01-2007, 00:12
Would like at the end of two years to have enough skill to take a mini to games day and make the cut. (Unlikely, but won't get anywhere not aiming high!)

I'd be surprised if you didn't make first cut with this painting level. My Orc BloodBowl team made first cut at the UK GD and I didn't even intend to enter them ..... it's just that entering in Golden Demon allows you earlier entrance to the event. :p

Nice lieutenant by the way .... Slaanesh looks good when its overly detailed. :)

12-01-2007, 01:22
those are some ... loud colours for your noise marines, I just couldnt resist. Awesome job so far man, keep it up

Reign in Blood
12-01-2007, 02:05
Those are figgin sweet. The colours are great. That Lieutenant will look so good with those colors. Just signing up really. Great stuff, keep it coming mate.

15-01-2007, 05:42
Thanks again all. Keeps me at least wanting to get something done!

Didn't think it would good enough to manage the Cut, admittedly though with no experience of what makes it at Games Day having never managed to get there. Only an 8.4 on CMON and would have thought 9.0+ would be more the level needed. (Not a great measure but about the only one I have ;)) Encouraging to hear though, perhaps that one goal isn't so far out of reach as I had assumed.

Well, no painting progress, but my Defiler is now built, allbeit roughly from a badly constructed one I had to break apart first. (It's going to be a test mini istelf anyway, first vehicle bar a dread I'll have a proper go at). All thanks to this thread:


May get time to paint after Monday 22nd, deadlines and workload far too heavy at present to hope for anything sooner.


15-01-2007, 05:52
Wait. didnt I see that in the Transformer's trailer?
Looking good, cant wait too see the lord painted up.

15-01-2007, 05:54
Fulgrim demands that all portable media and devices are to be smashed under the mighty foot of Slaanesh.

Arch-Traitor Horus
15-01-2007, 07:42

THAT THING IS SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

ps whas converting it hard it just looks like a normal def with arms were the reaper autocannon n havoc launcher are and only 2 legs

EDIT:nice memory stick under the foot (no wonder the imperium has lost most of its technology:p)

15-01-2007, 12:29
It wasn't too hard, and easy enough to copy from the pictures. Defiler kit, a few bits from the Chaos Vehicle accessory sprue (Spikes and such), the heavy Bolter and Lascanon Covers from a Landraider (On the legs as armour plates), Skelton Banner and two swords (Fingers), Two backbacks (Round bits at the end for Knuckles), six Shoulder pads (Feet and hand rotators/knuckles) and that was it. A little GS and a hell of a lot of sawing, cutting and filing though. (Mostly the latter to shape parts).

Heh, guess this will be a chance for a scenic/display base as well, can't have it standing on my real work stuck in the USB drive forever more.... although the thought is rather tempting. ;)

16-01-2007, 07:55
Love the colours. And the Lieutenant looks goo, although the head looks a bit Night Lords-y...

Keep it coming!


26-01-2007, 23:14
A lot have mentioned that, and I can see it plain as day myself. I guess I use it as a throwback (Nostalgia value maybe) to basing the previous Lord on the old Raptor model, said parts coming from one of their heads. I just love the wings though and hoping with the colour scheme no one will comment. *laughs* Mind you I have a champion with them as well.... might be alright if I carry the theme through.

*Finally* Got some time to paint. Though I have two reports on the go right now and my inital dissertation work beginning. (I needed a day off)

A little skin highlighting, only two of probably eight or nine highlights in fact, but already too purple for my liking, thought it would be nice but now may redo this and only edge areas to give the appearance of glossy black, it looked a *lot* better when just plain black. Enough basecoat layers elsewhere to at least see some colour ideas, a lot more layers to make the colour solid though. I think I'm really going to like the composition on the 'nettes, morseso than the noise marines even, if I can get the black skin right - recon it'll be my new colour project after the battle with pink. Don't like the idea of 14 "test" daemonettes though. ;)

4 Hours 25 Minutes so far. Keeping a timesheet this time around. ;)


27-01-2007, 02:03
Brilliant stuff, my friend...absolutely vibrant! I love it! I'll be keeping a close eye on this one.

27-01-2007, 09:36
A different - working also - colour scheme for the daemonettes; very good.


31-01-2007, 01:21
Cheers, still not sure on the purple on the skin, I'll probably paint the next one with harsher, almost lined, highlights and try for a glossy black effect. Depends how this one turns out.

In any case. 12 Hours 40 Minutes now. Messed up the green, thought I'd try it by layering rather than my normal wet blending to see if it looked better. (It didn't, I think 5 shades wasn't enough, perhaps with nine or more it could work but blending is just so much faster on flat surfaces anyway). First try at NMM silver and love the effect, still crap at gold though, better than my first try at least *laughs*

Recon I'm slowly getting out of how rusty I was after the three year gap. Looking forward to being done with colour tests and start painting the force proper!


31-01-2007, 01:32
what material do you put below their bases?
very awesome painting skills btw! are you going to use a keeper of secrets?

01-02-2007, 22:45
Not for a long time, probably after I get the initial 1500 points painted (So at my rate it'll be 2009 ;)) I'll have a go at the forge world model but I rarely use greater daemons. As for the bases, simpll two pence coins from here in the uk, find it really helps to weigh the models down. (20 pence pieces can fit inside bases and not be seen, and can a threepence)

19 hours and "finished", not too happy but better than my marine colour test at least, here's hoping for a similar improvement.

Still mulling over the eyes, skin (May repaint it to either be less subtle or black and more just edged highlights), hair (I think it needs deeper shadows for more contrast), claw (maybe green this one isn't working it seems), and will do the green cloth right next time.... not much wrong then! *laughs* At least I know the scheme works, just thrashing it out exactly and getting the right techniques.


01-02-2007, 23:16
those models look really good. Been toying with the idea of doing a slaanesh army myself and your colour schemes are are very inspiring. Keep it up!

A neutral shade of black.
01-02-2007, 23:34
Ooh, the black daemonette looks good. Not something I'd seen done before.

Are you going to paint all of their skin the same colour? I'd suggest having them all a different colour (because after all, beauty isn't based on the colour of you skin, blah blah - and because it's more chaotic).

Galdur Hrafnsson
01-02-2007, 23:51
I dig the daemonette, beautifully done. My only minor criticism is that the face just doesn't stand out. The facial features and the tops of the ears need a little more highlighting for the model to properly pop.

The rest of the model is fine, the skin doesn't have to be too light because it contrasts well with the vibrant claws and cloth. The face however needs to be more of a focal point. People need to be drawn to a miniature's face. It's similar to in films, remember how in the old black and white films there'd be extra light on an actor/actress' face, particularly the eyes? The cheekbones do it.

Anyway, I'm loving your work so far. I want to see more though!

02-02-2007, 10:54
Cheers all.

I was planning to change the claw/slik colour to differentiate each squad rather than the skin to keep things slightly more coherent, thinking the same for the squads and their weapons.

Had a few comment that the skin is indeed underhighlighted and too subtle, though I wouldn't have considered mainly focusing on the face before, thanks for that. It makes sense now that you've said it, especially with the other colours drawing your attention away. Recon I'll repaint the skin, and perhaps the claw, sometime soon and see how things go. Be a few days before I get time mind you.

In any case 3/14 models done for the 500 points! *laughs*

02-02-2007, 14:28
Beautifully done, great color choice. I love the dark skin, and it goes so well with the green sash, gold armor and purple tentacles. My own girls have matte black skin, brown cloth and scorpion green tentacles ... but no where near as well painted as this chica of yours. Nice work, now just 11 more and you've got an army to play with!

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
02-02-2007, 14:40
<----Comment removed by the WarSeer Inquisition, we appreciate you like the model, but please keep your praise within the PG-13 Guidelines----> Man, thats ... that looks like candy. Man, one almost wants to -beep- it! AAAH! Man, you made a true slaneshi daemon. It reallly works xD

13-02-2007, 03:00
Wow man, you are even slower than me! :)

Nice start, looks pretty good...I cant wait to see some more EC painted up.

13-02-2007, 18:34
Heh, glad to see folk like the candy pink/magenta, took me long enough to get it right *laughs*, worth it in the end though. Just to show I've not been entirely at a standstill here's the next marine in line, going to enjoy really putting my NMM to the test on his sword.

5 Hours, 30 minutes. Black Basecoat and pipes finished. (picking out the "ribs" drives me mad in a happy sort of way ;)) Started on 2-2-07 so I guess back to one model a month.


And here is the full 500 points looking decidely sorry and in want of a paintbrush.


13-02-2007, 21:06
Wow you\re picky with your painting.
Awesome painting and great defiler conversion!

18-02-2007, 04:06
And now for something completely different, I needed a break from marines and have been getting back into Blood Bowl lately.

Meet Arkzein, Vice Captain of "The Defilers", painted sometime in the mid to late 90s.


Arkzein and a few cronies meets some Nitromors


A quick (very quick for me, probably under 10 hours total) slap of paint to test a few techniques out and presto. Looking good as team captain of the "Leporine Malefactors" in 2007. Not too happy with much bar the armour, found a colour I will like for my daemonettes' skin!


18-02-2007, 10:38
OMG!Only 10hour to do this!Really nice!

18-02-2007, 13:43
Looks better than that marine you spent aaaaages on! Should paint faster more often. :P At this rate you'll have no bother getting to the finals at GD, might even get a bronze. You should really join a club in Edinburgh and show them off, I'm sure nobody will mind a mostly unpainted army, look at mine! At least you have something worth of oohing and ahhing over.

Anyways, cheers for the link to the site, will have to remember to see this guy when I'm down your length again. (Then kill you for being too good =P)

18-02-2007, 14:06
your stuff is truly amazing, the demonette is very menacing. you should definatley have a go at GD this year.


18-02-2007, 14:15
You should really join a club in Edinburgh and show them off, I'm sure nobody will mind a mostly unpainted army, look at mine! At least you have something worth of oohing and ahhing over.
(Then kill you for being too good =P)

Yeah come along and show off your painting skills at the Edinburgh Leauge of Gamers. Drop me a PM for more info.

But yeah we would like to see some more painting like that and less of mine.

18-02-2007, 14:19
the purple and green are absolutely stunning!
What techniques do you use to get it looking so smooth?!

18-02-2007, 14:38
WoW!!! Those are really amazing, some of the best I've ever seen and that Defiller...:eek: . Keep up the good work!

Angel Robertson
18-02-2007, 15:13
Awsome marines! They seem to have a lot of different colours but you made it all work! DO you paint all your minis from a black basecoat?


18-02-2007, 15:18
Great scheme, on paper it sounds horrid but you really make it work. :)

Looking forward to updates.

18-02-2007, 19:00
Cheers all.

Sent that PM Weregerbil.

As to how, firstly filing/sanding the mini to get rid of mold lines, good even primer then many thin layers of paint (use the transparency of very thin paint to smooth blends), just by the book stuff. Also sealing with dullcoat helps somewhat.

Oh and no where near GD standard you you know it "Ishishiki" (Where'd you get the name this time? :P). Like I said maybe GD '09. I'll let you see him if you finally paint some of those 'nids! I mean having things from 2nd ed not painted yet..... ;)

18-02-2007, 23:14
I have replied and I do like the stuff your doing keep it up. i wish I could paint that well but im one of them damm speed painters who realises he has 4 days till the GT and hasen't painted any of his army. Tank brushes are great for Guard squads.

12-03-2007, 23:55
Well, got some time and polished off this guy, the NMM didn't go well trying a slightly different mix again and in the end I got browned off and rushed the rest but still happy enough with the end result, at least I ruled out another mix that doesn't work for me, feeling I'm getting closer to the shade of gold I want now though. :)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v336/Arkzein/Wargaming/CW2_F_R.jpg (http://www.coolminiornot.com/152392)

13-03-2007, 00:22
awesome work! /me picks jaw up off the floor.

I really want to see that defiler painted.

13-03-2007, 00:28
Very nice work there, though I have to ask. What's with the coins on the bases? I imagine it's for stability, but they stand out a little as they're not painted the same as the bases.

13-03-2007, 00:35

Really impressive painting...

13-03-2007, 03:58
Those are some sinfully gorgious paint jobs man, keep up the quality work.

13-03-2007, 08:13
Shouldn't you be painting Marines instead of Blood Bowl players? I still like the painting, but would like to see more progress on the basic force. :)

13-03-2007, 17:40
Cheers for the link. :)

Yeah, get painting that bloody thing, how can you leave it until last?!! Everyone wants it done. Enough practice already, too many test models and you'll never get to the actual thing! lol :D

Knowing you I'd say pick one and stick with it, trying to get the BB team AND the EC done you'll not finish either until next year, no one will bother too much about the Bb team as there's only going to be a few of us, and I'm sure mostly 40k is what you play. Get them bugers done and then get working on something for the daemon, someone told me it lets you get in early!! be great to finally get to it this year and see what's what.

By the way your link to coolmini on the picture isn't working, gives some error.

13-03-2007, 18:35
Nice marines mate, love your style.
I am wondering why GW removed those from their range, they look so much better than the new ones, maybe they were to scarry. I wish I had bought more of them a the time.

13-03-2007, 22:28
Cheers all. :)

@Grimtuff Yes, mainly for stability even on the minis that don't really need them to tie in with the others. I actually quite like the little brass at the bottom, like a mini display base almost. Been mulling over getting tiny brass nameplates for the BB figures as well as I'll have to identify them from each other for my opponent somehow.

@Satan Dingo 420 I've been getting that a lot! *laughs* I'm leaving it until after my Uni exams and such are over, going to be my main summer project (alongside my dissertation!) as I expect it's going to take in excess of 100 hours, which will be a couple of months. Hoping it'll be a good centrepiece if it turns out I can actually paint some freehand, if not it'll be horrible! ;)

@Serpent Yes I really should, I having one sitting that I started on 2nd February who hasn't been touched in weeks, he's going to be my next one and then i recon I'm going to try my hand at another daemonette colour test with green hair and claws.

@Ishishiki Yeah yeah, hop on the bandwagon when you were trying to get me to paint the lord first! Recon you're right on the BB figures though, I actually enjoy painting them more since I'm just messing about with some quick test minis. Trying to get the 40k done for the club during the summer though and falling far behind, there's so much detail in the old models it's painstaking micro work rather than a lot of smooth blending as on the BB figures. And for the last time I'm not taking a figure this year to be humiliated! :p Wait to you see the level they're at and you'll see there a *long* way to go still.

@DarlocTotally agree on the old metal chaos space marines, and on the old noise marines (at least they are still in the collectors section). The unreleased metal noise marines looked bloody great as well, wish I could get my hands on some as I know there are a very limited number floating around somewhere.

Warwolt the skaven
13-03-2007, 22:48
Are there a possibility to see the progress :D
5 Stars, to bad you can't vote higher ^^

13-03-2007, 23:34
Love your painting! =D keep the good work m8

24-03-2007, 00:53
Well I'm not really doing much at the moment, other fish to fry, but took a bit of time tonight to knock the Defiler's base together, all good enough except I have one foot to position on the marine (at a wierd angle right now) and redoing the left arm as the GS webbing is about twice the size it should be.

Be a while until I paint it, still have to clean up and add grubbinz to the main model but going to try and give this one my best, see if I can manage some cliche screaming daemon faces for freehand, maybe add a banner as well.




Warwolt the skaven
24-03-2007, 01:17
Ill check back in christmas 2008, I so want too see this painted! *goes away and sleeps till xmas 2008*

24-03-2007, 13:17
Wooo! Does this mean you're going to paint it next? :D I love the stance on the marine, somehow got him to look andry and in that "You b***ard I'm going to fight on" look. Seems you like dead and injured EC on your bases though. ;)

Least he has that thing coming to the rescue, somehow having a tiny marine on the base makes you see just how bloody big it is!

24-03-2007, 13:20
I'm going to add my congratulations to the sheer quality of your painting. Such skill, I am definately going to try and blend my colours in a similar style.

Note the word 'try', though!

Looking forward to seeing that defiler like everyone else. Good things come to those who wait.

24-03-2007, 14:28
Wow, you have really amazing painting skills, and the colours are really great. I might have painted chaos a bit more "grim", but what the heck, these look amazing either way!

Like everyone else, I'm waiting for that defiler (great work on the base btw ;) ) and also curious about the Big bad winged deamon, that will be quite a sight after getting some colours :)

24-03-2007, 14:55
Looking forward to seing more on the defiler, good work!

17-04-2007, 02:37
Heh, at the rate I'm going 2008 might not actually be too far wide of the mark, it most definately isn't going to be next. ;)

Finally got back to this marine almost 2 months after starting him, attempted to see if I could speed things up (About a quarter of the time I normally take on the pink and green areas) and it really showed, seems I'll never be one of those painters who can achieve anything in a short amount of time.

Tempted, sorely tempted in fact, to just toss this guy in the "to be stripped" box but might power on through if just to see if the colour composition works, I actually quite like the purple armour but am not sure if it will work well, black may be best after all.

One good point to take away is a slight advancement in the pink composition, namely on the front sword hand light effect. Harsher highlights than I would normally try came out well enough though damns if I know why that one area had a smooth blend when the rest was off.

Think he's going to sit at this stage of completion for another month or two, as I start into my exams. ;)



Well said marine did indeed finally end up in the nitro-mors, just wasn't up to scratch and hence would just have ending up even worse if I'd gone on. Still almost no time, funnily enough this is when I'm most creative, throw some ideas I had quickly together as mock ups or slap on some experimental paint schemes.

In any case it resulted in this prototype for my eventual bikers. Normally I break these apart afterwards to make the proper minis but even with the rough Green stuff and a few other problems I actually like this guy enough to keep and maybe even paint, if not to game with. In any case pretty certain now 6 more will be fortcoming a *long* way down the line, I'm thinking they might make the perfect GD 2009 entry if I jazz & tidy them up a bit, rather than the chosen squad I had planned. Certainly a lot more freehand space with each having various tabards rather than just theone squad banner.



17-04-2007, 03:36
Bloody hell, you're incredibly talented and painstaking and far too hard on yourself. That biker conversion is definitely GD material. Hey, take as long as you need fella :)
Edit: Dude stick some slaaneshi organ pipes and drug vials on that bad boy!
(overcome with enthusiasm) It looks both preheresy and slaaneshi EC, like they like to look good and to mock the Imperium.. superb. I so want to see that painted. Give him a daemonette biker-chick girlfriend! ahem.

17-04-2007, 09:55
Can't say much more but Eavy Metal standard or wot! want to see more!

17-04-2007, 11:07
This has to be one of, if not the most impressive blogs I have seen.

I would like some kind of titan in my eldar army, so I would like to see how you defiler turns out.

17-04-2007, 12:45
Loving just about all your work here mate. One thing I would like to know is how you did the yellow you used on your BB Warriors?

Can't wait to see the Defiler painted, after seeing yours and Laughing Man's, I might finally get to work on the one that I have come by for my Thousand Sons (I don't think the 'stock' Defiler matches their aesthetic)

17-04-2007, 17:14
This army looks really awesome. Armies are so much better when they're personalised with conversions.

The pink and green is really nice. At first I thought you blood bowl must of had some computer editing it was so smooth!

Keep it up

17-04-2007, 17:55
It may be a long time before this army is finished but it's going to be one of the best around. I can't wait to see more.

17-04-2007, 20:51
Heh. That one was a bit out of the blue wasn't it? Are you doing the same thing with them then that ytou had planned for the chosen, all done differently like 6 aspiring champions rather than a unit? Not sure it would fit bikers properly though definately would for chosen. You should make the winged bloke the lord and use the bike and a Lt, get it on the table at least because it's bloody badass, though would you give it flight, speed or a bike? o,O

Oh and stuff the exams, paint something! :chrome: :evilgrin:

18-04-2007, 00:13
Cheers all.

@Gdolkin ~ Reading my mind, I had the organ planned for the standard bearer and probably have daemonettes on 2/3. Would have been a bit over the top on this one, though I did toy with the option of having one on the rear fin rather than the flag.

@DarthAzrael ~ Bestial brown -> Snakebite Leather -> White (about a 9 layer transition I think) then a glaze with Golden yellow to bring out the colour. (It looks nothing like that until the glaze tinting) Still not perfect though but looks ok.

@Ninners ~ Second person to think that funnily enough, take it as a big complement, mind you plenty of areas aren't perfect. (Look closely at some of the green and gold parts). Still, recon my blending technique, if not colour choice, is something I'm happy enough with.

@Ishi ~ Aye just like the chosen I told you about, think this has far more scope to personalise the pieces, will be a hell of a lot more work though. It's chaos anyway, having each model as a stand alone piece but with the colour scheme to tie them together should be fine. A Lt. with a bike, Icon and a Kai gun might actually work for the model. Boost him in, draw fire and/or kill some tough units, drop some 'nettes. :evilgrin: Can add him in with another daemonette squad if playing 750 and not 500. Takes my models to paint from 14 to 21 though! eep!

Anyway no updates for the next month most likely, don't even have time for my other things except lifting so the toy soldiers gather dust again for a bit. They're used to it by now. ;)

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
18-04-2007, 01:01
I dont know what your talking about... These are by far the most beautiful models i have ever seen. Forget those guys that can crank out a model in 5hrs. the quality of yours is absolutly incredible. The paint scheme, model composition, qualtiy of the build... all perfect. I think you should not only make the cut, but take the sword. far and away the best miniatures I have ever seen. Ill be looking for your distinctive style in future white dwarf issues under 'slayer sword winner'.
Thats when ill look up you name and number and frl to your house and offer you billions to paint me a single model.
(ok maybe I went a little overboard, but the first stuff is absolutly true.)
Beautiful stuff man.

Krog Ironclaw
18-04-2007, 05:45
I am definately keeping an eye on this blog. These are some of the most masterfully painted minis I have seen. They kick the **** out of the Golden Demon entries we had at Games Day Atlanta last year.

18-04-2007, 06:22
These guys are awesome, the type of painting I could only achieve in my wildest dreams. The time is well worth it based on those results. Can't wait to see that bike conversion continue.

18-04-2007, 08:23
Awesome stuff, wish I had some of your painting skills (and of cource patience)

18-04-2007, 19:22
Heh some fan base you have it seems, why don't you put up pictures of the stuff you were doing a few years back? Good old blue tac hand or the "I spent 12 hours on each of these.... eh .... what;s highlighting?" Still can't figure out how you went from crap but thinking you were great to great and thinking you're crap without painting for years. :p Cheat! :D

18-04-2007, 20:32
Undoubtedly some of the best blending I've seen. Hoping for some more before too long....

18-04-2007, 20:38
OMG !!!
Insanely good work man !

I love the Emperor's children, and I even love them more after seeing work army in progress.

Keep it up !!!

19-04-2007, 06:46
That jetbike is the badger's nadgers! Insanely good work. The movement of the miniature is incredible... WANT TO SEE IT PAINTED!!!!

19-04-2007, 07:54
dude that biker is so awesome
are you going to enter that into golden demon
i think you should

keep up the good work


19-04-2007, 12:24
That back is such a cool conversion. Props.

Lt. Mitch
19-04-2007, 14:54
Awesome work! The defiler conversion is great. Do you use blending on the model with wet paints or do you layer withvery watered down paints? Your colour transitions are superb! Also do you use Valejo?

01-05-2007, 00:32
@Ishi I did show one of my old BB guys earlier in the thread. Honestly all those years got me was brush control, I didn't know how to thin much or even highlight beyond drybrushing before the internet so improved quickly enough after reading a bit. Sadly it also showed me how far behind I was, can't believe I thought those old models were actually good! :p

@the_dark_sarge I'm thinking yes, a squad for 2009 GD. Should have this army done and hopefully have my skill improved enough to enter by then. It's my long term dream anyway.

@Lt. Mitch A bit of both, on my Second Noise marine the green was all wet blended, the rest layered. I use a very thin mix of 1:5 or 1:6 paint to medium and typically 7-11 highlight stages, damned slow but helps smooth the transitions. Both BB figures were entirely layered though ith fewer thicker layers making things go about twice as fast, slowly improving the technique as I go. Honestly it's not any great skill on my part but just the sheer amount of time for figure, with paint so thin it's hard to make mistakes.

All GW paints as well, though I have the pink and green selection from vallejo that I'll be trying out again soon as well as the new P3s on order. Last time I used other brands I wasn't a good enough painter to recognise any difference. *laughs*

Better images of the bike and stuck it on Coolmini. Hey, better than no update at all! :D Seriously though working on something different for my next marine, should have him done in a few days or at least some late WIP shots, looking like he'll either be great or horrible based on how the colour scheme comes off, still not sure how it will be yet. (Hellish schedule right now but actually have all my revision done, just a matter of looking over notes before going into an exam so painting to relax! :))

http://www.coolminiornot.com/pics/pics11/img46361476de2ee.jpg (http://www.coolminiornot.com/157015)

01-05-2007, 02:30
Good to see more progress on this log. Keep up the awesome work Arkzein!

01-05-2007, 04:12
oh man that defiler kicks all sorts of ass! my compliments on your amazing blends as well. The bright colors really bring me back to the older days of 40k

01-05-2007, 07:07
I really like the jetbike, and can't wait to see the newest paint job.

01-05-2007, 21:05
Bah, boring. Show us something new! And I thought you couldn't paint anything with exams and your crappy light set up? I think even you'll have to study for honours, can't drift through on Evil Genius status and cans of harp forever. Git. :cries:

01-05-2007, 21:38
I didnt think anyone could make those blood bowl chaos warriors look good, but some how you managed. I am completely enthralled with the quality of you work. I'll be watching you... in a totally non-creepy kind of way.

Tsen Out

02-05-2007, 22:57
Well, kind of an update. I've been struggling badly for lighting since my single 100W daylight bulb went, only paint in the daytime but even then it's awkward, but today finally recieved a load of parcels I had waiting.

Couple of desk lamps.
Two 25 Watt Helix 6400K daylight bulbs
The larger of the two light tents I ordered, 24", (Only for massive pieces, but it was cheap so may as well have)
A new Tripod
A Batch of P3 Paints

Tomorrow I also get the big one, an Actulite Task lamp with a spare bulb. (Thing set me back 130 but the light from it should be fantastic).

Only problem is the mini I was working on (about a third of the way done) Looks *horrible* when I see it now fully as decent lighting shows up everything. A lot of areas I'll have to go back over and touch up somewhat. In any case I'm going to finish him and the next mini, probably a Daemonette, will be done with P3 paints! I carried out a small test on the shoulderpad basecoat on a beastman and it seems very impressive, I thin too much to worry about coverage but the finish was very smooth indeed.

In any case trying out purple armour ala the Chaos Warriors, liked the colour that came out on those quick tests so seeing if it works with a Noise Marine. :)

The Setup

Current WIP, mostly just Basecoated/primed.

03-05-2007, 00:16
I like how it's stated as just basecoated/primed while it already looks better than most of my stuff.

Lt. Mitch
03-05-2007, 08:17
I love the vividness of your colours and the excellent transition of your highlights! What paints are you using?

Edit - Oops missed my the answer above! My bad.

03-05-2007, 11:49
Not so sre about the purple, it;s adding yet another colour and is too close to the pink you have, why not just leave the pink areas purple but highlight up to pink on the extreme edges? think the purple could use one more highlight as well. Looks like your trying to do almost reflective things but with those you need to go nearly to white.

The green is brilliant though, far brighter than before, did you use that new fluro paint you got, I thought the coverage on it was crap?

Oh and 130 for one light? Are you ******* nuts? Starting to look like a proper artists studio with all that junk. :p

03-05-2007, 18:58
where did you get the light tent?

Lt. Mitch
04-05-2007, 10:03
Hey Arkzein,

What GW colours are you using for the green and purple. I have never seen a purple carried of so well with GW paints! I love it.

06-05-2007, 21:14
@ Ishi ~ Always the critic eh "ishi" *laughs*? Will eventually experiment with more highlights on the purple up to almost white, but one thing at a time eh? Maybe you should have a go at some pink reflective nids and show me. :D Haven't tried that fluro yet, just using more of the lighter green in the mix, weak coverage but the fluro was even worse, be at it all day.

@Vain End ~ Got both on ebay, strangely the smaller one was more expensive. *laughs*

@Lt. Mitch ~ Cheers, honestly I was damned surprised myself when it came out on that first BB warrior. Just use Liche and Warlock Purple, (Not even many layers from back, simply a 1:1 mix, then pure of the next shade) but they seem to gel with my technique, thin the paints so much that each layer is like a thick glaze just tinting the one below.

Anyways, got my new, and expensive, light and it was well worth it, can't tell the difference from daylight as things dim outside, fabulous. Also received the smaller light tent but still experimenting with the best set up for it, I *think* I need a very strong light from above, the two 25W lamps from the side are fine but whilst perfect daylight the aculite is only 11W, great for painting and easy on the eyes, but not for the tent.

Progress. Well, a little, finished the green, some basecoating, and got the yellow pipes done. (Though haven't done any, tidying, glazing or washes to fully tie things together, odd rough bit):


And my set up now with the small tent and Aculite.


06-05-2007, 22:08
WOW! You are taking the same aproach I am taking to my night lords... Slow! But the models are great looking. I cant wait to see that defiler.... keep the updates coming... as often as you can...

12-05-2007, 16:37
Well, he's done, another attempt at NMM that didn't go so well, got browned off and rushed a bit after that leaving a few rough areas (The entire left arm especially), but at least see that the purple works rather well as a colour scheme on the large flat areas where black would be too plain.

Recon this will be the scheme for the normal plastic marines, I'll save the black armour for the older models where there is very little space between colour zones to bother with purple transition whereas here there are plenty of large flat areas for blending.

Also found I *loathe* the face on the end of the gun, tried green, then NMM and had to finally settle for a third repaint in pink so naturally came out rather rough. From now on going to snip them off and replace it with something made from plasticard, nice and smooth that I can paint metalic.

Anyway. 4/14 Models done. Next up, my second Daemonette using P3 paints, should be interesting.


*edit* And just to make me feel better, now having things actually starting to look coherent rather than a few odd models here and there painted. A 2nd Edition Legal Noisemarine squad! *laughs*


12-05-2007, 16:39
very nice mate, they're looking great together.


12-05-2007, 21:50
Gorgeous, the epitome of slaanesh.

13-05-2007, 02:02
Awesome awesome stuff. Very striking, and good photo set-up.

13-05-2007, 07:32
They arn't just minatures, they are works of art, amazing.

13-05-2007, 07:36
holy crap that stuff is awesomely good
i especially like the jetbike

keep up the good work


13-05-2007, 10:39
They look fantastic individually, but things REALLY come together as a group - excellent stuff

13-05-2007, 15:24
Yes, yes I see what you mean about the arm, terriible, should scrap the whole thing.... Are you freaking NUTS?! Take back what I said about bthe pruple, I think it works better with the green/pink/blue/yellow than black, somehow ties them together like a middle colour?

And you think p3s will make your painting smoother? I;d love to see how. :wtf:

Oh and finally voted on CMON, looks like he's set to be you're best yet, help boost your epeen some more. :p

15-05-2007, 04:13
Cheers all, have to agree on the group shot, the three of them sitting there actually made them look better to me hence the urge to put it up!

Oh and epeen my ****! All for my future - living hand to mouth painting for ebay! *laughs* Although have to admit breaking into the top 500 was nice.

Anyway, madness this time, my first quick update, new paints (p3), speed painting (for me anyway, 10 hours ish), new NMM formula, my first go go at SENMM and a new colour scheme for the daemonette going for more highlights on the skin. Oh and a NEAR disaster, I knocked over a tub of p3 black paint sending it towards my minis, paint *everwhere* (half a tub got out, took ages to drush it back in) yet despite finishing up about an inch from where all my minis were sitting.... not one destroyed! Though the foot of the blastmaster got gobbed. :( I swear I would have packed it in then and there if I'd destroyed all my minis for a second time.

Composition wise I believe the skintone is now too close to the hair and it may work better going for green there as well? (Would then allow me to perhaps notch the highlights in the skin more up into a dark pink also) Seems the skin, hair and claw just blend into each other somewhat. Would be glad to hear any views.

Actually rather happy for once, mostly because I managed to finish something quickly. *laughs* 5/14 models, over a third of the way there! :D



15-05-2007, 04:26
Sickkkk. I think my favorite part is the nmm on the gold arm- and leg-bands. Simply awesome.

15-05-2007, 04:46
Can't beleive i missed this til now.

Amazing stuff, in my dreams i can't blend as well as you can, fantastic work, just the way slannesh should look.



15-05-2007, 04:53
I saw your comment in my log and figured I'd comment over here again. I'd be happy to do any conversions you need, as long as you paint them to the standard of your incredible Emperor's Children in this log. As long as you give me a concept sketch or a paragraph or so describing what your aiming for, I can probably fire something out that will fit the bill. Honestly, I'm more of a fan of converting than painting, but I do both.

15-05-2007, 05:13
My God. :eek: I love that gold! And I hate (yes, really, really hate) NMM...

If you highlighted the hair more or less up to white, there would be no problems with giving the skin a few more highlights either... I did this on the Daemonette head one of my Wulfen has gotten hold of.

And you need smaller coins. :p

15-05-2007, 09:46
wow this army is looking sweet =]
keep it coming

15-05-2007, 16:29
Bah forgot my password, new id, guess who. :p

Go for the green, after seeing them the daemonettes look so dark and drab when put next to your marines, you could even try blue maybe on the blades or claws?

Oh and I bloody love those gems, how the hell did you do the tiny ones?.

20-05-2007, 04:00
Trust you of all people to lose *another* password. ;) Gems were done with a brush! Really though one of the few times I could have done with a magnifier, phootery bloody things the wee ones were, worse than eyes. 000 felt like a tank brush.

Cheers for the suggestions, been echoed in a couple of other places so I'll be trying them out on the rest of the squad along with the various brands of paints. It'll be vallejo Game colour on the next Daemonette, been mulling over perhaps getting myself some Reaper paints as well...

No pictures anyway, not really an update this (Haven't been well enough to paint or sleep much the past few days), just to say I'm going into hospital for an operaton on 21st and all things being well another on 30th, then after that I'll be moving back to Ireland soon afterwards. Don't think I'll have the time or be well enough to paint for a few weeks at least judging by how long I took to recover after the last one (Hoping I'll get a few days maybe). Hence probably going to have to put the log on hold for a bit, so don't wait with baited breath! ;)

01-06-2007, 03:44
Well, recovering from two operations (and bugger if they didn't tell me I need one more) I have popped 14 painkillers thus far since the last (May 30th) and still got this one done, no pain no gain literally for once! (I can't leave my flat, or even eat at present, nowt much else to do but paint!)

Vallejo game colour this time, I'm not a fan of their greens. At all. Perhaps because of my style of thinning a hell of a lot but they went chalky on me, the purple however is slightly different to GW and P3 (A bit more blue in warlord/warlock and less in squid/tenticle) thought I'd go for higher highlights again up into mid pink and was surprised to be happy enough with the skin. But again the claw loses all definition, it'll have to be a different colour if I go this route. Finally the usual, yet another NMM forumla with more yellow, recon I need to experiment with this one more as it;s closer to the bright yellow gold I'm after.

6/14 now. I have two half-squads and the mid way point becons!

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v336/Arkzein/Wargaming/F_LQ_1.jpg (http://www.coolminiornot.com/159747)

01-06-2007, 04:26
Ark, any chance of getting that NMM paint recipe from you? I'm dying to try it out on my upcoming 1KSons army.

I also love the green too, very bright and striking

01-06-2007, 05:11
You sir, are a bastard for making all my work look like hell. Another brilliant daemonette, the paint job on the skin is awesome, I like the claw despite your statements to the contrary, and the blue on the sleeve is an excellent choice! Furthermore, your NMM never fails to look brilliant! I envy your paintjobs (but maybe not the operation situation)

01-06-2007, 08:17
This is Heavy Metal standard, unbelievable skin tones!

01-06-2007, 09:01
those demonnetes are very original and cool

01-06-2007, 14:43
Lovely green tentacles, reminds me of my own girls. The resemblance mostly ends there though :D

Almost halfway, keep up the amazing work!

- Salvage

01-06-2007, 15:18
Such vivid colours, I love this look on minis.

It's threads like this that inspire me to become a better painter.:)

01-06-2007, 17:11
Stop... please... you are going to put all other painted armies to shame....

...do you actually use these to play games?

01-06-2007, 21:22
Chhers for the link again.

They seems to be getting better every time you finish one, personally I wouldn't change much, i think you're almost there, just find a colour that works for that claw and the colour scheme is perfect. Really fond of the green hair.

Perhaps an orange/yellow claw? you have that colour on the marines but not the daemonettes now.

Oh and you finally got those operations out of the way? maybe now you'll stop whinging and ducking out of drinking sessions. :P Seriously though good that they're done, you looked terrible a while back, like a walking skeleton. Might get off my **** and join you on a cut while you're bulking again!

04-06-2007, 21:48
@Vineas ~ I've used a different formula on every mini this far! *laughs* That last one though was Bestal, Dark Flesh, Snakebite Leather, Golden yellow, Skull white in around nine or so layers (Hence not perfectly smooth, may need a few more). Hope that helps in any case. :)

@Smokedog ~ That's the idea, however I've always wanted a "Display Quality" Army. Unlikely I'll ever have more than one or two so I'm trying to keep them high quality. (8.0+ for every mini on CMON, not an ideal measuring rod and coherency as an army as a whole is important, but around the area I'm pitching)

Anyway, decided to put together and prime the last three marines for the squad (The defiler is the only mini not sporting some paint now!)

Plasma Gunner is going to eventually have another SB marine to swap out if needs be.

Marine on the left is going to be a stand-in champion should I opt for a power weapon rather than power fist.

Champion himself I went for a "Chunky" powerful look, trying to give him broad shoulders. Smaller head helps the efffect somewhat. He's quite a bit wider than the rest of the marines but those few millimetres were a bugger to model right.

Looking at maybe 100-150 hours for those three. Sobering throught. :cries: (Might go all out on the champ though, tester for the lord)

Not great pictures, but it;s a WIP shot so meh. ;)


04-06-2007, 22:13
HOLY CRAP! those models are very very smooth and clean and well done and beautifully blended and awesome and *faints from loss of breath*

cheers, the spam man

05-06-2007, 09:02
Are we going to see you at GD this year with these?

06-06-2007, 00:03
Bah so you undercoated some, let's see some paint! No point sending me a link otherwise. :D

08-06-2007, 15:06
Wow..... these are awesome.

The wings on the lord, are they eagle or pegasus wings?

Simply awesome.

Any links to some of those internet guides you read to learn to paint like this? I haven't painted anything in ages, but looking to getting back into it in 3 months so could do with a primer.

Simply awesome. Bookmarked for sure.

15-06-2007, 02:47
@jasevx ~ I've given in and will indeed be at GD, folks have told me I have a shot at a finalists pin and as that's my current long term goal I may as well go for it now. It will be with EC but not with anything I've painted thus far (Display, not GD level), in fact I'm putting the army on hold (really just doing a Unit I had planned earlier now) to switch over entirely to my GD project for the next three months. No fear though, I'll update it here. (I know some folks like to keep theirs hidden until the big day, but I'm not competing on a level where it should matter! *laughs*)

@ Kafka ~ As for the guides, take a look at the articles on www.coolminiornot.com, I have used other guides, but usually when looking to research a specific technique, CMON is always my first port of call for anything though, wealth of information there.

And on to the update. Green hair and bone this time, different technique on the blade didn't pan out, quite like the bone but not set on the green hair. Probably should have highlighted the gold NMM one more layer.... but I'm too tired tonight! When (a long time from now) I get around to the last two i'll give light pink and turquiose hair a go unless you all can brainstorm something else. ;)

Oh and Back to Ireland on Saturday for much boozing then starting work, so if possible I'll have even less time to paint... oh dear.



15-06-2007, 05:32
.... Damn.... just damn.

Those are some f-ing fantastic minis you've got there, consider this a subscription to your brilliance.


P.S, check out the link in my sig for the warseer awards. You can nominate whoever you like until Sunday at midnight, when voting begins.

20-06-2007, 11:49
Back in Ireland now? you're going to be getting bugger al done between work and being srunk and hungover on the weekends. :P No computer either?

I don't like the bone by the way, go back to pink. Liked what you were chatting about going from purple->turquoise->ice blue on them, might fit for the next one you paint.

17-12-2007, 01:01
Aye, you were right enough. I did have actually access to a computer but may have turned it on, oh I don't know, twice? during the summer, then had plenty here at Uni to be busy with when I returned (especially taking a holiday to Magaluf when I should have been studying ;))

Have a mate forever ringing me and chatting about Apocalypse (Not something that interests me mind, will never get that much painted) and returning home to the Mordheim group along with the new codex has got me looking forward to painting some over the holiday period. (Though truth be told I'll have little else to pass the time and my materials are back there anyway) Flying back on the 17th and will get some updates flowing soon after.

There you go anyway folks, I'm not *quite* dead yet. I just happen to take semi regular 3 month - 4 year breaks from the hobby on ocassion ;)


Getting the odd bit of time to paint. Content with the shades of colour used for the skin, robe and NMM (just need to perfect a few techniques). Need to redo the blue but not too fussed, looking for thoughts on the hair. I haven't liked pink or green and blue will be too much, I was thinking scaly green, hawk turquiose right up to ice blue.

Any other ideas before I try it out, be a while before I get another daemonette up to this stage to try something out so fishing for opinions.


17-12-2007, 01:29
you probably need a colour similar to the body colur as to not distract to much...

17-12-2007, 03:17
You know what? It's not even your blending which is amazing on these figures, or what makes them pop. What makes them pop (apart from your color choice) is the WAY you do your highlights. Anyone can blend given enough minis and practice, but to know where to place the highlights is something that I think only an artist can achieve. Well done.

17-12-2007, 15:57
Surprised me getting the email from you, I thought you'd given up on warhammer again +P

Crap as always, fix the blue! ;) joking.

I;d say go for it, try what you were thinking and if it turns out crap just repaint it. I'll toss my lot in with blue as well thogh.

21-12-2007, 03:57
Well, an Update of sorts, just recieved my Christmas present to myself, a Nikon Coolpix 8800 camera. (I've been using a kodak easyshare c330 4mp, hard to get decent shots) what a step up. Despite the flu I've been playing around with it, amazing compared to what I had. The automatic settings even are superb, taking a normal shot from my hand (with the Vibration reduction on) under poor lighting with the flash and at distance gives better pictures than my previous setup with a tripod, macro mode and all the lamps/light tent etc! (The second just cut from the larger image and resized *down* 50%, no levels etc. in photoshop even)



Was also able to zoom out of a first floor window onto this across the street (max zoom) again from the hand with no blur.


Looking forward to getting into it and seeing how the macro performs, likely going to be far and above what I require. Honestly surprised at the results a novice like myself can get just taking it out and snapping away, far from perfect but better than a slap in the face. Now to get some more minis painted for it to take shots of!

21-12-2007, 07:13
This is the coolest slaanesh army I've ever seen.:eek:

21-12-2007, 19:06
That camera really works! The colours are closer to how they actually look in RL than any of the other images thiough not sure it;s worth the 220. see you in a few hours at the pub for your 23rtd! :D

Kasrkin 666
21-12-2007, 22:20
It's your b-day? Happy birthday!:p That camera is badass. Mine's a piece of s**t. :p Can't wait to see the rest.


22-12-2007, 01:05
Nikon makes some great cameras! I am personally a Canon man myself, but iirc the 8800 is a camera with around 8 megapixel or so, 10x optical zoom? I am familiar with earlier cameras in that series, about the best you could get without taking the next step up to the digital SLR cameras. (which I did personally)

I want to see some new shots of the Daemonettes now with the pretty camera! :)

22-12-2007, 01:36
No offense dude, but your CSM in the first Pictures remind me of Hippies.^^

Fantastic colours, So rich.

Hasan ibn Sabbah
22-12-2007, 09:06
First time I see proper Slaanesh-cult marines (being bored with pink, why the hell Slaanesh color is pink? All other gods have colors more associated with their interests) Colors are awesome.

23-12-2007, 16:15
Aye, I had considered the move up to a DSLR but thought this a better camera to get to grips with first, took some shots with it though still getting to the hang of the macro. A bit of an improvement on the last camera, however much easier and faster and the colours are much closer to how they actually look.

One more 'nette to go until I finish my first unit in around five years! ;)


24-12-2007, 14:17
The only thing that looks closer to the actual mini in that picture is the color, can't u make them sharper/bigger/closer? Told you 220 was a bit much, the ones before were good enough.

What about a squad/army pic so far?

Oh and I have come around to the green hair, it really suits that one even with so much green already on it, I think because it has that bit bit of blue there too.

30-12-2007, 18:12
Aye but getting the colour exactly right without messing about with the levels in photoshop that I barely understand was the main goal with this one, it's amazing with normal shots to boot. Keeping them under the 200kb and 600 pixels wide for CMON is what's making them a bit smaller. Will do "proper" High res pictures (using a few nice features on this camera I've read in the instruction book) when I finally get the Unit done and back on a decent monitor where I can see what I'm doing properly as this one is dark dark I can make little out.

Anyway, repainted the skin on my first 'nette, have a WIP of the final one where I'll be doing something different with the hair again and the Unit as it stands, soon I'll have my first finished Unit in about 5 years!




And the Christmas Pet shot.


30-12-2007, 19:07
Even though I am Khorne all the way through (and a little Nurgle) I do love the army, the Daemonettes are just lovely.

Metal Fingered Villain
30-12-2007, 22:02
Its alway nice seeing daemonettes in colors other then the blueish pallid flesh scheme. Cant wait to see some more noise marines.

01-01-2008, 04:21
rofl, not even finished a 6 man squad and already repainting, typical you. Finish that last one and get churning out some marines again. Oh and your wee dog looks like a daemon in that picture, stuff red eye lets have some bluw eye!

The look ******* amazing as a unit though, could see that as a cover image if they sold them as a unit. :D

09-01-2008, 00:30

Picture first for once, good news is that I'm back in Edinburgh and should have had a bit more time with the holidays over. Bad news is that, besides a few books, this is now the sum total of everything miniature related I own after being in the hobby over a decade. Lost in transit/the post currently is:

The full GW range of paints
About half of both vallejo and p3 lines
My needle files
3 Pin Vices and Bits/rods
Sculpting tools
Series 7 brushes
Painting mediums
30" of Green stuff
12" Brown Stuff
Wet Dry Paper
All basing materials/pva/flock/guitar string/chain/razorwire/cork
A bitz box with 12 years of odds and ends
My Chaos Lord
About 30 metal 2nd ed Chaos marine bodies
14 3rd Ed Raptors
Metal parts from 6 2nd ed bikes.
5 Masters of the ravenwing on jetbikes.
20-30 unassembled plastic CSM (I use them as bits mainly)
5 '80s Chaos Termies
Unassembled Rhino
Blood Bowl Team
Mordheim Warband
Random models, old necrons, old war walker, metal parts from various 2nd ed tanks etc.

This is just what I can remember, my entire hobby box, still seeing if it can be found and I have it insured in any case (well, 350 only) but not sure I'm willing to spend the time to get going again if it doesn't turn up. I may just go with the new daemon codex (The daemonettes take few shades of paint or modelling materials) and get painting 'nettes.

Fingers crossed in any case, would be just my luck to lose most of my models twice in the space of five years though. The long road back just got longer. *laughs* :cries:

09-01-2008, 00:55
This thread is an inspiration to me and especially my own Slaanesh project, you set an incredible standard with your painting sir! I hope you recover your items, were you shipping to yourself and it was lost? I hope that everything turns up, no matter what don't give up, you are too talented to let misfortune shut you down. Good luck and Awesome Work!

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
09-01-2008, 07:25
my prayers are with you sir.
I know its hard, but try and :), and remember the stuff you do have

16-01-2008, 00:49
Heh, I always laugh when something bad happens, or when it doesn't for that matter, probably not a good thing.... ;-)

Aye I was shipping it to myself just, easiest way I thought. Anyway, finally got the package though it was decidedly worse for wear. My poor Chaos lord was smushed down to his component parts and burst paint pots aren't fun to clean up, and inks are worse, thank god they didn't get on the minis. So what did I do to celebrate? Stuck some of the junk I had in the box together (Finding 3 [more] plastic CSM boxes I didn't know I had in the process which shall supply me with endless marine bits) and attempted a repair on my Lord, though his dsiplay base was beyond salvage.

The New gang:



Yes, plastic models, in *my* army? Heresy! *laughs* Actually better than I thought they would be, finally the quality - versitility balance between metals and plastics has tipped in plastic's favour with the new range and the tech GW used to produce it.


And a blurry picture of my lord, the primer and pre-base coats are far too badly damaged, the final result can never be smooth, but I can't be bothered to nitro-mors him. He'll end up as a Raptor champion, at least now I can paint him without fear of failing to get the perfect result as he can never achieve it!


For the first time in ages I can feel the painting bug itching at me, I may actually get another mini finished sometime soon!

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
16-01-2008, 01:00
Oh, I thought he would make an awsome lord :(
But, I guess you will just have to come up with something even more bad A.
Maybe a chosen unit or something...

20-01-2008, 01:35
He'll stand in until I decide what to do with my Prince. :) Well, here's hoping anyway, read on.

I just primed everything.... and now I'm going to have to buy some Fairy Power spray tomorrow (I'm hoping it will save me having to remove them from their bases, break them up and send to the nitro-mors) and see if I can get it off again! I think a cobination of the cold and spraying a bit too fair away was the issue. I normally spray minis singly by hand at about 8", this time I did the lot as a batch at about 12".

A second thick coat makes it smooth again but needs to be so thick as to clog some of the detail. In any case when I went to pick one up I thought *ah, bit rough that* and tried another. Every single bloody one feels like sandpaper, bad lighting where I spray so I didn't notice but put one under the painting lamp... Nope, complete mess. (I had thought perhaps it just feels rough and doesn't *look* rough).

First time I ever had problems with primer in 13 years. Live and Learn. :cries:

*edit* and it's definately not the primer itself, I had two minis sitting waiting for GS to cure and sprayed them the normal way (ie held in my hand) and it's smooth as a baby's ****.

*edit2* At least my camera is working well, it looks even worse when you zoom in with the super Macro to see it in all it's horror. **** and ****! *laughs* Like I said, Lucky me. :D


20-01-2008, 02:13
also the little "hairs" you get when priming by can what are those they bug me :(

20-01-2008, 20:50
the best painted models ive ever EVER seen keep it up!!