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11-01-2007, 03:19
A friend of mine is starting up Warhammer again, and has decided to go with Lizardmen.
He'll be buying the battalion and a box of Saurus Warriors. Combined with the Saurus Oldblood and Skink Priest models I gave him, he should have a fairly decent sized 1500 point army.

Now, using just the models listed below, I would like some help with writing a list for my friend.

40 saurus warriors
24 skinks
8 saurus cavalry
saurus oldblood
skink priest

Now the list I have written up seems pretty fair, but I am sure it will need some help.

Saurus Scar-Veteran
Sword of the Hornet
Enchanted Shield
Blessed spawn of Quetzl
Blessed spawn of Sotek
Light Armor

Skink Priest
Level 2
Diadem of Power

Saurus Warriors(20)
Full Command
Blessed Spawn of Quetzl
Blessed Spawn of Sotek
*Scar-Veteran will go with this squad*

Saurus Warriors(20)
Full Command
Blessed Spawn of Quetzl
Blessed Spawn of Sotek

Skink Skirmishers(12)

Skink Skirmishers(12)

Saurus Cavalry(8)
Full Command
War Banner
Blessed Spawn of Sotek

Total points: 1501

Now I don't know much about the lizardmen, but I think this is a pretty fair list. Have the two units of skirmishers as a screen for the saurus warriors, until he can eventually move them out of the way and get the charge in.

11-01-2007, 03:36
Are you using a Blessed Spawning Army list? I assume you are cause that's the only way you can pull the two Saraus units with two markings and not have them be Rare choices. So, now if that were the case, then the Skinks along with the priest need to have that same spawning which should put him up 60 points.

Everything looks good to me. As he builds his collection, your friend will have more options to work with. But that's kinda hard right now with just the stuff he has. After all, you have to work with whatch ya got right?

Maybe toss some spears into one or both of the Saraus units. Nothing like 16 S4 attacks going at your enemies with a 5 man front! That's all I got. Good luck to your friend at expanding his collection. Hope he does well! Later.

Got Squig?

11-01-2007, 07:11
I'm not much of a heavy magic user myself, but is one skink priest without dispel scrolls really going to be sufficient magic defence? Maybe strip the spawning off a unit and get a second skink priest (you can make both lvl 1 if needed), there's bound to be one in the batallion box one would think.

09-03-2007, 02:59
I dont have my fantasy stuff handy, but I dont think their are enough core choices in that army. I believe you need 3 so you will need to add another unit of skinks.

Saurus with spears are the better option over standard saurus as already noted.

09-03-2007, 13:54
If I am allowed, this is my suggestion for an army based upon this:

Scar-Vet @ 163p
La; Enchanted Shield; Gw; Quetzl (+1AS); Tepok (+1DD); Jaguar Charm

Skink Priest @ 140p
Lvl 2; Diadem of Power;Quetzl

Skink Priest @ 105p
Lvl 2; Quetzl


15 Saurus @ 212p
Hw; Sh; Quetzl (3+As in CC)
- Banner

10 Saurus @ 140p
Hw; Sh; Quetzl

11 Skinks @ 71p
Javelins; Shield; Quetzl (4+AS in CC)

12 Skinks @ 87p
Blowpipes; Quetzl; Scouting


15 Saurus @ 242p
Hw; Sh; Quetzl; Tepok
- Banner

8 Saurus Cav @ 340p
[Cold Ones]
Spear; Sh
- Banner
- Huanchibanner


Total: 1500p

This list is legal and viable. He must convert one of his regular skinks to become a Skink Priest to do this. With all the bitz`n pieces that comes with
the sprues he should do this easily.

The list has 1 major fighting unit in the Saurus Cav unit, learning to use their banner right will make this a gamewinning unit. He also have two good and stabile Saurus Blocks that can go toe to toe with most enemy units and a solid detachment of 10 Saurus.

The list has one of the best hero lvl fighting character setups of the game in the 18" S7 Scar Vet (aka NIKE Saurus)

Your magic (6PD/6DD) is medium strong for 1500p, but very versatile. With the possibility of both 8DD or 8PD depending upon the enemy. This amount of magic will often make the enemy come to you, which is favorable considering all your sturdy infantry.

You have a good screening unit in the 11 javelinskinks. They can take lots of shooting, and will not panic if kept within 12 of general.

Models: 74
Magic: 6PD/6DD
Heroes: 3/3
Core: 4
Special: 2/3
Rare: 0/1

What do you think? What enemys will he play btw?


Just to add in, spears is only very seldom a better option. If it was for free i`d consider it against certain enemys.. But do not pay points to decrease their AS.