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11-01-2007, 14:54
This is just a random list I put together not too long ago.. I'm just wondering how it would fare competitively?

High Liche Priest (Hierophant)
+Ankhra, Staff of Mastery

Tomb Prince (General)
+Sword of Might

Liche Priest
+Staff of Ravening

Liche Priest
+2x Dispel Scroll

Skeleton Warriors x20
+Light Armour, Hand Weapons, Shields
+Full Command

Skeleton Warriors x20
+Light Armour, Hand Weapons, Shields
+Full Command

Skeleton Warriors x20
+Light Armour, Hand Weapons, Shields
+Full Command

Tomb Guard x20
+Full Command
+Undying Banner

Tomb Scorpion

Bone Giant

Total: 2002

Strategy is simple: General goes into a skellie squad, Priest w/ Ravening Staff goes into a skelie squad (for LOS with bound spell), Priest with scrolls is right behind a skellie squad (so he can't be charged/shot at) and my hierophant would be advancing behind my troops, so he can't get targeted yet can cast invocations still. The Tomb Guard are self reliant and won't get any chars in them, since they can regenerate lost members with their banner. The Giant I'm hoping to make the most of, since his Unstoppable Assault rule lets him (theoretically) get infinite attacks if the dice gods favour me that day and plus I can heal him if things start getting iffy. The Scorpion is just there to destroy war machines and other annoying stuff far away.

How would this list fare? Thanks

11-01-2007, 15:24
i think its okay.
id personally take out a unit of skeletons and maybe put some chariots in for mobility, or maybe some more scorpions.
and i dont think you need the champions either really so you could put in an extra skeleton in the units.
give you prince some kind a shield/enchanted shield and light armour aswell so he gets a save.
and maybe give the high priest the cloak of the dunes instead of a steed.:chrome:

11-01-2007, 16:16
i would try to put the banner of reforming in your tomb guard. you army is not very mobile and could easily be flanked. you could do that by remove all the musicians.

the rest looks ok.

Von Wibble
11-01-2007, 18:01
High Priest - Doesn't need a ward as he should NEVER be targetted. If he is you've done something wrong. And you can't just hide him behind a unit as enemies on hills still get to target him, and cannons on the ground have every chance of 'accidentally' guessing long when aiming at the unit in front (or if you play gentlemanly, just rolling high on the artillery dice). Use terrain to hide him. Incantations that help you don't need los.

+1 to incantations, or for less points, reroll incantations. Take neferra's plaques not the staff of mastery.

I agree with greendan that the army needs chariots. A unit of 3 is not even very expensive but it can do amazing things...

The Bone Giant is yet to get a great result for me. Hitting on 4s means you can only really expect another kill from unstoppable assault. I think 3 Ushabti do the job better, and for less points.

I took an army similar to this (skeletons had bows instead) and suffered my only defeat against 2500pt empire. The majority of the game was fine but 2 things went wrong for me and sealed defeat.

1) 1 cannon shot took out the casket of souls.

2) My units were unable to deal with knights, and lacked the speed to really choose their fights (even with incantations infantry is slow). The army was picked off and although I knew it was happening I could do little to prevent it. Chariots btw vs full sized units of empire knights norrowly lose out on charge but don't need to get too lucky to break through. They are also a lot cheaper than 10 knights + command.

Leads to 3) I had only 1 unit of chariots, which with support from an emerging tomb scorpion took out several units. I should have had a second block...