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14-07-2005, 02:55

Tomb King
Golden Ankhra(4+ ward)
great weapon
light armour

Liche priest
staff of ravening

Lich preist(heirophant)
cloak of the dunes
heiartic jar

Liche Priest
dispel scroll

dont realy like to go charector heavy but i beleive this army will need the extra magical support(could always switch liche priest out for 3 tomb swarms which i could use to hold a unit for the chariots)
2x3 chariots

used to cover flanks

4 chariots

4 chariots

4 chariots
standerd banner of undying legion

use chariots of 4 models to hit the front line of the enemy(king will ride with the ones with banner)

3 carion


carrion used for rear charges picking off artillary mages light cav and scouts
pretty much every thing that will tacticaly flee from my chariots to charge them

1 tomb scorpion

used for a well protected threat to the enemy rear
bone giant

used to get flank charges
hold up units
2000 points

well what do you think

14-07-2005, 03:55
i would personally get another tomb scorpion, also drop either one 4 strong or oen 3 strong unit of carrions... you don't need that many. other then that the list looks solid to me

14-07-2005, 08:51
I cant really comment on the army, its solid for what it was designed to do, what i can say though is that taking a chariot army to a tourney is a bad idea, with the number of cannons and S7 characters you will be coming up against your weak chariots wont last very long and the fact that khemri chariots are rather...underpowered, D3 S4 hits, i have had a unit of 5+king fail to break 20 saurus on the charge. It may just be me but in my experience all chariot armys are setting up to fail.

Lord Setra
14-07-2005, 11:34
I agree with Riddy(as it was my chariot unit that failed to break the unit).

I would perhaps drop some of those carrion in place for some ubshapti and another tomb scorpion. They will provide you with a strong assault force which can deal a large amount of damage out.

Also can I suggest dropping Banner of the undying legion and replacing it witht he banner of the sacred eye. This banner will provide you with +1 to hit on the first turn of combat. That means that by putting your tomb king in that unit you can have him hitting on 2's and wounding on 2's with his great weapon. Also you will benefit from the large amount of attacks from the horses and crew. WIth the extra +1 to hit your percentage of models hitting will be increased, futher increasing your chances of more wounds.

Lord Setra.

14-07-2005, 13:15
also may i ask where are your liche priests going to hide because i dont think they can ride in chariots so with the cannons id go for your hirophent (i know its spelt wrong but i dont know how to spell it) also a chariot army is easy to beat 1 strength 7 hero could probably beat your whole army

14-07-2005, 13:41
Not so good 3d3 S4 hits won't do the trick, if you take a unit chariots try to put a king or prince in it, and I advise the banner that gives +1 to hit in the tomb king unit, that's very nasty ;)

And your liche priest can be targeteted? so that's kinde uhm bad

14-07-2005, 18:19
>>>>>I like to run a chariot heavy army; but this is beyond anything I have tried, and it looks like fun (nothing is more Tk'ish then haveing a dozen chariots <in this case 18> running down the battlefield).

However, as already mentioned, there will be a problem of keeping them mages hidden and still in range to cast. Unless, of course, you mounted the two Liches that are on foot on Steeds instead; that way they would be able to keep up with the Chariots, and be protected. Its only 16 points to mount both of them, although I dont know where you would want to shave the points off.

14-07-2005, 21:56
another suggestion is to give the tomb king the chariot of fire. changing the impact hits from d3 to d6+1 does make a difference

otherwise that army does look pretty intimidating. i think people underestimate the power of the chariots, as they have always done wonders for me. you have plenty of carrion, so i wouldnt expect cannons to get too many shots off before they die. cloak of the dunes for the hierophant is always a good idea. i think the suggestion previously made of mounting your other 2 liches is a good idea too, to keep them up with the action

i'd definatly be interested to hear how this army fares!

14-07-2005, 22:30
No offense intended, but "chariot" tournament armies just don't really work that well since entire units get utterly destroyed by s7 characters. A friend of mine runs a list like this, so I have quite a lot of experience knowing how it does. The only real change I would suggest without a rebuild of the entire list, though, is dropping 3 carrion and picking up another tomb scorpion.

edit: lists like this tend to dominate armies with no s7 stuff, but be destroyed by armies with it. I saw a game with an army similar to this vs a lizardman army with a nikeair saurus/great weapon -- it wasn't pretty.