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04-04-2005, 17:30
Well I am planning a new Bretonnia (Erranty) army but I am a bit stuck on theitems for the Lord. He wil ride on a pegasus and I was thinking of using virtue of re rolling hits/wounds if you have higer S than me and sword of heroes to provide me with a easy way to kill of giants and pesky chaos lords etc but as I said I am not sure on that choice as it is a bit too specific and I had almost that set up earlier but it didn't work that well then.

So any suggestions ?

04-04-2005, 18:49
Auzu is back :D - nice to see you. So if you want my advice be more specific - Tell us the general fell - gamestyle of the army you want to bulid - as you realy don't need flying generals to tackle dragons and stuff ( good tooled up knight unit will suffice ;) - chalenge and he rolls for Ld ). I post my former ( I've sold my brets as soon as Ogres hit the shelf - much more enjoyable if you ask me ) rooster with pegasi lord - try it you may find it both fun to play and competative.

1 * Bretonnian Lord @ 294 Pts
General; Lance; Heavy Armour; Grail Vow
Gromril Great Helm [30]
Sword of the Lady's Champion [40]
Mantle of Damsel Elena [20]
Enchanted Shield [10]
1 Royal Pegasus @ [50] Pts

The thing you've wanted

1) You can deal with chaos dragons and lords only by avoiding them - thay will ALWAYS be better tooled up ( like always stricke first item - helm of many eyes )
2) If he targets your G - run and try to charge him with one of week units ( realmers - challange with a chempion and even if he gets max 5 from over kill he will still lose ( you will have 2 from ranks 1 from outnumber 1 from warbanner and 1 from virtue and 1 from normal banner - wow this acctualy means that you have 6 opposed to his 5 - you winn by one and guess what - if he doesnt brakes he will loose in nex turn also - why - because you will challange him with bsb - he will die negating you further -1 - then its 5 to 5 but you have musican ) to sum things up brets deal with dragons in other way and with chars inside units with theyr chempions and combined charges.

1 Damsel of the Lady @ 130 Pts
Magic Level 1
Dispel Scroll [25]
Dispel Scroll [25]
1 Warhorse

Scroll caddie

1 Paladin Battle Standard Bearer @ 104 Pts
Heavy Armour; Battle Standard Bearer; Knightly Vow
Virtue of Duty [30]
1 Warhorse

Rather normal - boost for CR is the greatest asset

8 Knights Errant @ 221 Pts
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Barding; Knightly Vow
Errantry Banner [20]
1 Cavalier @ [20] Pts

False threat unit - big so make some opponents target it but if it gets to combat unmolested it can make big supprises :D

5 Knights Errant @ 120 Pts
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Barding; Knightly Vow
1 Cavalier @ [20] Pts

Supporting unit - guard the flnaks and charges together with others - in desperate cases ( gun lines ) can be used as screen for main combat regs ( Realmers and Grails )

5 Knights Errant @ 120 Pts
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Barding; Knightly Vow
1 Cavalier @ [20] Pts

Same as above - clon unit

7 Knights of the Realm @ 241 Pts
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Barding; Knightly Vow
War Banner [25]
1 Gallant @ [24] Pts

Unit for SB wins combat by the fact that its underestimated - supported by one of KE units and most of all +2 from item and virtue bonus.

2 Pegasus Knights @ 165 Pts
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Knightly Vow
1 Gallant @ [55] Pts

Screen for the bigger unit :D - and most of all potential anti flyer counter ( charge opponent flyers with them so thay dont screVV up your decisive charge.

3 Pegasus Knights @ 240 Pts
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Knightly Vow
1 Gallant @ [55] Pts

The bigger unit - screen for general and most of all great support in charges to the flank or back of enemy unit - together with general thay give almost all week units destroying combo.

8 Grail Knights @ 364 Pts
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Barding; Grail Vow
Banner of Defense [30]

Unit for a damsel witch gives it MR - har as nails winns combat unsupported.

Casting Pool: 3

Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 50

Total Army Cost: 1999

08-05-2005, 13:49
My fav is... Silver Lance of the Blessed, Cuirass of Fortune and the Virtue that lets you ignore ON bonus. Can take on lots of soft targets on his own, chariots, small supporting units and so on. Would also make a good fellow to stack up kills where needed when your units would be in trouble..