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14-07-2005, 08:13
a knights of the dinner table inspired thread. I looked briefly through the forum, but it doesn't seem like anyone has started a tales thread yet.

Anyway, I'll start it off with

Hagbart Slackjaw's Finest Hour

We were playing Hackmaster, and one of the guys usually just play your average meat-and-potatoes fighter jock. Every time. He usually has a humorous twist to his characters, though (His last fighter was named, Hank ("The Shaft") Shafter). This time, however, he was playing a fighter aptly named Hagbart Slackjaw on account of him rolling the exessive drooling flaw during CC.

This was early in the campagin, with all of us being low level, and we were just coming back from a dungeon run when we were ambushed by a large group of soldiers. My elf, being very elfy and all, legged it off into the forest and escaped, whilst the rest of the party were taken captive without any explanation. My plan was to trail the soldiers and try to pull off a daring rescue later on, thus earning me a ******** of sweet EP's and the grudging respect of my fellow party members (hey, when you're playing an elf around here, you're this close to playing a pixie-faery). However, I couldn't make it to the next session, so the GM ruled that my character got sidetracked inthe woods, what with hugging trees and hanging out with squirrels and so on and so forth.

The rest of the party was led to a small cabin in a clearing, and in pure slap-stick spirit all hog-tied to some barrels of explosive powder with a needlessly long fuse which the leader lit after doing his mandatory "before I kill you Mr. Bond speach". Our party, without any useful skills to escape being hog-tied to barrels of explosives tried all the convetional ways of getting llose, to no avail. The fuse was burning closer and closer. Then, someone cries out "Hagbart! Drool on the fuse! Drool like you've never drooled before! Drool for greater glory! Drool for ye life!" etc. And Hagbart drooled. With his exessive drooling, the GM ruled that it was more than enough to quench the fuse, thus rescuing the entire party.

It was the only time he let a quirk or flaw work to the benefit of the party.



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Well, there was this thread on page 2, which seems sadly abandoned:(


Still, that is an excellent story:D

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Yeah, I was just about to edit that in. Anyway, here's for a new try!