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Red Skullz
13-01-2007, 09:28
I`ve always had a thing for pirates ya know, and for orc(k)s as well. So much that when the opportunity arose I jumped at it and contributed into making Da Warpath Armies: Orc Pirates (http://www.da-warpath.com/pirates.pdf), which in my humble opinion at least was and still is a really standout project!

Anyhoo..with some of the guys in my gaming group trying to start up a Fantasy Warbands Campaign one of the things that marked itself out early was the naval aspect of Fantasy. So with persuading my good friend Rik into making a ship for me which can be seen underneath it was all starting to pick up steam:
http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/3326/smallshipspi1.th.png (http://img218.imageshack.us/my.php?image=smallshipspi1.png)
His entire project log on that ship can be seen by clicking on this link, the Double Pencils Project log. (http://z11.invisionfree.com/da_Red_Tavern/index.php?showtopic=734) So no the ship is not done yet!

Okey so that`s the excellent reason for me too revamp my older pirates which had a bit more viking approach to it than normal piratey approach. Just looky here:
http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/6572/oldpiratesog9.th.png (http://img442.imageshack.us/my.php?image=oldpiratesog9.png)
The Cap`n Krunk mini will probably not make it into this crew, I think I`ll save him for the next ship. The others probably will be featured somewhere along the revamped ones.

Here`s some of my older pirates that`s PiP (and been so for at least a year..):
http://img460.imageshack.us/img460/6079/pippiratesny5.th.png (http://img460.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pippiratesny5.png)

But now for the "juicy" stuff. What`s shown below is the start on the revamped ones. The orc will of course be my Kap`n, armed with 2 choppas and light armour (hey that coat is quite hefty). Based on a 40K nob (they`re great figs for making slightly larger bosses), Grimgor`s head and a plastic arm from the orK sprue and orC sprue and a bit of greenstuffing I think he represents a decent enough river pirate Kap`n. The troll I`ve still got some work on, his club will be made into a crude anchor and I need to make him a shirt.
http://img226.imageshack.us/img226/4886/wipnewpiratesnb8.th.png (http://img226.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wipnewpiratesnb8.png)

So that should be enough for now, please make comments about what I`ve done so far and I`ll be seeing ya soon with another update!


13-01-2007, 10:33
Nice idea and execution (I was actually interesting in making a pirate-themed Ogre Kingdom army). But how are you going to base them? Especially if they're based off a boat, planked flooring would look nice. Someone recently posted a good tutorial for planked bases in the M, P&T General Discussion.

Red Skullz
13-01-2007, 10:38
Thanks bud :)

If you see the trolls base you`ll see that I`ve filed some stripes on it. That will represent the planks. Then it`s just getting out the browns and get some colour on it. I`m also thinking about using some flock to represent moss on the deck.

Anyhoo, thanks for the comments and hopefully another update sometime this weekend.


13-01-2007, 11:51
I agree with Pekel. It is nice to see others taking this idea to their hearts; I did when I saw the 'Rivva Gobbos' in Bugman's Lament, although I set out on a long preparation for Lotr goblin 'Rivva raiders', complete with raft, conversions, loots, the odd river troll and all. I'm still not prepared to launch the project, but will be the next half year.


13-01-2007, 13:10
Good stuff.

I am (or was may be the correct term) starting a pirate orc themed Orc band (may indeed pick it up again who knows lol.).

I like the orc Kaptain looks like it could be really characterful once it is painted.

As for the basing I suggest coffe stirrers you can pick them up at any McD's for free or since you will be wanting to build up a bigger amount of bases I have a few that I can send you (Got around 600 just laying around and you can cover 1.5 bases (orc size) with just one.). Looks good takes a while to cut them all the same size etc but definately worth it.

Let me know if you want them sent on.


Red Skullz
13-01-2007, 14:29
Well it`s these type of themes that really get my motivation pumping ya know, especially when Rik was so positive about making a ship for me (he`s got dwarfs, one medium sized ship and 2 small steamboats as seen on the pic) AND just used two days making the ship as you see it above.

So hopefully I`ll at least have two complete 300 pts crews for a couple of small ships when we hit summer :)

Thanks for the kind words bud :)
Oh and about them coffe stirrers...sounds mighty tempting to put it like that ;)


Red Skullz
13-01-2007, 23:17
Oh it`s savvy :D


Red Skullz
14-01-2007, 11:23
Here`s a pic of how we plan on building the last parts on the ship/raft/Red Pearl:

For the lookout I'll sculpt a branch to the big log, rather than fixing a big mast. Then I'll build a "treehut" on one of the branches from that again. There will be room for a flag on the top of this branch..

The warmachine will be place on a platform a bit wider than the main platform. It might be a bit elevated as well, to make it more useful for LOS weapons. Hav'nt decided yet.. From the WM platform, a ladder will go to a plank used to jump on the wheel (for propulsion and execution)

The main platform will consist of 3 and 3 small trees tied togheter with rope(wire), then placed to make gaps looking into the water(to see squigs). They will be attached to rods drilled into the logs, the rods also making the base for the fence around the platform. (not on the picture) I'll do the fence and tree hut orc style.

Modeling oars
To visualise the oars, squigs will be placed in the water (to give an impression that the raft has a kapability to pivot) and goblins/gobbos/snotlings will be placed on the wheel. The crew "pulling the oars" will be amongst the rest of the models.

In this case pulling oars means:
- forcing the squigs to swim the one or the other way
- running on the wheel (when gobbos/goblins = oars)
- "motivating" the ones running on the wheel (when snotlings = oars)
The models "pulling the oars" will be the acting crew, and can't do anything else(as described in generals compendium)

For other ideas please come with them now, we`re about 1-2 days away from implementing the stuff on the sketch.


Red Skullz
14-01-2007, 15:55
Painting speed is really starting to pick up again, always does when I get back to mah orc/ks.

Anyhoo, here`s my Rock Lobba Orc Bully l n Shank. No huge conversion here really, just the normal bully model with a beard added.

As you can see I`ve re-arranged the places I use the different colours on this one. I will use the 3 main colours red, blue and white here and there on all of my minis for this krew. Makes it coherent, yet rag-tag, yet colourfull and bright.


PS: some more comments wouldn`t hurt ;)

14-01-2007, 15:58
Hah! Those orcs are just funny, and looks like pirates! Well done. :)


Rabid Bunny 666
14-01-2007, 16:07
As cool as this is, you need a Squig Parrot!

14-01-2007, 16:17
Indeed. Wasn't there a guide how to make a squig parrot in Bugman's Lament? Though it might have come from another model.


Red Skullz
14-01-2007, 16:25
Cheers for the kind words guys :)

Yeah a squig parrot would`ve been very propah! In fact I think I might have just the thing for that :cool:

As for looking funny, well I just wanted to go all out and colourfull on these. Make them distinctly different to my 40K orks, BB orcs and the remainder of my old Common O&G army.

Next up is 3 "whalers" = orcs armed with spears & clubs :D WiPs sometime this evening hopefully.


Red Skullz
17-01-2007, 19:15
Here are some more WiPs of how the "ship" is coming along:

Here`s a new picture of the lookout tower..

Comments more than welcome :)


Red Skullz
18-01-2007, 10:51
Ah...nothing like a hail of replies to keep one motivated :p

Anyhoo, I`ve now basecoated the first whaler=orc spearman. I`ve got 3 in total so I`m doing each model individually since I want them to stand out as individuals.

The list I`m working for at the mo`(the krew for da Red Pearl) is a 300 pts warband:
Commander Orc Big Boss = Orc Kap`n
additional choppa and light armour (again his coat is extra thick)

5*Orcs = Orc Boardin`Boyz
additional choppa

3*Orc Spearmen = Orc Whalers
just the spear as additional equipment

3*Orc Arrerz = Orc Handgunnas
equipped w/bow but modelled as with rifles/pistols/etc

3*Orcs = Orc Deck Handz
normal low pts cost orcs with no additions

7*Night Goblins = Goblin Kabin Grotz
w/bows but modelled as pistols

1*Rock Lobba w/Bully


298 pts in total
I`m done with the Kap`n and Bully. As mentioned above the Whalers are next in line and hopefully done sometime this weekend. After that I think I`ll do the kabin grotz just to get them out of the way (after painting 160 gobbos for my old army I`m kinda fed up with it...).

Well back to work :cries:


Red Skullz
20-01-2007, 14:02
Well as usual nothing goes as planned, but now I`ve managed to take some pics of the whaler unit WiP.

The first whaler will eventually become the veteran of the bunch. Still not done since I`ve got one boot left and making his horned helmet into a tricorn hat - pirate style!

The second whaler is the old geezer of the lot. Missing a leg and more and more of his hair he`s barely sticking around. My fav conversion so far (besides the Kap`n, he rocks).

The pelt they got on them is squig-seal hide, just to separate them a bit more from the rest of the krew.
You can also see that I`m using a lot of my older models that have a mildly put crappy paintjob on them. Therefore I`m basecoating this with a brush to get as thin of a coat as possible. The rest of the old mistakes I fix with the paintjob itself.
Also here you can see the scoremarks I`ve made in the base to simulate the planks and the flock that will end up as some kind of moss / seaweed.

Now I have finished the young n of the whalers, as seen underneath:
He`s the orc that originally comes with the chariot, but I like the mini and the spear so much I just included him with these guys.

Comments if ya like..


Red Skullz
20-01-2007, 18:07
Quick update with some PiPs of l geezer here. Skin, eyes, teeth, hair and squig-seal hide more or less done just some minor brushwork here and there.

Really happy with how this guy is turning out. The hair became even better than I had hoped :)


Red Skullz
21-01-2007, 22:28
New update on da Red Pearl.

Sketch of how things are supposed to look like:

And some photos of how far we`ve come on it:

21-01-2007, 22:40
I love your army. It is extremely cool and has tons of personality. Great job!

Red Skullz
21-01-2007, 22:44
Thanks for the very kind words there Speedygogo :)

I do try to make each and every one of these guys into an individual. First time I`ve tried that with orcs seeing as they are a horde army after all. My aim with these guys is manning da Red Pearl totalling in at 300 pts and doubling in as a Mordheim band when I convince my gaming group that Mordheim is cool :D


22-01-2007, 16:09
Ol' Geezer is turning out great, but I think my favorite is still the bully with whip. Enjoying this mad project, keep the pirate orcs coming!

- Salvage

22-01-2007, 17:04
Ol' geezer is very funny, and the raft (cough cough - boat) is turning out pretty good.


Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 17:44
but but... why are no one replying!? ITS AWESOME, SERIOUSLY! AWEZOMER!

Red Skullz
22-01-2007, 18:56



Seriously guys, thanks a bunch!! Kinda hard keeping my motivation when no one is responding when I`ve really put a lot of effort into this.
Your kind words are helping me continue to give this my very best :)

Sadly due to work I won`t be able to have another update for you guys until friday...:cries: But I promise that the whaler unit will be more or less done + WiP on the Deck Hands will start in earnest this coming weekend.