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13-01-2007, 10:58
hi all

well after playing 40k pretty much since it was released it's time for me to have a go at fantasy and as the title would suggest i have a rather large ogre army. what i'm looking for is a bit of advice as to what to put in my army as one of my mates has kindly offered to teach me how to play(i have sort of read the rules) and we're gonna have a 1500 point game on wednesday this week. so what i'll do is tell you what i've got and hopefully we'll all be able to come up with a workable army of sorts.

1 tyrant(out of the window at 1500)

1 brusier

1 butcher

1 hunter with sabretusks

12 bulls, 1 standard, 6 have 2 hand weapons, 6 have 1 hand weapon and ironfists

10 iron guts, 2 standards

24 gnoblars

8 gnoblar trappers

4 leadbelchers

3 yhetees

3 maneaters

and that's about it, the army i'm gonna be playing against is tomb kings(if that helps)

thanks in advance.


13-01-2007, 14:15
welcome to fantasy. against TK i would drop the gnoblars their low Ld will make them run away at the sight of the undead legion.

with those points invest in another yethee. since they don't have armour a unit of 4 is more effective, that way you'll ensure
yourself of getting 3 of them in HtH.

Put the 4 leadbelchers into 2 units of 2. they are more mobile and they will protect your flanks better.

Drop the hunter and take a bruiser with a BsB. Keep him near those maneater and they'll stay in combat until they loose their
last wound. Speaking of those maneaters, how did you intend to outfit them? I would go with 2 cathayan long sword and 1 with
great weapon. that way you'll have some S5 against chariot that might come to close to you.

How do you intend to make your unit of irongut and bull?

I know a bit about ogres since my friend has field them so many times against me.

Move Fast Hit Low
13-01-2007, 15:54
definitely reduce the size of your units, split them up

you should turn you butcher and give him some dispell scrolls, since you only have one, definitely drop the hunter, they usually dont make up for their pts, give your bruiser a BSB because your ogres will need it to win combat, you also want to give your units of bulls and iron guts musicians, you need the combat boost

13-01-2007, 16:04
1) 3 Butchers will provide good magical defence which you'll need.
2) Hunter or Yhetees to hunt the Hierophant and SSC but not both
3) 2 units of Bulls and 2 units of Ironguts - you must try to have more units than TK and destroy the small units first.

13-01-2007, 17:57
cheers for advice guys, i'll take it all on board.

after playing 40k for about 18 years it a fairly big step in thinking during gameplay.


13-01-2007, 18:09
Ogre ranks are a waste of points.

Take units of 3-4 with little to loose and just keep throwing them at the enemy.

Dont' take standards unless you think you can win the fight (so maybe iron guts, NOT bulls).

IMO LA, and Iron fists give either extra attacks or a 4+ save. so if you get charged your T4 and 4+ should help a bit. Otherwise the 3 extra attacks will be nice.

Leadbelchers kill themselves more than the enemy.

Maneaters are hard to justify taking more than 2 of. but 2 is useful. Gorgers are also useful.