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14-07-2005, 11:15
So, after spending nearly 14 years putting together a dwarf army (damn but i paint slowely) i've decided to 'go green' as it were and start orcs and goblins.

Que one quick trip to ebay and in short order the army book arives.

For some reason I seem to be struggaling with choosing magic items, am just used to being able to "build" them to spec as it were so if any one could sugest which items are worth it and which are not i'd be extremely grateful.


14-07-2005, 11:44
Don't bother with any of the magic weapons, great axes all the way!

As for Magic Armour, your general will want Drogs ded 'ard armour, 1+ save, can't beat it.

Glowy Green Amulet is pretty fun and pretty crazy, if you want a ward save go for Warboss Ums best big bosses hat. As for arcane items, ditto's double doin do-dahs if yout going to go magic heavy, give it to a Night Goblin Shaman and watch him blow away lots with magic.

As for Banners, Gorks Waaaagh Banner for extra movement can be extremely useful on some units and Noggs Banner of Butchery given to Black Orcs with great weapons/additional hand weapons can be devestating if used at the right time.

Hope this kind of helps.

14-07-2005, 11:59
My personal favourite item is Sizzla's Shiny Baubles cause its pretty cheap & can either stop your opponent casting any magic on the unit (when he finds out its there) or you can kill off his mage when you reflect the spell. Other favourites of mine include Nibbla's Ring cause 'eadbutt can be rally useful and also Nogg's Banner of Butchery (usually on charging boar boy big 'uns).

For my mage (i play Grimgors 'Ardboyz so i usually only have one) i always run with Ditto's Double Doin Dooh Dahs for a couple of reasons. One is beacuse it is really useful (try Gork's Warpath twice a turn) and also its just so fun to say.

Edit: Almost forgot - another really usful magic item is Porko's Pigstikka because if you have a big boos (or warboss) with that in a chariot, he is not only US 5 so can negate ranks but also dishes out quite a few S5 or 6 attacks on the charge (like 15 if your lucky) which usually causes a whole lot of casualties to your opponent.

14-07-2005, 17:16
I sometimes use Fumbas club of fumpin, because it gives alot of strength, doesn't strike last and you can use the Ironskin shield with it to give your warboss a ward save...

that also leaves the Drogs Dead 'Ard Armor free for the BSB Big Boss.


Bingo the Fun Monkey
15-07-2005, 22:01
for a fighty hero (and trust me, you need to give your boar boyz a punch in combat if u hope to break anything) that can take most challenges (unless the enemy has armor negating swords or something, which they wont...they'll have great weapons)...being enchanted shield (which, afaik, can be combined w/ other magic armor) and armor of gork and a spear on a boar. Re-rollable 1+, most GW wielding lords/heroes will have S6 so a re-rollable 4+ is pretty nice. Of course u should also give the unit the Banner of Gork (+1 to M if toward nearest enemy).

Gazak Blacktoof
15-07-2005, 23:08
I used to take the double doin doo dahs, but now I've got my magic items set for my shamans worked out. My Goblin Shaman takes the staff of sneaky stealin, this can be very effective if used at the right moment i.e. not necessarily at the start of a magic phase. The goblin shaman also carries a dispel scroll. I also take a level 2 orc shaman, he gets the dangly wot notz, this has prevented a large number of miscasts for me and is well worth the points IMO, you of course can't take the double doin dooh dahs though. The orc shaman generaly also carries the itty ring, unless the warboss gets that, in which case I'll take another dispel scroll or on rare occassions a power stone.

I always use the banner of butchery on my biguns wielding spears. This makes them formidable deffensively and offensively. Warbanners are always good if you can fit one in though with green skins you can't take many magical banners so it is often left out. The waaagh banner is great, and best used as a surprise weapon, especialy for infantry. The look on your opponent's face when you suddenly declare a charge with a big unit of black orcs is priceless, they might have thought they had another turn of grace to maneuver or take a few extra shots at you, you on the other had knew differently all along.

For characters the dead ard armour is a must for one of your orc characters. As mentioned the pig stikka is also a fantastic item. The conundrum with orc characters (as you'll no doubt have noticed) is that only one character can get a decent save without riding a boar. I would advise you to go with this and field one of your characters on a boar. Light armour, a boar and the enchanted shield along with the pig stikka makes for a formidable fighting hero. If you choose not to field a hero on a boar and instead want a battle standard then the dead ard armour/ sword of might combination is popular. Its an expensive hero (for orcs anyway) but he's well protected and can dish out a decent amount of punishment.

16-07-2005, 04:39
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