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14-07-2005, 14:23
"My lord Le Chetford, the Orcs are defeated," said a Knight riding up to the Paladin Duke.
"I know, Belmond, I saw."
"I was making sure you knew that we won honour in the name of the Lady."
"Like always?"
"Like always, Lord."
Le Chetford got off his horse. "I'm going on a Quest for the Grail. Bring the Knights to me."

Half an hour later Le Chetford adressed the Knights. "My friends, countrymen, fellow Bretonnians, I am going on a quest for the Holy Grail. Any wishing to come with me do so. But be warned, we go to lands unknown and places unsearched, and on foot."

Okay, general guidelines, we're Bretonnian Knights now in search for the Grail after a battle on a field against a small Orc warband, You can have a maximum of three peasants and a Squire as NPCs, and you're all Questing Knights with your chosen weaponry.

Name - Charles Le Chetford
Age - 37
Sex - Male
Rank - Paladin Duke of Quenelles

Equipment - A Long Two Handed Sword, a thin duellist's blade, a dagger, a plate body, legs and helm, and a pair of metal gauntlets.

Appearance - The embroidery of Quenelle's on his tunic that lays over his plate body, grizzled features, and blue eyes with long greying hair.

History - Disclosed.

14-07-2005, 16:22
name: Sir Ruben notapperainginthisfilm [i apologise in advance for any monty python references]
age: 29
sex: male
rank: paladin questing knight
quipment: knights plate mail, lonsword, lance, helmet, sheild
apperence: never removes helmet, wears green and white heraldry.

14-07-2005, 16:31
Maybe it's me but;

I said;

you're all Questing Knights with your chosen weaponry.

Oh, everyone has a Shield, by the way, if you're using a two handed sword it's slung on your back and useless though.

14-07-2005, 16:32
ive added a sheild.

Hippy In Peril
14-07-2005, 16:43
Name - Baldemar de Bastonne
Age - 26
Sex - Male
Rank - Paladin Duke of Bastonne

Equipment - Heavy plate armour, Lance, "Hand and a half" long sword (a long sword that's hilt and blade are long enough to be used as a two-handed sword, but it's still light enough to be used with one hand), Dirk, Sturdy shield, Dragon skin cloak, Helmet with a Black Dragon emblazoned on the front.

Appearance - Baldemar wears the scarlet and yellow colors of his realm. His features are fair, as he is still a welp to most Paladins and Beastslayers, accompanied by deep green eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. His crest is that of a black dragon on a yellow field.

History - Unwritten.