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15-01-2007, 10:18
As i said last week, iīm going to report my position in yesterdayīs tournament.

I wanted a army heavy on magic with some power in combat, so after re-thinking it, iīve come up with this list:

-Arch lector, war altar, dawn Armour, sword of battle, van horstman speculum.

- W.P. barded W.h. , H.A. shield, sword of Battle, orb of thunder. (went with great hammers)

- W.P. G.W., armour of meteoric iron, (went with swordsmen)

- Battle Wizard, level 2, Doomfire ring----Lore of Fire (went with great hammers)


- 24 Swordsmen, full command
det.- 9 halberdiers

- 25 Spearmen, full command, shield(i would rather take it out next time)
det.- 5 handgunners

- 5 knights

- 18 Flagellants


- 20 Great hammers, full command
det. 9 free company

- 1 cannon

- 1 cannon

- 5 pistoliers

total - 1996

This tourn. had 3 rounds and 8 players, game rules like grand tournaments (winner takes 3 points, draw 1 and loser 0)vp for the ties in the end.

- In the first round, i was head up with a heavy shoting/magic high elves army, 4 mages and 4 bolt throwers, 3 units of bowmen, a swordmaster and a silvers helms. I was blessed with the first turn and my well trained artilery blasted one machine and gave 2 wounds to another, full advance was my main order and the lector went to the scatter swordsmaster unit in the right flank, where was the high magic lord. pistoliers moved little so that the silvers helms were in range next movement phase. in the magic phase i was excinting about my performance with the bound spells and began the prayers, i really have to say that this wasnīt really has i expected, almost every prayer is only worth in combat, but started with the Fire magic missiles and he started to drop the dispel pool he had (7 d. dice) , then doom fire ring, then another 2 dispel for my altar bound spell and with the other magic missile from fire lore(number 4) we used the only dispell scroll he had, i was happy. the most important thing in the magic phase was giving both units unbreakable prayer so that next turn they could keep going foward dispite all shooting and magic it was comming.

All seemed well and i was really confidant, but when he started his magic, little could do my 7 dispell dice, some went off but the high magic re-rolls were gathering, 4 he got, for latter use on bolt throwers, my infantry started to go down in numbers. fortunatly he forgot to dispel my 2 unbreakable spells in play and it was a big mistake. as the shotting phase quickly drop my fearless boys i was wardering if they could resist 2 more turns of enemy fire...

Second turn, and i still have no charge range, so all ahead again, the pistoliers shoot silvers helms who got 1 down and i positioned them right in front of my spearmen unit prepared for the charge. magic took some bowmen out and cannons got one more wound in the machines, not that good.

His turn started in his favor and charged my pistoliers who stand and lost (bye, bye pistols)but took 1 elven knight back,a tactical loss, the helms pursue and charged the spearmenīs unit. in the magic and shooting phase again he was overhelming and lots of letters i had to written for those brave wifeīs soldiers, (may SIGMAR be we them). my knights where just in place to charge but a beast spell keep them standing for my next turn. at this time only 6 flagellants where standing, half of my swordsmen and 6 greathammers were killed, got one cannon dead, and 2 crew with 2 wounds left in the other machine.

this was the charge turn for me... i had to stop the missile massacre, i had to charge with my W.P. in a steed at the bowmen with a mage, charged with the altar in the swordsmasterīs alone and the rest advanced as much as they could. magic delivered lots of damage (the wizard really needs to pull the dice off, so i recommend magic missiles, and fire was good) the bound spells got in and the lector and the W.P. in combat both droped 3 elves for the damage prayer in base contact. impact hits took other 4 of the 15swordsmaster and the lector with 3 attacks( from the sword with hatred) droped 2 more, and donīt forget the power of the warhorse that killed 1 elven warrior. that was 7 kills against 4( 2 rank +1 banner and unit) they flee and i wiped them, the high magic lord was gone. the other priest also took 3 again with the base contact prayer and killed 2, won by one and leadership 8 is easily failed, there goes the bowmen with another mage... after tihs it was all easy.

My flagellants where wiped before they could deliver some madness, that much shooting is not good for them. only 5 swordsmen remained at the end, 11 great hammers hold, and no points where given for them, pistoliers died, spearmen where killed to less than half by the close shotting bolt throwers, 1 cannon was dispached, all my characters were alive. in his side only remained a bolt thower and 1 mage. Massacre, Won by 1365.

i will tell the others games latter today.

Thanks and excuse my english, for i am a Portuguese.

15-01-2007, 13:31
Ok, back again.

2nd Game was almost a remach, couldnīt bealive my eyes, a high elves sea guard army. Well, gonna have to kill them again, stubborn fraguile fellows...

4 bolt throwers, 1 level 2 mage(general), a lord on a mighty dragon with a bolt throwre incorporated, and a hero on a eagle with a bad ass bow. 3 bowmen units and 2 scouts also.

Shooting began before first turn, nothing i could do but watch mates falling to the precious arrows, 2 pistoliers, 6 swordsmen, 4 great hammers, 1 knight, 2 wounds on a cannon, 1 on the altar, 6 on a halberdiers det., 3 on the free conpany det., and 4 spearmen were lost. this was not a good thing, bealive me...

first turn was his, soo there comes another hail... this time not that good as he has the normal penalties for line of sigth and long range,etc. i took a little damage but all units holded the ground, with special thanks for pistoliers who took more 1 casualty and prevail. the most worderfull thing happens after, the winds of magic where in my favor, has the general itself rolls a miscast in the first spell he conjures, my men quickly rejoices when they watch a lightning blast from the sky, striking down the wizard and blasting him to dust, along with 2 more elves flying over some fellows and dropping dead in their fronts. the elves lost ther leader and it would afect ther performance with the next phase.
There comes another volley... this time not that good as he has the normal penalties for line of sigth and long range,etc. i took a little damage but all units holded their ground, with special thanks to the pistoliers who took 1more casualty and still prevailed. the flyers moved with fear as my cannons were expecting them.

Again, all i could do was advance or being wiped out by shooting, not a option for my men, bravely the marched against the elven fire, i was after the dragon with my altar, knights and pistoliers, leaving the rest for my infantry. after spending the few dispell dice he had i started to enjoy my bound spells, did a good amount of damage and let loose my special item saved for a moment like this..... THE ORB OF THUNDER ..... little could he do as i control the sky and nothing could do the flyer movement for the remain battle( of course he dispelled it in his phase but i could always use again.)

All was much easier and pretty soon the dragon was hiding for the cannonīs and waiting for my combat units. i waited for the scouts to charge my flagellants (only 11 by now).

His next turnīs resumed to shotting and it killed many, many things, the spearmen fleed, flagellants massacred the elven scouts, the dragon charged knights and did one lonely wound, they stood, bad rolls and good armour save.
The spearmen rally, pistoliers charged the dragon. Magic was doing pretty well killing more elves and again orb of thunder bound spell was active(because he would have to dispell other bound spells, leaving no dice or just one to try dispell it). My cannonīs were boring with only one target (bolt thrower) and didnīt done a single wound as the shoots keep falling near the target, (misfire in bounce, both).The combat of knights with the dragon was rienforced with only 2 pistoliers in the flank, not enough but i though it could bye some time for my altar to get there, but it didnīt and they lost, i lost all and the dragon was moved even further from the altar. the rest of the crumbled infantry units to get close to the bowmen, next turn they will get there.

Okay, to the end of the game... the dragon keep far from my altar(scared..hihhi) and the hero in the eagle run to the edge of one forest and could live to another battle. 1 bolt thrower also lived and all the rest was wiped from the table. In my army he got the pistoliers, knights, 1 detach. of free company, half the swordsmen and half the spearmen, again great performance of the great hammers who were almost in max.(16).

Because the high cost of both hero on eagle and lord on dragon, the VP only reached 926, solid victory for me.

15-01-2007, 16:19
ok, iīm almost done...donīt you go away...

3rd and last battle, i was hopping i could get a real combat army, and my hopes were attended..... ORC & GOBLINS horde... my god... now what? i didnīt played them over a year or whatever... i was praying for sigmar already.

His army had, 2 orc units, 1 black orc unit, 2 wolf riders, 1 giant spiders, 1 night goblins with 3 fantics, 2 bolt throwers, 1 rock lobber, 1 boar chariot, 1 giant, and 1 mage, 1 warboss, 1 BSB ( with the banner that gives 1 dispell dice for each rank, max. 3), and 1 hero (donīt really know about them a lot).

i won the roll by scoring a 6 with a bonus for deploying first, didnīt know all the new rules for them, but i have to say that i did a bad deploy, the giant and the chariot went to the oposite side of the battle and i had no shooting to deal with them, there were lots os obstacles in the way (forest, houses), i had my swordsmen alone with a pistoliers unit backing it up. my left flank had the altar and the knights, and a unit of flagellants was between the middle and the left flank, meanwhile the strong units where in the centre.

I advanced with my knights to reach the bolt throwers in the left along with the altar, the flagellants marched too, and the rest waited for the green skin advance. magic was ok, but this time he left some more dice for the bound spells and it got a little difficult for me to get my units umbreakable. My cannonīs crashed a bolt Thrower and misfire prevented the other one from shooting this and the next turn.

His turn was a surprise for me, 3 of his units failed the amnimosity rule and stood steady. fortunatly one wolf unit near the knights and agiant spider unit in the right flank. the rest advanced and fear aproached in the right conner, giant, chariot and wolf riders were ready for taking over the land. i though i could maybe hold the ground as i whatched that, but as soon as a huge rock fell over my great hammers unit and smashed 11 of them... all my hopes were gone and i wanted the retreat option...of course that didnīt happened and i continued. magic was a dispelled attempt. The stupid orc shotting bows and bolt thrower did nothing and passed to my next turn.

The knights charged the wolf riders, facing the night goblins, my flagellants did their job and marched to get the fanatics out, 2 got them and killed 4,the other only moved 3", the altar moved to the flank of the goblins, standing in the right of 1 fanatic. tring to minimize the threat, the pistoliers marched behind the wolf rides in the left flank, with the giant and the chariot in front of the wolf heading to my swordsmen. the magic wasnīt significant i little could be said, some orc died but not a single test, shooting of the pistoliers killed 3 mounted goblins and this time a test was required, a failed test got them fleeing to their table edge, and the noble warriors did their job butchering the green ones. they were now a charge away from the rock lobber. Knights wiped the others wolf riders and choose not to overun, so that they could charge the near bolt thrower. Remember the march of the flagellants? well they had to keep going to kill the tiny threat soo they sacreficed another 8 models to pass over 2 fanatics and stoop over the last so that the altar and the knights could move, (thatīs like 3 d6 st 5 hits of sacrifice). The middle hold their ground for orc horde to come.

At this time shotting was almost over, but before it ends my knights took 3 casualties from the rank penatrating bolt in the side. Great close combat was about to happen. night goblins charged my flagellants, the boar chariot and the giant charged my humble swordsmen, my det. of halberdiers countercharged the big monster. the 2 big orc units are almost at charge reach, the other turned to the night goblins and waited. Fanatics moved and touched my war altar(what a miracle dice), but Sigmarīs strenght was overpowered and it didnīt even wounded the altar. In the magic phase, nothing happened except dispelling umbreakable in the 2 units, just when i needed it in the swordsmen unit charged by the giant and chariot. shooting was almost nothing, the rock lobber failed its target(pistoliers).
Now letīs go to the good part, Goblins killed 2 of the 6 remaining flag. they killed 4 goblins in return, (i forgot to kill the little wizard)no problem, now in the other side things got a bit worse, the halberdiers did nothing to the giant and 7 fu..ing impact hits from the chariot, the crew and boars made 9 swordsmen fell, the giant picked a warrior and through it to the unit blowing 4 more, all was lost, they run... the smelly mosnter was too clumsy and run only 4, not enough for the 11 of men who unfortunatly got caught by the boar chariotīs 13, and it charged my free company det. of great hammers.

In my next turn i charged the night goblins with the Altar, the rock lobber with the pistoliersand the bolt thrower with knights. in the moviment phase my great hammers needed to hold the orc menace from the front soo, i didnīt turn to the chariot in the left. cannonīs missed, killed some guys with magic. combat was fine, won with altar and 4 flagellants remained pursue but did not killed the goblins( bad roll by both units) chariot killed the detachent and pursue to great hammers, pistoliers smashed rock lobber crew and overun. knights killed the remaining machine, leaving only 2 knights in the enemy deployment.

last turn because of the time we spent. full charge from the orcs, unit with the general and bsb went to the spearmen and black orcs to the small unit of great hammers (only 7 and heros) lots of attacks dispatched 9 of the spearmen with little resistance, none back killed. lost and run, altar got 1 wound and lectorīs ward save prevented 2. flagellants droped to 2 models and orcs won, but we were umbreakable. great hammers unit dropped to standard and champion and the wizard got killed, luckly the umbreakable spell was on soo it also stood.

End of the battle lost it by 434, Minor difeat for me.

Soo, my performance in this tournament was positive, and i got the 3rd place.

Things to change:

the Magic is ok, but can be overwhelmed by 4 wizards. didnīt used Van hortsman speculum, there was no really big guys.
maybe i need some more shooting.

Thing that did good:

Altar is a power unit. A very good chariot, good combat unit but needs to get help on taking a rank unit.

The army did pretty well, next time i will use a special character.

Thanks for reading this, hope you all liked it, and like i said its not my native language, soo be understanding, ok?


15-01-2007, 16:34
Thanks for the report - i was interested to hear how the War Altar worked... I'm thinkning about using one instead of a second wizard....

I think you were probably a little short on the shooting...maybe drop the 5 knights and go for some more handgunners or a mortar/helstorm or something....

15-01-2007, 16:35
Good report ffarsight!
Just a suggestion but it would have made easier reading if you had split it into each round.
I'm not surprised the War Altar did so well. A powerful unit with multiple uses.
A little unfortunate against the Rock Lobber.
Maybe your Pistoliers and Handgunners could have done more against the Giant.