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14-07-2005, 17:43
What about this army I composed?
The Captain goes with the pikemen. Wizards are there to create reroll dices for my various shooting I want to succeed or not blow itself apart.

Captain w/ Full plate armor, Great weapon, Griffon standard @ 129
Battlewizard w/ Lore of Heaven @ 60
Battlewizard w/ Lore of Heaven @ 60
4*10 Handgunner w/ (Marksman w/ Long rifle), 5 Free company @ 130
2*20 Swordsmen w/ Musician, Standard Bearer, 5 free company @ 180
5 knights of the inner circle w/ First knight @ 146
4*1 Cannon @ 100
Helblaster @ 125
20 Pikemen @ 200

So what do you think?

15-07-2005, 07:26
Well, this army will be affected by panic easily, because your general will ahve to be a wizard. You ahve paid for two wizards when 1 lvl 2 wizard would be able to perform the same task for a cheaper amount. Well, overall this is a classic empire gunline with a few exeptions, it has poor leadership because there is no EC, it is not magic heavy like most gunlines. I would revamp this whole list, defiantely take an EC, a BSB, and if you want magic 2 lvl 2 wizards. keep your cannons anf handgunners if you must, but drop the detachments, then, fill out the rest of the army with swordsmen to absorb charges. Right now this list looks like it could be in for a lot of trouble at a tournament or gaming event.

15-07-2005, 08:37
Is there any reason you don't want an EC for your General? Anyway, your detachments are too small to be effective, and your Captain can't join the Pikemen, they being a Dogs of War unit. Personally, I find gunlines kinda dull to play either with or against, but whatever works for you, I suppose...

- David.

15-07-2005, 18:35
guys with guns are cool, but lots of cannons aint cool. :cool:

wheres the pistoliers?

16-07-2005, 08:17
Before I had even more Artillery in the army but I rebuilt it to give me more units to maneuver. I don't really want magic. I just want "Sign of Amul", hmm, well no there is no reason I wouldn't want an EC for General but as it is now I find it somewhat costly. I made some changes now the armylist is:

2*Captain w/ FPA, Great Weapon @ 62
Battle wizard of Heavens w/ Rod of Power @ 105
Battle wizard of Heavens @ 62
4*10 Handgunners w/ (Marksman w/ HLR) @ 105
2*20 Swordsmen w/ Musician, Standard, 2*10 Free company @ 255
5 Knights of inner circle w/ First Knight @ 146
3*1 Cannon @ 100
Helblaster @ 125
20 Pikemen @ 20

Captains goes together with Swordsmen.
I would have liked getting 4 cannons in there, But I can't see that being possible without removing some major things like 20 free company fighters or the Wizard with rod.

It might be nice to get pistoliers in there... But that would mean 2 cannons, I can see how it would be feasible though as I don't like the odd number of 3 cannons.
How does 5 Pistoliers w/ (Marksman w/ Repeater Pistol) @ 112 sound?
However it is 2 points over the limit! And if I there is Pistoliers in the army, I really want one want a Repeater Pistol. The modelling opertunities is so tempting.

Knight Panther
16-07-2005, 17:41
I suggest you get an elector count, since Leadership 9 is badly needed in an empire army! Don't make the same mistake I did (that being having a captain as my general, and my army spent the game fleeing lol).

And perhaps change one of your mages to a different lore...

Lord Kitchener
19-07-2005, 10:44
Paying the points for an Ec is ok, but if you want to stick with the magic General, then I'd suggest buying a silver horn 45pts, as you can rally all fleeing units anywhere on the battlefield. I've used this tactic before and had a great game because of it. I will post my 2k Army list for you to pick to pieces, that should give you all a laugh, lol.

Thought for the day. You can have the best army list in the world, but nothing will stop the power of the dice and I guess we've all had our share of bad dice. :eek:

Martin K

20-07-2005, 03:03
Silver helm seems interesting. I'll try to incorporate a EC and get a silver helmet for my other wizard. should be interesting. The only problem is the expensiveness of the whole character set.

21-07-2005, 05:00
To me 3 cannons seems a bit much...there usually aren't so many targets that two won't be sufficent, if not excessive, espeically considering you have all that other shooting as well. I personally can't imagine playing with that many handgunners...I'd bore myself. Besides which they are imo the worst/most boring models in the army list to paint.

22-07-2005, 11:02
As I want to create somewhat more cathay/nippon army blended with some steampunk feeling I got myself some Warmachine models, of course they aren't playable in an official tournament. But I'll never attend to one of those anyway.
The handgunner models I have now is very easy, fast and joyfull to paint. I allready made 10 of them and got more comming I don't feel any cotempt painting 36 of them, not at all.

Also I agree with the cannon issue. I have reduced them to 2 and added some pistoliers instead as well as doing deciding characters. Most people have a tendendy to not move their handgunners. However As I have been playing(used unpainted models, shame on me) I came to maneuver them quite alot to get out of threats and at the same time getting a good firing position. Not at all boring.

22-07-2005, 20:14
Glad you're enjoying playing the army! :) Wasn't trying to say not to take them or it was a bad choice or whatever, was just saying for my play style I wouldn't care for it at all.