View Full Version : Expanding my Gobbo&Orcs army, how?

15-01-2007, 18:31
And no, i did not make any mistakes in the topic. I'm running a rather savage (insane?) theme that involves more gobbos.

At the moment i have:
about 60 night gobbos with fanatics and shaman
30 savage orcs with shaman
16 wolf riders
doom diver

So, the question now is how should i expand whilst sticking to my theme (lots of insane green killers).

I'm currently thinking about getting more goblins (of course) and lots of squigs. Maybe even som spider riders to accompany the wolves. Or are the spiders any good in combat?

My biggest problem is the lack of cavalry. Naturally, this would be made up of savage orc boar boyz. Do they deliver the asskicking I need? I have no experience of these and I've never seen anyone use them.

The doom diver works well (usually) but still, two spear chukkas would be good. Or mabye chariots.. Or perhaps pump wagons?
The last option would probably be best suited for the army as it usually does whatever it wants to.

So any thoughts on my rather confusing post? Black orcs are by the way not an option, they would bring stability to my horde.

15-01-2007, 19:34
if you want randomness then go for a couple of pump wagons!

as for the savage orcs boar boy there was a thread about them last week or so i would suggest you read it to see what other members of the forums think about them. linky here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63204)

and if you browse you'll find some good thread about whether or not to field orcs with 2-hand weapons.

have fun with you waaaaagh!

15-01-2007, 19:37
I would get 2-4 spearchukkas to go with that, but if you want some real asskicking crazy stuff, take a giant. Why heck, take two!

If not, take a giant, and a unit of trolls. They are lean, mean crazy killing machines. Or just stupid. Both of which are equaly cool and fun in a goblin army.

Crazy Harborc
16-01-2007, 00:38
The spider riders are slower. The spiders ignore difficult terrain, zip right on through those woods just like open ground. Built in wall climbers on the ends of those legs;)

16-01-2007, 01:08
Spider riders are really cool. Plus they fit in with your night gobbo's better. They are great for sneaking thru the woods/rocks and attacking war machines/missile troops.

I'll second the Spear Chukka recommend. I always take at least four. I'd take more, but I've only got four. :LOL:

Trolls are fun, nasty, but in my last battle they went Stupid four out of six turns, despite being led by my Warboss! Grrr.. but they are good, as your opponent will often spend extra time and effort to take them out. Same goes for the Giant.

16-01-2007, 01:38
Schaman = Hebrew Shaman


17-01-2007, 16:34
As for trolls&giants, i'd probably go for a giant. It would fit the army better than a troll unit. Would also make for a great arrow-magnet wich is helpful when fielding lots of units with bad armour save :)
Altough.. then regenerating trolls would be even better.. hm. hard choice.

Mabye i should get hold of that new orc&gobbo battle box (battle for skull pass?), that includes a lot of models for a reasonable price right?
Then it's probably time for some pump wagons.

By the way, i'm thinking of fielding three shamans and using one of them as general. Since a warboss/big boss would be on foot i recon it's more efficient to try and get lots of magic instead. Comments?

17-01-2007, 16:43
Buy everthing so you can have a new army everytime!

O&G have so much varity that you need to collect all there is.

17-01-2007, 18:41
Buy everthing so you can have a new army everytime!

O&G have so much varity that you need to collect all there is.

Well, if I was a rich man I'd do it that way.

warlord hack'a
17-01-2007, 18:48
get another block of svg orcs, some boar chariots, the battle for skull pass boxed set and 2 spear chukka's. that should keep you going for a while ;-)

17-01-2007, 20:26
Indeed, another block of Savvy orcs. But bring 'm down to 2x25. That would be enough I think.

also quite insane and looking good besides the night gobbo's are of course squigs. Exploding herds and hopper running rampant... And I find these quite easy to paint up too.

Ofcourse you can do what stashman says, just buy the whole lot and do what you like and every time new. That's fun. I know...

Well... at least well on my way.

Crazy Harborc
18-01-2007, 00:28
I still say spider riders........I forgot to include......wolfriders with bows AND spears (they are faster;) ). I use the wolfriders as bait to distract my long time opponents (they play the greenies too).

As time goes by, as your collection grows.....games should increase in size. Your being able to field more units makes it harder for an opponent to wipe out your units with his magic or shooting. In smaller games (around here that's 2000 points), the faster you get across the field AND into HtH the better the chances for your HtH Orcs and (some of the) Goblins to do bigtime harm.:D Sadly the greenies really aren't very good at shooting whatever.