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15-01-2007, 22:13
Hello one and all and welcome to Kodamas' Fantasy Log...

For too long have my models stayed grey or silver.
For too long have I looked on the project logs section to see only 40k models and a bare 2 or 3 Fantasy threads.
For too long have I not painted anything.
For too long have I talked about painting all my stuff.
For too long have I typed drivel in this post!

My Pledge:

To update this thread regularly and try out new and hopefully entertaining ideas. Also to inspire others to walk the Fantasy line

Ok guys and Gals here we go all fantasy models in my collection will be painted before the year is out. I have decided enough is enough.

First up is some Chaos (mostly beasts a few mortal models.) a nurgel or undivided theme... Undecided on this due to there being a large amount of Nurgel fever going about.

These guys will be joined with some Orcs. I have a few models left of them enough to paint up as a small army.

After that we will have a few limited and direct only figures however I do get ahead of myself first of all the Chaos...

First model is really a test. It shall be painted to a high level and will decide how my force will look. I am looking to advance my modelling skills along the way with a little green, brown and Procreate stuff. (Look out for the Spawns!)

and last but not least I would say any suggestions or questions let them be known here Thanks for looking and Not to start a thread with no pictures here is the converted(slightly) Marauder which I shall be painting over the course of this week.


Moldline which only showed up in the picture have been taken away.;)


15-01-2007, 23:49
best of luck with your project. i'll keep a close eye on your log and try to give feedback and encouragement as we don't enough fantasy log here.

Angel Robertson
15-01-2007, 23:51
Looking forward to seeing a nice chaos army! WIll you paint a test of undivided and nurgle?


16-01-2007, 09:51
I think this one will be Undivided.

Although that may change between me basecoating the model and actually painting it!

18-01-2007, 11:31
Update: 18.01.07

Stressful week in jolly Scotland but here is the progress on my marauder. The skin is finished (unless anyone can suggest any improvements) and I will be working on his clothes and bweapons over the net couple of days.

I am still undecided on which power to go I used a purple to help shade my skin but hopefully that doesn't mean I have to go slaanesh or Tzeentch!?

Anyways onto the pics:

Front pic


Back Pic


Close up of Back


I intend to do some tatoos on this guy but I am waiting till the rest of the model is nearly painted.

C&C always welcome.

18-01-2007, 16:17
Looking nice, the flesh shading works well, although maybe it is a bit extreme. Nice to see another fantasy log.

19-01-2007, 09:20
Thanks for the comments. I really like the extreme shading on the skin it makes the model really stand out on shelf next to me.

Got to finish my SVQ today so no painting will be done.

However the good news is that my Beaastmen herds arrived safe and well so I shall be starting them soon.

I think I need to make an army list so I can start playing with the army and see what I can add.

Watch this space over the weekend for more updates.

19-01-2007, 09:41
However the good news is that my Beaastmen herds arrived safe and well so I shall be starting them soon.

I suppose that means I need to leave trade feedback then :P Glad they got there all ok though :D


19-01-2007, 10:00
Yes yes it does... :evilgrin:

19-01-2007, 10:46
Nice to see another Fantasy log, i'll get mine put up soon.

Nice start, flesh tone looks good.

20-01-2007, 09:03

Worked on an army list to build up over the weekend. I will still be finishing the Marauder however I really want to get started on my beast herds.

Take a look and let me know what you think:

Wargor- 76 Pts
2ndWeapon, Shield, Chaos Armour

Beast Herd- 129 Pts
2ndWeapon,Standard, Musician, Foe-Render. [Contains 7 Gors and 9 ungors.]

Beast Herd- 129 Pts
2ndWeapon,Standard, Musician, Foe-Render. [Contains 7 Gors and 9 ungors.]

6 Chaos Warhounds - 36 Pts

6 Chaos Warhounds - 36 Pts

1 Tuskgor Chariot - 85 Pts

Casting Pool: 2

Dispel Pool: 2

Models in Army: 46

Total Army Cost: 491

Only 500pts so all core what I plan to do is add in 2 units for marauder horsemen and 1 unit of chaos warriors and knights. Then it should be spawn, shaman and mortal hero time...

20-01-2007, 10:50
Nice army list, lots of troops to gets tuck in, a little bit of speed for flanking and a nice and ard' hero to give one of your units some more punch.

23-01-2007, 12:02
Ok so I haven't been able to update this as much as I would like however before I head to work here is a pic of the finished marauder. Bad pic though but I will update tonight when I come home with a better Pic.

C & C welcome.


23-01-2007, 15:53
Excellent skin, some poeople dont like the strong shading but I do especially on muscular models.

25-01-2007, 12:06
update: well really just more pics of this model.

I think I shall start a whole regiment over the weekend so let me know what you think:





Thanks for looking...

25-01-2007, 12:23
Nice work!

25-01-2007, 12:25
I think that the muscle shading will be fine once you paint and entire regiment and look at them together from "gaming distance." Good luck!