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15-01-2007, 22:16
Ive been looking throw my old epic models and wondering wat kind of datafax these ships should have? any ideas? wat to get them as balanced as possible.

15-01-2007, 23:52
What are the weapons fits on these things? Remember the models, can't recall how they played in-game.

As for manouverability, I'd make the Gyros equivalent to Vultures, and have the Overlord even slower, Thrust 1/max speed 2 but able to hover in one spot akin to the Orca.

Defensively, I reckon the Overlord would be somewhat between a T-hawk and a Manta. Maybe add in a save like the eldar vehicles, but this time representing energy shields rather than some fancy holographic nonsense.

Puffin Magician
16-01-2007, 00:37
IIRC the Overlord had 6 Battlecannon turrets, a couple bombs with Melta warheads, and an Autocannon. It'd be incredibly slow and vulnerable, so near-Manta in surviveability might be appropriate just to keep it sensible and worth considering.

grave digger
16-01-2007, 02:33
Overlord Armoured Airship:

6 Battlecannons
4 Autocannons
D6+2 Melta Bombs
6 Bolters

These would be "all around".

If hit you would randomize between the gundola and the gas cells. On a die 1-3 you hit a gas cell (no effect), 4-5 hits the gundola and it has an armour save of 1+ and on a 6 you destroy it. Guess what was always rolled when I played it:rolleyes: and it was usually to a bolter:cries:

Iron Eagle Attack Gyrocopter:
1 Battlecannon (front)
2 Autocannons (back)

"The exceptional manoeurvability of the Iron Eagle attack gyrocopters means that they can fire in any direction, not just their forward 180 degree arc".

Now if I could only use my Land Train:p


16-01-2007, 13:52
exceptional maneuvraibility for epic, but in IA they would have a stat line akin to the vulture, bit more durable though...

they would have 2 autocannon pointing front and a turret one able to target anywhere, plus a battlecannon for ground attack, maybe optional bombs or missiles.

Overlord are ponderous, resiliant (as much as a thunderhawk i would say), with many turret guns; i'd say 2 Autocannons left, 2 autocannons right, 2 autocannons turetted able to fire anywhere, on the bottom, 6 turreted battlecannons for GA and an optional rack of bombs.

This is with a bit of adaptation, forfeiting exact WYSYWIGness for better balance and gameplay hoppefully. Overlord should be expansive (thunderhawkish-like), and the Gyro somewhat more expansive than a vulture.


16-01-2007, 14:22
i've done a little work and come up with this;
Overlord armoured airship. 45 pts.
type; bomber.
hits; 10
transport; 0
manouvre; low
max speed; 3
min speed; 0
max altitude; 6
thrust; 1

battlecannons (1 front, 2 left, 2 right, 1 rear.)
firepower 0-1-1, damage 2+, ammo 6, ground attack extra damage 4+

auto cannons; all round/down, 6-9-0, damage 4+, ammo 6,

bolters; all round/down, 6-0-0, damage 6+, ammo ul,

bombs; rear, 12-0-0, damage 2+, ammo 1, extra damage 4+

heavily armoured; 5+save to all damage.
damage control teams never takes additional damage.

16-01-2007, 19:15
Thanx alot for looking at this for me and i'll give them ago and let you know how they work, but if you have anymore ideas in the time being let me know.