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16-01-2007, 02:19
After playing this computer game (http://www.swordofthestars.com/) too much lately and being a Battlestar Galactica (the new series:rolleyes: ) Fan.

I have decided to start BFG in the near future. I just recently finished reading the online rules and have narrowed my choice of race/fleet down to 2.

1. A 1500pt imperial gothic fleet, consisting of:

-- 1x Mars Class Battle cruiser = 270
-- 2x Lunar Class Cruiser = 360
-- 4x Dauntless Class Light Cruisers = 440
--10x Cobra Destroyer Escort = 300
-- 1x Admiral with one extra re-roll = 125
-- Totale of 1495 points

Now this is my first attempt at making a fleet list.
Is it Rubbish what should i change or should i go for...

2. A 1500pt Tau FW fleet, consisting of:

-- 1x Custodian Carrier = 310
-- 4x Protector warships = 760
-- 5x Castellean Heavy Escort = 250
-- 3x Warden Escort = 90
-- 1x Kor'o = 80
-- Totale of 1490 points

Is this equally rubbish or are tau just not good in BFG? (FW is nice though) in any case what should i change? wich of these two listes is easiest to start learning BFG with? Model wise i prefer the tau but rules wise i prefer the imperial? What do the experinced Admirals of Warseer think?

16-01-2007, 03:19
***Message: Advice to New Admiral***
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Well Fleet Admiral, as an Imperial Admiral myself having commanded both Battlegroup Tipitz and recently Battlegroup Omega of Fleet Charadon, I would say your Imperial Fleet lacks diversity and is torpedo heavy. While the mighty torpedo is an excellent weapon it is not as effective as it first appears. I would suggest taking some Swords and Firestorms in place of a few of your Cobras. I would also take a Dictator instead of the 2nd Lunar. The Mars is an excellent initial Flagship and provides a good variety of firepower. Attack craft are at least important in that they provide fighter cover. If you have more attack craft than the enemy fleet a wing of bombers sent against a capital ship can be very effective.

I have not faced the Xenos Tau in combat nor studied their vessels in detail.

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16-01-2007, 07:06
***Message: Advice to New Admiral***
***Security Lev....***
***Receiving New Transmission***
***Received By Astropath Crus***

Foolish believer of the False Emperor! The High Admiralty does not understand how great you are. They undermine your authority this very moment. Only by giving yourself to the Lord of Change can you truly become the greatest of Admirals!

I will see you soon Admiral Eisenhorn.

--Anubis, Lord Admiral of Tzeentch Fleet Flux

An Eye is upon .....
***Astropath Vitals Lost***
***End Transmission***

16-01-2007, 12:05
1. on your imperial fleet, as you are fielding 4 dauntless, i would not field more than 4 cobras.

2. regarding the Tau. are you planning to field the FW model with the SG rules or are you fielding the FW Tau fleet from the IA3?

16-01-2007, 16:47
Anyways on the Tau subject, you can either use the forgeworld models as proxies for the regular specialist game list, use the FW models with the FW experimental rules or you can use the Commerce Protection Fleet list that has been made by alot of players play testing over and over again. I'm personally a fan of the proxy or CPF lists. CPF PDF file (http://www.beerbadger.force9.co.uk/Shinnentai/GW/TauCPFarticle.pdf) Use proxy at tourneys or if your enemy doesn't agree, and play test the CPF and give some feed back. ===> Specialist Games BFG Forum (http://www.specialist-games.com/forum/default.asp?CAT_ID=2)


16-01-2007, 20:53
Thanks for all the replies guys.

Im thinking about using the IA3 list for my tau but since i dont have it here (its back home in Norway :cries: ) i used the FW experimental rules for this list.

I have come up with two new listes for the imperials so here we go:

Carrier group:
-- 1x Emperor Battleship = 345
-- 3x Dictator cruisers = 660
-- 8x Sword Escorts = 280
-- 3x Cobra Escorts = 90
-- 1x Fleet Admiral(ld9) + 1 re-roll = 125
Totale of 1500 pts

Sledge hammer Fleet
-- 1x Retibution Battleship = 370
-- 2x Dictator Crusier = 440
-- 3x Dauntless Cruiser = 330
-- 6x Sword escort = 210
-- 1x Fleet Admiral(ld9) + 1 re-roll = 125
Totale of 1470 pts

I like the carrier group fleet just because of the amount of fighters and bombers it can put out. 24 to be exact.

But the sledge hammer list seams to have more fire power and be more verstaile.

Right'o im going and playing a proxie game against myself just to learn the basics, and get a feel of the game. Ill report back later.

16-01-2007, 20:57
I would take a Dauntless supported by Swords in the Carrier group instead of just the two large Sword Squadrons.

17-01-2007, 01:01
also consider that a blister of cobras has 4 ships
a blister or swords or firestorms has 3 ships

i am also a big fan of dauntless light cruisers

17-01-2007, 01:30
Just finished playing a cruiser clash with myself and 6 tau gun drones:rolleyes:. It was easyer then i thought to get the rules right.
I played 2x dauntless and a Tyrant against 2x murdures and a carnage it was a close call but the 90 degree turning of the dauntless cobbeld with 3 lances brought down the murderes. After 8 rounds only one crippeld dauntless remainde on the board.

So the Carrier group is changed to:
-- 1x Emperor = 345
-- 3x Dictators = 660
-- 1x Dauntless = 110
-- 7x swords = 245
-- 1x Fleet Admiral(ld9) + 1 re-roll = 125
Totale of 1495pts

I am really torn between this fleet and the Sledge hammer one. I like the amount of Ordance in this fleet but the Sledge Hammer one has the Retibution and 2x Dauntless to Pound the enemy with.

on a side note how would these fleets compare to the FW Tau fleet. i have gotten a lot of advice on the imperials ( And many thx BTW) were are the Kor'O s of warseer. :rolleyes:

18-02-2007, 21:12
I usually hate to use Necromancy to raise dead threads from the great beyond, but I have to ask Eishenhorn if you still check this thread, have you been able to playtest your Carrier fleet? I am anticipating creating a very similiar list, and I wanted your opinion on how it's played out, especially against Chaos opponents if possible.

Any tips/tricks/ideas you care to share?

Good Hunting!

p.s. I also am getting very interested in BFG (i've always been, but this was my kick over the edge) due to my love of Battlestar Galactica (The re-imagined series)! Rock on!

Zhai Morenn
19-02-2007, 15:49
***Message: Advice to New Admiral***
***Security level: Red***
***Censored by: ******* #######***

Greetings, Admiral. Not only would I wish to welcome you to the game but extend an invitation to join the Tau Empire as well. I believe you will find our fleet to be highly adaptable and well on it's way to outpacing the failing mechanizations of the Imperium of Man. Always are new and skilled Admirals welcome and here you would be among comrades fighting for a greater purpose. I am sure you will find it to be for the Greater Good.

With the new rulebook update, the Retributions cost is 345 and hte Emperors is 365. To that end I would say that while the Emperor is a wonderful carrier, I would not recommend a IN carrier heavy group- certainly bring a few, but truth be told they would be even more severely outgunned by gun fleets and would get out-ordnanced by Tau and Nid fleets.

On the FW Tau- these are my second favorite race to play as in BFG (second only to Eldar). If you intend to use the IA3 rules for them or the FW Experimental rules (same thing as I understand it) then your initially listed fleetlist looks pretty good to me. I always field a heavier number of protectors which work in concert together. One thing you may wish to consider for the sake of mixing it up is adding a Demiurg warship (Stronghold preferrably) since the Tau can make use of them as mercenaries. Very rarely will a Stronghold not make it's points worth from wrecked enemy ships over the course of battle. Also a strong flight of Castellans are truly wonderful if you manage to manoeuver them well. They are strong gunships and can protect themselves against escorts and if you get multiple enemy capital ships in a line a salvo of 10 Tau torps can do wonders.

19-02-2007, 16:17
One piece of advice. BUY TAU FORGEWORLD models. They deserver every penny.

19-02-2007, 17:33
Aside from the dauntless your fleets are a little low in the lance department.

I can't help but chime in on the firestorm requests, they really are nice.

Otherwise, even with the newly increased cost of the Emperor Battleship, it is well worth it. The Emperor's guns add much needed range to your imperial fleet, and the attack craft it pumps out can help in any situation, whether thinning down enemy ordinance with fighters, disabling enemy capitals with assault boats, or bombing cruisers into submission.

19-02-2007, 21:49
Wooow never saw this coming i considerd this thread dead and 6 feet under:p

I have not tried the fleet yet. and since it is not legal in the 1.5 rules i think im going to change it. the base remains the same though. Wich is the Emperor with its 3 Dictators.

I currently have:
1 emperor
4 magnetised cruisers
2 Dauntless
6 Fire storme

Waiting for a mail order to arraive with:
2 Dauntless
6 Swords
8 Cobras

When i start tau they will be the FW model. I usally treat my self to a forge world order once a year. Still have not orderd for 2007, so sometime in the near future.

Just knocked togthere a new list using the new rules

1x Emperor 365
3x Dictators 660
2x Dauntless 220
4x Swords 140
1x ld 9 100

Totale of 1485

19-02-2007, 22:39
Like I said...I don't like using Necromancy, but I do call upon the dark arts of Zombie Thread making every now and again to serve my own nefarious purposes.

I will update this with what I am thinking would work well with an Imperial Cruiser fleet sometime tomorrow. Watch this space.

Also, did you use any historical ideas/concepts for designing your fleet? If so, mind giving me some pointers in a direction? Thanks.

20-02-2007, 01:18
Well more fictional after seeing battlestar galactica (the new series) way too many times. You know what ill share some fluff:

Aboard the Empror class cruiser "Vendetta"
"Admiral unidentifed ships just jumped out of warp space in the outersystem"
"How many"
"Looks like 6 escorts 3 crusiers and 2 light cruisers"
"Call to battle stations"
Duuuuhy! Duuuuhy! Battle stations, Battle stations! All Hands to Battle stations!!!

The fleet Powers up and heads out system. Well past the 5th and last planet frome the local sun, 3 Dictators and 1 Emperor lauches an attack wave of 8 fighter squadrons and 12 bomber squadrons. This attackwave is followed suit by 4 Swords and 2 Dauntless, with the Dictators and the Vendetta lumbering slowly after. Steadely firing theire gunbatteries on the approching eldar.

20-02-2007, 04:03
Well Eisenhorn, word around the fleet is that your not a real admiral until you complete a inner-atmo warp jump. Cough Cough. Oh how I love BSG and BFG.