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16-01-2007, 07:57
hi everybody,

to make a little break in my guard army, i've decided to repaint all my tau army for 40k. i will also make a tau fleet for battlefleet gothic to start a little campaign with my friends.

i've decided to use a bone and turquoise scheme, because my sept is on a water covered planet (lagoons, white sand beaches, palm trees, coconuts,... perfect for the holidays of good serving taus). my fleet will receive the same scheme (as soon as i received it from fw).

the red disc is the sept symbol. it represents the rising sun (mainly because of the manga style of the tau army, and because of my japanese wife too)

here are the first repainted minis (but still wip).

shas'el (i need to work the turquoise highlights, but it looks better in the reality than on this pic):

first crisis (twin-linked fusion blaster), another one to come

first stealth (3 more to come)

first pathfinder (7 more to come, with a devilfish)

as always, poor quality pics,
and as always, comments and critics welcome!!

16-01-2007, 08:02
love the colour scheme, and the painting is excellent.
looking forward to this one - have you seen Nomic's Tau?


16-01-2007, 08:51
Good luck. The apinting is very good and the colour scheme too. I'll follow this.


Angel Robertson
16-01-2007, 09:07
I love that colour scheme! Exactly the colours i wanted to use on my eldar and the painting is freat as always!


16-01-2007, 19:36
thanks for the comments, guys! i will try to keep this post alive by posting regularly (and finish my guard and my slayer armies too).
a few progress on the crisis tonight, but no pics and a tired guy. i will try to finish it tomorrow...

a friend of mine has painted an eldar swooping hawk with this colors, and it's a good color combination for eldars.
if you search through the forum, you will find my eldar autarch painted bone and black, with turquoise and violet details. the pics are wip, but the mini is finished for a long time (and i will try to post a pic soon, to close my first thread :D ).

yes, i've seen nomic's army, and i especially like his snipr drone controller,with his digital circuit effect.

26-01-2007, 21:24
just little progress on my tau army, mainly because i'm doing paint job for my local gw store (ludwig schwarzhelm, a very nice mini). but progress on : a firewarriors squad, a broadside and the crisis. i will tr to add pics this week-end.

BUT today, i have received my tau fleet !!!! and i think i will begin painting them tomorrow.

here, you have it: 1 custodian, 2 protectors, 3 castellans, 3 courriers, 4 wardens.

next addition to my fleet: 2 emissary (gift from a good friend)

26-01-2007, 21:25
Wow, I LOVE those colors...great blending :D

12-10-2009, 08:43
Threadomancy !! :D
But it is for the Greater Good, as I'm working on my V5 Tau army...

Speed, but clean painting, with a scheme inspired by Shadowsun...

- stealth team :

- drones

- firewarriors

- pathfinders (devilfish on the workdesk) :

- some crisis (WIP), including shas'el :

Sorry for the yellowish pics.
As always, C&C welcome.

12-10-2009, 09:26
Great work! The new colour scheme works really well, especially on the Drones!

Monsterzonk :skull:

12-10-2009, 14:47
Neat and fine. Very military business-looking. Yet I miss the old uniform.

Still, jolly good!

12-10-2009, 23:52
Ah, very nice scheme. The markings really make the scheme pop. The Krisis suits will look great with some red details added. Do you plan to add Kroot?

13-10-2009, 05:55
My 1500 pts army list is the following :
- commander, escort and 2 drones
- 4 stealth
- 2x1 crisis
- 12 firewarriors + devilfish
- 3x8 firewarriors
- 3x10 kroots
- 5 pathfinders + devilfish
- 8 drones
- 2x1 broadside

So expect some kroots soon (but not too soon, as they are the only minis I don't have for the moment).

14-10-2009, 05:37
Great new scheme - much, much better than the first. Looking forward to more. :)

14-10-2009, 07:19
very nice colour scheme, and i like the inclusion of the more traditional mustardy colour as well. nice

14-10-2009, 09:13
Good scheme, nice and clean which fits the tau very good.

keep em comming

floyd pinkerton
14-10-2009, 17:04
nice stuff, consider me subsribed for further developments

16-10-2009, 12:51
Really excellent stuff, as everyone has said, very nice colour scheme.


Asi the Red
17-10-2009, 14:13
These look ace, I've always really loved the original Stealth Suits (all three squads of mine are XV-15's).

Mine don't look nearly this good though... :(
A question that is entirely unrelated to the above comment, how do you get your white to look so nice?

17-10-2009, 15:20
Thanks for comments, guys.

how do you get your white to look so nice?
White undercoat, codex grey for the shadows, skull white to get clean armour plates...

18-11-2009, 08:13
Big update with last month's work :

Commander and escort :

First Crisis :

First Firewarrior team (8 with markerlilght)

Second Firewarrior team (12 with drone controller and 2 attack drones)

A test for a Gue'la auxiliary squad (infinity miniatures) and a air caste pilot for objective marker :

And I'm currently working on a devilfish for the second firewarrior team...
Enjoy ! ^^

18-11-2009, 16:10
These are great. I really like the new scheme, the orange makes it different from other white camo patterns. The painted decal designs really knock it up a notch too!

19-11-2009, 02:50
Excellent tau, the bases look great as well.

19-11-2009, 07:48
Nice tau, love the Yu Jing (I also collect Infinity) minis as human infantry idea!

19-11-2009, 19:43
Nice tau....very clean...

10-12-2009, 04:26
Fun looking Tau, the reboot is a nice twist on the traditional scheme. Great work as always!

10-12-2009, 11:02
*jaw drop and breaks*...

*writes a note* Plzz pay my medical bill for amazement of prepared to be sued! unless you paint more amazing stuff to kill me with shock... your choice

10-12-2009, 11:33
Tancrede, any log by you is worth a look. Always a fan.


10-12-2009, 11:42
Looking great so far, original scheme! :)

10-12-2009, 12:54
Looks really nice Tanc, like everything else you do lol. Almost seems Star Wars inspired, but then again who can't resist such a scheme. Looking forward to seeing more.


26-04-2010, 08:32
Little update on this army :

- Broadside WIP (the middle one is finished) :

- test mini for kroot count-as :

Expect some update soon, as I must finish 4 more crisis and a bunch of firewarriors before to open my birthday gift box : loads of forgeworld XV armors, including an amazing XV9 !!

Mr. Ultra
26-04-2010, 11:25
That's the first non-sandy Tau scheme that actually I'm loving so much! You've done again Tancrede!

The Laughing God
27-04-2010, 14:54
White tau always look great when pulled off. :)

The counts as kroot model looks really cool too, I love the bow and arrow conversion. Can't wait to see more of these guys,

27-04-2010, 21:07
I really like this thread, I love clean painting like this one. Even better, the army is done in white, white armies who are cleanly painted always look amazing and well I'm a Tau player too, so I'm truly enjoying what I'm seeing.

I LOVE the double Railgun on the broadside, I will do the same when I buy a second squad of broadsides.

Hope to see more soon!

27-04-2010, 21:10
Excellent work.. much crisper than my White Tau i did... just great...

I musty admit, I'm not overly fond of the Kroot counts as, but I will hold off any real judgement till it's painted - I know how good you are, so I am prepared to fully admit I was wrong and change my opinion... :D

Asi the Red
27-04-2010, 21:40
I did a similar conversion to the double railgun broadside, and I'm curious if you did anything to make it look less like it was just stuck to the bottom of his arm? Mine looks slightly off to me, like there should be something holding them on...

27-04-2010, 23:42
Those Fire Warriors are deliciously crisp, looking forward to the fish!

28-04-2010, 14:09
Fun conversion on your broadside, the doubled rail gun looks cool, although the modle looks like it will have some balance issues... Your beastman for kroot proxy is a promising idea, I can't wait to see some paint on the finished model.

17-05-2010, 08:56
Hi guys, and thanks for comments.

Little update with my latest work (I've been busy on my Taus for the last days...)

- pathfinder team n1 (still need 3 railrifle guys), using FW technical drones as marking drones :

- broadside team n1 and sensor tower :

- heavy drones :

- XV9

- and the painted army, as it stand for the moment :

Still to do :
- 3 crisis flamer/plasma/shield + 2 defense drones
- 3 crisis FW (undetermined weaponry for the moment)
- 1 more heavy drone
- 2 FW broadside with twin-linked plasma
- 4 FW air caste (objective markers)
- 3 railrifle pathfinders
- 8 pathfinders + 2 converted marking drones + 1 devilfish
- 14 firewarriors
- maybe 6 more XV15

So lots of work expected, but I think I'm on the good way to finish my tau army this year....:D

17-05-2010, 13:26
The white scheme looks good, but I love the Teal and bone. Too bad, I am sure it takes forever to paint.

I also love the idea of the beastman with a "bowcaster" lol. Thats a really cool idea.

17-05-2010, 16:08
Impressive mate, and very clean :) I like them alot. Whats the sensor tower used for?



17-05-2010, 18:20
I really like the color scheme you have going here, the white is nice and crisp looking. I also the the "counts-as" model, and cannot wait to see it painted!

17-05-2010, 20:54
Thanks for comments, guys !


Too bad, I am sure it takes forever to paint.
Yes, just a little too long...
It takes me as long to paint 1 crisis as to paint and base a whole squad, including drones. With so many projects running on at the same time, the choice was easy to make ! ^^

I also love the idea of the beastman with a "bowcaster" lol. Thats a really cool idea.
I always liked wookie weapons !! ;)

@sheep :

Whats the sensor tower used for?
For the moment, the sensor tower will be used as an objective marker. But in the future, I think to use it as....... a sensor tower !! ^^
(rules in IA3 Taros Campaign : troop choice, can be used in combination with some vehicle's weaponry)

@bravey :

I also the the "counts-as" model, and cannot wait to see it painted!
But I think you will wait a little, as I'm working on my IG to finish some guardsmen first.

18-05-2010, 01:50
I love the size of the XV9 compared to the other suits. Do you use the FW rules for it?

I love the nice clean lines on your Army. Absolutely blown away!

Happy Gaming,