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14-07-2005, 20:03
1 Chaos Lord @ 351 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; General; Great Weapon
Enchanted Shield [10]
Armour of Damnation [30]
Gaze of the Gods [30]
1 Steed of Slaanesh @ [40] Pts

Lord - Good Protection and Very fast - I call him mini dragon - not as dengerous but cost a half - supports the exact point in battle line where he's needed

1 Bray Shaman @ 125 Pts
Mark of Chaos Undivided; Magic Level 1
Dispel Scroll [25]
Dispel Scroll [25]


6 Chosen Chaos Knights of Pleasure @ 385 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Barding; Chosen Unit; Shield; Standard; Musician
1 Champion @ [20] Pts

Well the meat of the Chaos Rooster - lods of attacks ItP and most off all cavalry with good T and good as - thay work with furries that screen them and with maruders cavalry that flank charge the unit that thay front charge.

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts

Cannon fodder - screen for marouders and rank remover

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts

Same as above - but support chaos warriors

19 Marauders @ 165 Pts
Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
1 Chieftain @ [10] Pts

Main combat reg

14 Chaos Warriors of Pleasure @ 275 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
1 Champion @ [12] Pts

Another main combat reg

6 Marauder Horsemen @ 96 Pts
Flail; Musician

Described above - can also hunt warmachines and flee to set up you'r charges

6 Beast Herd (Gors) @ 77 Pts
2ndWeapon; Musician
6 Ungors @ [30] Pts
Spear; Shield

Support infanty in combat with flank charges - thay throw 12A in 1 round and 18 in second so in the long run can be the deciding factor and cheep as hell

6 Beast Herd (Gors) @ 66 Pts
6 Ungors @ [24] Pts

Same as above

8 Chaos Furies @ 120 Pts

Warmachine hunters and overal annoyance

1 Fiend of Slaanesh @ 75 Pts

Week units tier and cannon fodder - guards flank

1 Chaos Giant @ 205 Pts

I like the idea of heving something neer as nasty as my genneral - opponents often shots him with is good - guards the other flank.

Casting Pool: 3

Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 95

Total Army Cost: 2000

Any thoughts

14-07-2005, 23:23
Magic will beat down your army. You'll need to get on your opponents fast.

I don't like the warriors of slaanesh for effectiveness. Too many points. What else could you get for all those points.

Perhaps some tuskagor chariots, some steeds of slaanesh, some more mauaders. Another character to help with magic.

But I think it is pretty well balanced. With 95 models, this will mean that your marauders and warriors will get left in the dust of your first wave shock troops. You will not be able to screen you knights well so be careful that your general will not to get too far ahead of your troops or your small low ld units may panic.

The way I think about how a good a list is, is in two ways. First, I consider my plann of attack. Will I stay and shoot, or rush and fight. Secondly, I consider how the army will compare with armies that stay and shoot or rush and fight.

If my army can do neither of the two well, then I am in trouble. If it can do one extremely well and the other not at all then I am also in trouble.

15-07-2005, 09:10
The army looks pretty solid, not much that i would change. The tactics i would use are the fast units on a flank, hit the flank and roll it up, the foot units should be reaching the middle of the enemy battle line just as the knights rampage into its flank. The only thing this tactic has to worry about it are march blockers, which can be easily dealt with using beast herds.

15-07-2005, 14:24
I am flabbergasted you don't have a slannesh caster. Slannesh spells are the best in the game IMHO, and are the primary reason to play slannesh.