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14-07-2005, 20:29
Wat Would Be the best combination of magic items for an elector count in a squad of 9 horses/ or swordsmen dont know yet to get the most bang for the buck

14-07-2005, 20:48
Well, he already has his runeblade, right?

That's about all you need... after all, the good old elector count is more there for his, shall we say, troop motivation skills, rather than any direct combat ability...

I tend to try and keep him close to my low leadership troops and then move him around the board where needed..



Runt Nosher
14-07-2005, 20:57
Well for one thing the Runefang is a 100 point magic item and not really worth it at all...

I think an Elector Count is better off serving his troops with a GW and Armour of Meteoric Iron or Full Plate/Holy Relic... He is only there to lend his Ld9 and get the Griffon Banner anyways, with S6 he'll get a kill or two (as many as he'd get with a fancy magic weapon anyhow) and as Empire you're bound to take the charge and against most killy characters you'll strike last anyways (unless their carrying a GW of course which happens very often, that's only really another bonus in your favour)... This will keep him cost effective while still being able to score those extra couple of wounds for CR....

Sgt John Keel
14-07-2005, 21:08
On horseback, just take the Holy Relic and some of the supporting magic items or bound spells, as he's not good enough to warrant a magic weapon. Take a lance instead. I'd prefer a Grand Master with the Laurels of Victory though.

If he's on foot, go with Runt Nosher's suggestion. He's there for support, so protect him at all costs.


14-07-2005, 21:12
Holy Relic, Van Hortsmanns Speculum, Armour of Meteoric Iron, GW, for a complete tank!! Although he's a bit expaensive, but he can take down most Lords.

14-07-2005, 23:09
Why bother with AoMI on horseback? put him on a barded steed with full plate and that's 2+ already. If you really want a 1+ add the Helm of the Skaven slayer, and you'll cause fear in skaven too!

14-07-2005, 23:11
If you are using him for ld and durability, then protect him. Give him holy relic or whatever. If you are using him in shock troop style (better if you use a Grand Master) then the laurels of victory or a kick but weapon.

Don't worry about the runefang. That's what cannon balls are for.

14-07-2005, 23:25
Ya i had the grand master in there but i wanted to take off some points My other

Characters are a battle SB and an enginneer, and the rest of my army is core

troops or artillary ( not going with a character heavy army and no magic in the

army) i will post my army list shortly to get another set of eyes to look at it

i wanna just use a elector count on horseback(barded with fullplate shield and lance

to go with a squad of 9 knights of the inner cirlce and i cant see any useful magic items for him

15-07-2005, 07:32
well, if he was to be put in a unit of knights, i would give him the white cloak, the laurels of victory, and a great weapon as well as FPA etc... By doing this, hewould get a good save and help the knights stay in combat if they dont break the enemy on the charge. In a unit of swordsmen, i would just smack him with a great weapon and the AOMI.

15-07-2005, 09:00
Plate Armour, Barded Warhorse, Enchanted Shield, Sword Power, Holy Relic

0+ AS, +2 to S (and not necessarily hitting last) 4+ Ward Save. Been my setup for some years & he has well held his own. Latest is outfighting a well-equipped OldBlood in a challenge & killing him!

15-07-2005, 09:18
Holy relic, armour of meteoric iron and GW if you really want him to survive and still do a bit of damage.

Holy relic or AOMI or full plate and enchanted sheild for a good defense and sword of sigismund for a more offensive EC while still being hard to kill. Possibly with the sigil of sigmar.

I wouldnt bother with a mounted EC in cavalry. He is there to provide LD for your infantry while boosting thier CR. If you want a mounted character a captain will do well enough or a GM if you want something really killy.