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16-01-2007, 17:41
The theme is a 17th century with musketeers and pikemens supported by cavalry. I know that knights werent ushat a have come too this far. I know that regular knights werent used by that time so they are themeingly fitted cavalry with a "superiour charge = lances" and "skill = armour and ws" on "slow but powerful = barded" horses.

I have 200pts left to fill but i dont want more shooting units as i feel that i have enough of them already. I also did only take just 1 cannon because of this. I dont want a gunline just a themed army list.

Any ideas what to spend those points on? IC on all knights?

All comments are welcome.

Make to fireing lines of the parent handgunner units and hide both detachments behind them. Fire at the enemy to soften them up for 1-2 rounds (thats enough) then rank them up and then assult/recieve charge. The General goes with the IC Knights to give them more power to hunt the enemies hard targets. The Captains take one unit of handgunners each for leadership and hth support.

Empire General
Barded Horse, Full Plate, Shield, Lance, Holy Relic, Laurels of Victory

Barded Horse, Full Plate, Icon of Magnus, Sword of Might

Barded Horse, Full Plate, Shield, Lance, Rod of Command

Handgunners x23 Full Command, Pistols, Warbanner
-> Handgunners x6
-> Halberdiers x9

Handgunners x23 Full Command, Pistols
-> Handgunners x6
-> Halberdiers x9

Knights x6 Musician, Lance, Shields

Knights x6 Musician, Lance, Shields

Knights x5 Inner Circle, Full Command, Lance, Shields


TOTAL: 1796

16-01-2007, 18:10
Given that IC knights are no longer a 0-1 choice but a special choice.... Might as well upgrade your vanilla knights.

Personally I would think that pistoliers are more themed for your list than regular knights, although one decent block of Guard units (elite knights, they fought with cavalry sabres instead of lances but those perform in a pretty much identical fashion) wouldn't be amiss. Guards-as-cavalry were retired only after machine guns made it clear during '14-'18 that their time had finally come to ride into the sunset.
Of course, the Polish army maintained light cavalry as combat troops much longer; they saw battle against German tanks in WW2.

Theme reasons apart, pistoliers will also give you some march blocking ability, which should make your handgunners somewhat more effective.

16-01-2007, 18:53
Well, it's a gunline alright, even if you don't want it to be, ´simply because you have no combat units, just three small units of cavalry (not too small, they should be that size) and the rest shooting.

Where are the pikes you mention? I see two units of 9 Halberdiers, and that's hardly an army composing of handgunners and pikemen?

I would split the big units of handgunner into four units of 10 (and also splitting the detachments up between them) and remove the commands, and then take the points freed up by those 6 removed (48p) to get some more Halberdiers. Don't take those detachments for your units, instead use them for a real unit of 25, which you can now afford just by the points saved. Give that unit a detachment of 5 Handgunners and 10 Halberdiers if you like.

That should leave you with 197 points. Which is just perfect for another unit of 25 halberdiers or spearmen with command (150) with a Halberdiers Detachment of 10 (50). You will then be 3 points ov er, but I'm sure you can find something to remove.

Just my two cents.