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Duke of York
16-01-2007, 18:10
I am doing a black guard of morr themed army and since their main home is just outside sylvania in a medium sized rustic type town i was thinking lots of militia and lots of knights. Reguardless of fluff just wondering what people thought of it?

Templar Grand Master of the black guard of morr (deployed with free company) 240pts
blade of sigismund, shield of gorgon, icon of magnus

Priest of morr 140pts
battle wizard, level 2, lore of death, crystal ball, d.spell scroll

Priest of morr 100pts
level 2 wizard

Captain (deployed with free company) 158ots.
BSB, full plate, barded warhorse, banner of sigismund

40 free company (battle std) 216pts

30 free company (templar grand master) 162pts

30 free company 162pts.

10 Black Guard of Morr 350pts.
Inner Circle, full comand, banner of the daemon slayer

10 Black Guard of Morr 270pts.
full comand

cannon 100pts.

cannon 100pts.

TOTAL: 1998pts.

p. dice: 6

d. dice: 4

total men: 130 men.

All thoughts, suggestions, and opinions would be most apreciated

thanks in advance.

16-01-2007, 18:19
Looks good, but I'll say what I think of the actual composition:

Take the knights in 4 units of six instead. Think twice about the banners, it's not always such a wise idea, although they might need it. The points gained by dropping the banners and reducing the size of the Inner Circle unit should be enough to get you those 4 extra knights to make the 4 units.

Drop the Crystal Ball on the wizard.

I really think you should have detachments, or else you won't win with it, sorry but it's the truth. Free company aren't very hittie, can't take any damage and are generaly fodder or support.

I would drop a unit of Free company and take a unit of flagellants instead, they can fit the fluff if you just make 'em be crazed Morr-fanatics.

Put the Grandmaster with the Inner Circle Knights, he will do far more good there.

That's all I think of now, I don't know exactly what all the magic items do right now, so I can't advice you much on those.

16-01-2007, 18:27
Cool, a Black Guard army! Congratulations :).

As to composition, I would think that spearmen are rustic enough to warrant inclusion, and a lot more survivable than free company. Pistoliers, as the sons of resident knights and local minor nobility, could also find a place into your list.

Given that this is a force from the Black Guard's home base, an upgrade of your second knight unit to Inner Circle might be reasonable. Far from mandatory, but it's worth the points if you can find them.

You could consider going cheap on the Grand Master, since it's possible he'll only see limited combat. The Icon of magnus is a very good choice of course, but the other items are pretty optional if he's with a block of infantry. Although 4 attacks with first strike is pretty tasty, I'll admit.

As a last point, I'd be tempted to try and find the points for a War Banner on one of your blocks of knights.

Good luck!

PS. I so wish they'd get someone with half a brain cell make a list of non-Sigmarite prayers, so we can have proper Warrior Priests of Taal, Ulric, Morr, Manann etc. Although, from what I understand, a warrior priest of Morr would be a bit of an oddball, since they are generally more councillors than fighters.

Duke of York
16-01-2007, 19:46
Thanks for the suggestions Makakarion. Now that i think about it spearmen would be rustic enough for my purposes. That would make them a bit more durrable with 5 + saves and all.

To keep with the theme of imposible to break (ultimate bane of undead) i also think i will replace the mages (i mean preast of morr's:D ) magic items with the rod of comand and sticking him in a block of spearmen for a nasty surprise!!

So hear is my revised list:

Templar Grand Master of the black guard of morr 215pts
blade of sigismund, icon of magnus

Priest of morr 150pts
level 2 wizard, lore of death, rod of command

Priest of morr 100pts
level 2 wizard, lore of death

captain 157pts
BSB, banner of sigismund, full plate armour, barded warhorse

24 spearmen (priest of morr w/ rod) 160pts
full comand, shields

24 spearmen (templar grand master) 160pts
full comand, shields

30 spearmen (captain) 196pts
full comand, shields

7 free company (detachment) 35pts

10 black guard of morr 350pts
inner circle, full comand, banner of the daemon slayer, gw's

10 black guard of morr 325 pts
inner circle, full comand, war banner, gw's

mortar 75pts

mortar 75pts


This is quite the black guard army... too big blocks of their steely well traned knights, two mortars to wipe away the masses of undead that advance upon them and a few blocks of local infantry men with that are nearly impossible to break due to the items of their fearless leaders.

For why would a black guard army flee when they do not fear death for they infact worship the god of death himself!!!:skull:

as for the one tiny measly unit of detatchments.... well while it is a misconseption that the empire is useless without them (they are a luxury item nothing more) i had a few spare points.

This is an army that has sworn their lives to the morr and while they do not actively hunt the dead like the witch hunters, they will stop a dread necromancer from time to time. Thus they are designed to combat the dead.

However it is my hope that they be ballanced enough to combat any army living or dead. So what do you all think of my second attempt?

thanks in advance.

Upon death, may Morr take you into a loving embrace:skull: !!!

Crazy Harborc
17-01-2007, 00:05
If you have more Empire minies than those on the roster OR plan to buy them (over time).........It will be possible to vary your roster game to game. It's very easy for opponents to tweak their army list for their games against you. IF they know what your army WILL be (because it never varies) it makes it very easy for them to know EXACTLY what units to take to combat what they KNOW you WILL use.;)

Duke of York
17-01-2007, 21:40
What do people think of the revised list?

suggestions, comments, and oppinions are most welcome.

thanks in advance.