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16-01-2007, 22:04
are they worth all their pts, im thinking about taking some in my 2250 list with my 3rd Slann Mage, but i think he would do better flying around on his own and hiding behind things, does anyone have any experience doing it this way? Or is the general consensus that if you have a slann that you should have TG?

16-01-2007, 22:19
My freind has taken them in games, but he never has found them much use. As long as you manage to keep your slann out of harms way, you don't need them.

They are good, even for their points, but they aren't really useful for anything besides the stubborn and the fluff.

17-01-2007, 06:47
Ok, let's look at what you get for 17 points.

M4 WS4 S4 T4 I1 A2 LD8

I Don't think that's so bad. Cause you're getting 2 attacks per guy with Halberds which makes them S5. Now for an extra point, you can give them shields. Unlike their other lizard brethern, their scaly skin is 5+. So if you want to go hand weapon + shield, you can get a 3+ armor save to tough things out.

Moving the Slann by himself would be ok if it weren't for the fact that many armies have ways of getting to him. The Bretonnians have their Pegasus knights (and I've never seen the Brets without them). Other Lizardmen players can get their skinks to poison the toad to death. Anyone that has a flying monstrousity can easily get to him. The TK have their swarms and scorpions. VC can summon zombies/skeletons right next to the guy. Wood Elves can do their little teleporting thing with any unit (i would choose Treekin or Wild Rider for this case) to put them in position to charge.

Point being, is I think you're taking too big of a risk to letting the Slann walk around on his own. Cause then every spell, warmachine, and missile troops will be targeting the big guy. Those are my concerns, cause you're paying a lot of points for one guy that isn't that manuverable and can get easily rundown from combat.

If it works for you regularly, then awesome. Cause then you may be able to spend those points you use for the Temple Guard on something else that you like better. Well, that's it for me. Later.

Got Squig?

17-01-2007, 15:00
I have about 18 of them and haven't used them in over two years. They are vry expensive and can cost alot of points. Besides, the slann must stay with the temple guard if you take them.

I use a middle of the road approach with the slann. I take 16 saurus wariors instead and allow the slann to come and go as he pleases with that unit. There will be times that he will needs to get out of the way especially if you think the unit he is with might be broken, or you want to blast away at a target that you can't get at if he stays in the unit.

Temple guard, in my opinion, aren't worth the points when a regular suarus unit can do pretty much the same thing.

I know people who swear by them, they keep the slan protected well. But if you make a unit of 30 temple guard, it looks imposing, but costs way too much and you can avoid this unit until you can really dish the pain. Plus, with any unit like chaos wariors/knights, they will usually beat a huge unit of temple guard and lock it in its place while he uses the other points to get more killing power into the unit.

Besides, VC and TK will have a field day with a huge unit of temple guard as they will auto break due to fear.

18-01-2007, 01:02
They suffer from the same problem as all the other 0-1 cores. Halberds. Phoenix Guard, Stormvermin, it's all the same. I know I'm generalizing, but all you're doing is giving a normal stat line a weapon upgrade. They fill the same role as the normal troop type. They don't benefit from hand weapon/shield save bonus. They cost (significantly) more points. How many points should one pay for a +1S? Couple it with an (effectively) -1Sv, then recompute. Save yourself the trouble and points and stick with the normals.

22-01-2007, 17:44
I like small units of temple guards. First they are stubborn. If you have a Slaan with them, they have 9 moral, 8 morale stubborn, and if that Slaan is the Battle standard bearer, they get two break tests. If your enemy thinks he can break you, he can forget it. In my experience they need to take down every single temple guard, and that's probably not happening either. How many opponent can actually take down in melee? Its almost like have an unbreakable unit.

22-01-2007, 18:09
I would definately just stick with the regular Saurus. I've seen them pl;ayed with before (never used them myself) and they really don't seem to make up the points over regular Saurus. If you have a large enough unit of them to even consider it, then you're soaking up quite a few more points than you would with normal Saurus. I find that Lizardmen are one of the best armies to play efficiently with and Temple Guard just don't fit in that role, imho.

22-01-2007, 20:11
I'd say it depends.

How did you make your army?
Is the Slann the centerpiece? Is the entire army devoted to keeping him alive and maximising his casting potential? If yes. Then yes.

If the Slann is there just for kicks, screw it.

Regular saurus just won't cut it. The simple, terrible truth about saurus is combat res. If the slann+saurus are getting charged,they're going to get charged by something that will smack the crap out of them. And they'll run away based on combat res.

Temple guard don't suffer this problem. Sure, the Slann can't leave them (usually a dicey proposisition), but they will be testing on ld8, with 3d6. Always.

Take a basic unit, 18 or so. They're your center-piece. The rest of your army should form up around the big block and the Slann. The rest of the army should be designed to compliment the Slann and allow him to continue to sling spells.

If you army isn't meant to suppliment the Slann, then the temple guard are wastes of points.


23-01-2007, 00:22
I'd say it depends.

Regular saurus just won't cut it. The simple, terrible truth about saurus is combat res. If the slann+saurus are getting charged,they're going to get charged by something that will smack the crap out of them. And they'll run away based on combat res.

I understand what you're saying, but generally what smacks the crap out of Sauruses smacks the crap out of Temple Guard. Stubborn is the only saving grace.

23-01-2007, 09:54
Temple Guard are one of my faveourite units of the Lizardmen book, for me (as I play with a 2nd Gen Slann) theyre pretty neccesary to protect the all power toad. Plus with a unit strength of 21 even with just 16 models, they sometimes get to sue the fear from totem of prophecy to autobreak units!

23-01-2007, 11:34
There are two ways to play temple guard. One is the expensive way, by giving them full command, and 16+ models. Here they are fine in melee, but I agree with others here who say for 2000 point games and less that Sauruskrieger fight almost as well for less points. However if you are playing more than 2000 points, you can afford a good, expensive unit so why not.
In 2000 point games I play with 10 with shields (3+ save in melee isnt bad), no command (or at most a musician) and I use the unit and the slaan to Anchor my middle. So what if I'm charged? I make sure I have a fast unit (Kroxigores, Calvary, or Stegadon) to threaten the flank, and then I can deliver a devestating counter attack. I like the Slaan too not so much for his magic, but for his leadership of 9. All of my units within 12 almost never botch a psycology, or panic test, and even break tests at -3 or so you make about 50% of the time. The only time I have ever lost a Slaan was when he broke, and never from losing all 6 wounds.