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14-07-2005, 21:09
My local store told me today that it's cell was organising a doubles tourney up at Warhammer World only August 17th, "cool" I thought, as I began to think of people to partner up with.

Then one of them brings up the point, as he is using WE, of what army list can be used and the possibility of people using both the Cronicles and the new WE army book lists at the same tourney :eyebrows:

So my store gets on the phone to the organisers, who come out with this, as the organiser himself is participating and wants to use the new WE list he has allowed it :wtf: . Right, so what about us poor sods who are not GW staff or have not bought the army deal so do not have access to this book as it does not go on general release until 2 weeks after this, well nothing as I am told to "Stop whining" by the staffers at my local GW

I was told this as it is not a GT so he can use what he wants, yet we are using the proper doubles GT rules and the is a trophy as well, does this not strike you as odd and just plain stupid to allow the use of an army list that is not even on general release when this is held?

thoughts please...

14-07-2005, 21:14
If i'm correct the armybook will be officially released August 3rd so that leaves 2 weeks to read it somehow.

Suck it up..it's his tournament and if you don't like it don't play the tournament.

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14-07-2005, 21:19
This seemes perfectally resonable to me. People have just forked out loads of money for a shiney new army and book they have been waiting for for years and they want to try it out in a tourniment setting. Many people havent read all the army books anyways so are unaware of certan rules regardless of if the book is avalable on general release or not. It would be nice to see how they play anyways, for those of us waiting to see the book to buy the army.

They may rock immensly for a while but thats the way it is when a new book comes out, WE just add some new dimensions to the game, its probably going to take a little time to adjust to how they play, after that there still going to squish just like all elves do.

14-07-2005, 21:26
the army book is not out until the end of august, otherwise there would not be this problem

besides, IIRC there is a 3 month period where new army books cannot be used at "official" GT's for the reason that people can get the chance to read them

15-07-2005, 01:55
I think its a bit rough IMO --> moreso that that the organiser has allowed it for his own uses.

I doubt it will stop you from entering the tourney but I imagine it would leave a bad impression.

And did you say GW staffers were being pricks about it?!?!?! :eek: perish the thought!

15-07-2005, 02:41
Not sure where you live but the book is out in the U.S. on August 4th. In this case, it seems reasonable. If by the time the tournament rolls around, the book is not out then I think you have a good point, its not fair.

Advanced Order Date on WE Book (http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.us?do=List_Models&code=304756&orignav=304756&ParentID=255636&GameNav=9)

Grand Warlord
15-07-2005, 03:01
Um i would think if the book is readily available by the time the tournament, in this case it sounds like there will be enough time to get the book, I would ask that they purchase the new book and change accordingly. I would allow people to borrow models to use any new units they may add... because granted i doubt all the new models will be out by then..

If the army book would not be out with ample time to read through it and get use to it... then I would just use the old list for the tournament... but then if he contact the big wigs I suppose this post is useless...

in which case I apologize for wasting this spot lol :skull:

EDIT: I hope this made sense...

15-07-2005, 03:35
I was wondering the same thing about "Blood, Fire and Faith" on August 10th. Surely though you could use the chronicles WE as well if you're fielding a WE army yourself. I assume the inability to do this is your objection? If not ask the store to borrow their copy of the book and write a list, I doubt they'll mind.

15-07-2005, 11:36
i AM going to use the cronicles list, should i enter (which i have full access to) my problem is with the fact they are allowing the use of a book that when this tourney happens is not on general release, the only way you will have got hold of one prior to this is by being a GW staffer, owning the army deal or by some other nefarious means (it is released in the UK on the 27th August BTW)

now does this not strike you as a bit underhanded to allow the use of a list that not a lot of people have seen? its does to me.

EDIT: can i just clarify that i would have no problem with the use of the list if it was on general release, no matter what the timeframe between the tourney and its release

15-07-2005, 15:46
Sounds to me like the organiser is taking a bit too much advantage of his position.

That said, in big events it might even be preferable that the person setting the rules will not be playing himself, if fairest results are wanted.

16-07-2005, 18:59
Why would anyone want to use the old rules when theres an armybook for them about? Think about it from his position, hes probably had the book for weeks and is itching to use them in a tourney situation.
You could cry foul but at the end of the day is 2000 Vs 2000, just make sure you have a little read through the armybook, theres pretty much the whole book spreadover all the forums and the armybuilder files out now.
Not being funny but if you whined because I wanted to use the new rules in the tournie I`d probably just think you were a bell. (sorry to be honest!)

Make sure you do some battle reports if you play the new WE`s, can`t wait to see how they perform on the competitive front.

16-07-2005, 22:34
Think about it from his position, hes probably had the book for weeks and is itching to use them in a tourney situation.

Fair point, but for a tournament organiser I would expect a bit more self-discipline and integrity.