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17-01-2007, 11:50
This is the first and final one of my army lists, This may actually be made if I do the Reiksguard list as I wil hve loads of themore civilian looking bodies left over, this feels more to me like a mass of people that the Priests have gathered around them.

As always commands and suggestions are most welcome.

Arch Lector, holy Relic, Hammer of Judgement, Armour of Meteoric Iron

Warrior Priest, Sword of Righteous steel, Heavy armour, Shield, Sigil of Sigmar

Warrior Priest, Sword of Justics, Icon of Magnus, Heavy Armour, Shield

Captain: BSB, Full plate armour, Griffon Standard

25 Halberdiers, Full command
Detatchment of 10 Free company

25 Swordsmen, Full command
Detatchment 0f 10 Free company

25 Free Company, Full command

12 Archers, Marksmen

12 Huntsmen, Marksman

10 Knights, Full Command, Steel Standard

25 Flagellents, Prophet of Doom

Total points: 1991

17-01-2007, 15:17
No Dispel scrolls. No cannons. Monsters will have a field day. You need to keep your opponent honest with a cannon.

Personally, I think that 10 knigts in one unit is overkill. 2X5 will give you more opportunity and roughly the same effect with a warbanner. What about some pistoliers/outriders. The lateral movement your army has is poor and cannot adapt to a very fast flanking army.

Also, I believe in keeping characters minimal unless you can find an item that benefits the unit he is with. Like a Rod of command on a captain in an archer unit. Think of the surprise there. Otherwise, put your WP and AL on horses and have them use their hatreds in two distinct Knight units.

17-01-2007, 15:49
I know, no dispel scrolls, but then my regular two opponents arnt big magic users anyway, no cannon, well again they dont often use monsters, but also I didnt think a cannon felt very... "driven to combat by a firm belief in Sigmar" esq

10 Knights.... as a unit of ten they have a nice high unit size too so are less likely to be swamped.

lack of pistoliers, well I suppose they could fit, trying to join the Simarite Knights that are there.

The Characters are on foot because... thats where my army is for the majority, the Knights are a pretty powerful unit on their own, the rest arnt so the help is surely a good thing? One of them I will probably mount though as I only have three main blocks of infantry

Von Wibble
17-01-2007, 16:42
Dispel scrolls are not needed in an army with 6 dispel dice - but I would recommend mr. You have the sigil of sigmar for this.

Sword of righteous steel seems pointless on a model rerolling the to hits anyway. Assuming he is normally 4 to hit (a worst case scenario unless you are fighting powerful chaos/ blood dragon characters) you go from 27/36 probability to hit to 35/36. Only silghtly better than a +1 to hit and worse than +1S (because of teh saving throw modifier). Sword of might is therefore better if you want the shield, great weapon better again if you don't.

Similar for sword of justice- just take a great weapon.

Arch lector - imo the holy relic is only 55pts cheaper than a war alter. Get the war alter. Give the armour of meteoric iron to a priest on foot. The speed of the war alter means you will get the charge so very little will attack you in return - a 4+ ward is protection enough.

10 knights in a unit is fine - I like to do this because I use the daemonslayer standard and need the unit strength. But in your case I agree 2 units is better as it gives much greater flexibility. With Ws4 and S5 empire knights can't break through everything without character support - put a warrior priest with 1 unit.

Griffon standard on a bsb - risky as he will draw a lot of attacks and even with full plate is easy to kill. Your call.

Pistoliers are too good not to take imo. Huntsmen are more expensive and less good at the job. Switch them for 5 pistoliers and you have some points left over.

A cannon is also imo compulsory in any force. Requisitioned in the name of sigmar from the local armoury.

18-01-2007, 06:59
See this is why I ask for help, being rimarily a 40K player I still miss rules, like I thought the BSB while in a unit couldnt be targetted....

Von Wibble
18-01-2007, 20:40
If the bsb couldn't be targetted I'd actually start using them! I would make a simialr comment about this model in your other lists as well.

18-01-2007, 22:07
Ok I;ve just checked my rulebook, "Any character in a unit with at least 5 rank and file cannot be targetted by shooting"

19-01-2007, 07:59
If you chose an Arch Lector then a War Altar is too good to leave out.
The Lector on the Altar is the most deadly unit in the new Empire. Give it Dawn Armour (1+ re-rollable plus 4+Ward) and pass on the Holy Relic to a Warrior Priest and Shroud to another Priest or BSB.
You'll have 3 characters with Ward Saves supported by Prayers which could restore their wounds - formidable!

Von Wibble
19-01-2007, 18:53
I'm not referring to shooting targetting the bsb, I'm talking about the unit charging the bsb all directing their attacks onto him and killing him - note that chances are the unit will have a decent combat character included in this. Against a lot of units he won't last a round.

I face chaos, blood dragons and brets and in all cases they can easily kill a bsb in 1 go.

19-01-2007, 21:17
Well they cant ALL direct their attacks against him can they? Sure;y its only those in Base to base contact which, assuming he;s on a standard base is what 2 at the most ?!?!

Von Wibble
20-01-2007, 12:00
3 - diagonal models can attack and chargers have to maximise contact.

Lets assume the unit charging is containing a hero. Then thats the heros attacks (easily 1 wound caused, probably 2 anyway) and then the champion and 1 other model for 3 attacks. If these are cavalry then they will easily cause a wound also (Ok its actually 2 models for cavalry but the point stands). BSB is therefore dead. If they're good infantry then they will cause a wound vs a model with T4 and 4+ save (swordmasters, chaos warriors, - greatswords for example) BSB still dead.

If they're not good infantry then you will win through without the griffon banner thanks to your detachment so the bsb is a moot point. Unless he's there for the rerolls in which case dawn armour or armour of meteoric iron is better. But as I stated earlier I tend to face charges from black knights with banner of barrows lead by wight lord (BSB then faces 5 attacks at 3s 2s ignoring armour save of 4+), chosen chaos knights (5 attacks at 3s 2s with 6+ save), etc. Ignoring horses here! You might have noticed I don't fixate on infantry so much as they have never scared me....thats what my cavalry and war machines are for! And magic, pistoliers, ordinary units with detachments etc.

Summary - against a decent charge bsb will be killed before griffon standard gets its effect. Against a weaker charge griffon banner is not needed as you won't take many casualties and your probable starting cr of +5 will see you through. Either drop the bsb or drop the griffon banner and give him a better save.