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17-01-2007, 17:59
Ok, so I was perusing and I made this list off the top of my head. It's a very magic heavy army, has about a million weaknesses, but is just fun to play. Anyways, any comments are welcome!

NOTE: In an effort to conserve space, everything has the mark of tzeentch

Chaos Lord - chaos steed, armor of damnation, spell familiar, gaze of the gods, shield [452pts]
Exalted Champion - shield, 2 dispel scrolls [222pts]
Chaos Knights (5) - full command, shields, blasted standard [285pts]
Chaos Knights (5) - full command, shields [235pts]
Chaos Warriors (19) - full command, shields, Banner of Wrath [385pts]
Chaos Chariot [140pts]
Chaos Chariot [140pts]
Chaos Chariot [140pts]

The lord runs with the knights that have the blasted standard and the champion runs with the block of 19 warriors. The max amount of dice I can generate is 14 power dice and 5 dispel dice. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. I want to try to keep this all mortals, so please don't suggest any daemons or daemonic mounts or whatnots, thanks for looking!

The hair
17-01-2007, 18:09
To be honest, i don't have much experience playing Chaos (that's what comes from having an orc mad group of friends) but i'd certainly say, despite the low model count, certain aspects sound v. impressive, even if onl y on paper (3 chariots?! OW!) Anyway, i'd never expect Chaos to be "hordey2 anyway, and with an all out comnbat force it sounds very devestating as long as it reaches combat in 1 piece. Perhaps drop a chariot or something for a small unit of marfauder horsemen - they're versatile and amazing for harassment. Other than that, as u said its all about having fun, so go for it mate!

sphincter man
05-02-2007, 21:42
it looks pretty good, i would say drop the chariots down to 1, make one of your knights and warriors chosen.

your warriors get command free because it's an archaons horde (no daemons- 16+ warriors: free command, 25+ marauders: free command)

i would add some marauders and marauder horsemen with the remaining points.

hope this helps

06-02-2007, 01:13
I kind of like it...a Tzeentch Army that isn't trying to rely on 4 Characters and a lot of Zap...

I do have some thoughts/suggestions...

*Chaos Lord: Good, but the Staff of Change is hated for a reason...but if this is for fun then keep as is, maybe give him the Sword of Might...

*Exalted Champion: Cool...

*Chaos Warriors: sphincter man is correct in that if you run this as an Archaon's Horde list from the Storm of Chaos(still legal) then your command models for Warriors are free after 16 models...i'd definately upgrade them to Chosen Status, they're the weakest of all the Marks without it...add make them 18 models strong...falls in with Tzeentch's Chosen Number...

*Chaos Knights: Ok, but the smaller units are susceptible to heavy shooting or even magic...i'd upgrade a single unit to Chosen status and maybe even combine them into a single unit of 9 models...

*Chaos Chariots: Ok, but a bit slow...however this list isn't designed really on speed...good for counter charges...but I'd think the list would be a bit better if you dropped them all together...

Just remember that if you do upgrade the Warriors and Knights to Chosen status,they become Specials...

The list looks like fun and you'll probably have a good time with it except against the Elite Tournament Armies...

Hope this helps...

sphincter man
06-02-2007, 19:32
now that i think of it, the chariots are special too.

you would NEED to have some marauders and/or marauder if you did upgrade your knights and warriors to chosen horsemen for it to be legal. and you should really think about dropping those chariots

because, to be honest, i dont think they are great.

i do think the command looks pretty good though, but i would drop the "gaze of the gods", i dont think it's worth the points and i'd give him the "golden eye of tzeentch", same pints and you get a 3+ ward save instead!! much better in my opinion!

06-02-2007, 19:50
I play a 2,150 Tzeentch army with only 49 models, and this army STILL looks incredibly small to me. You really need to drop at least one Chariot and fill it our a bit more. Hounds are the cheapest way to go obviously, but they don't really give you punch. I think your best bet is to probably drop 2 Chariots and get a unit of marauders and some Hounds.

I wouldn't give your General the Eye since he's just on a horse. He'll have the LoS roll until the first Knight dies, and then he will probably be in combat soon afterwards, which negates the Eye.