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18-01-2007, 05:56
Hey, Im starting up an inquisitor game with a few of my freinds.
I've run vampire the masquerade games before and I know my group loves to roleplay. Will a 2x2 table, (i have to cart it in and out of boston via subway so its gotta be small) and using 40k minis with measurements scaled to size be large enough to play on. Mind you we will be doing a lot of roleplay, and talking. Will that be big enough with a few scene changes? (I handbuilt a case so i can carry a 2 2x2 or 1 2x4 map in and out of boston) Also how should i go about character creation I'm the only one who knows the 40k fluff and background?

18-01-2007, 07:53
Travel Inquisitor? Awesome! Beats Travel Scrabble any day!

I think a 2x2 should be fine if you are emphasising the roleplay element. Most gunfights are close range affairs anyway. Don't forget to have plenty scenery though.

For character creation, we tended to use the Derek Gillespie rules that appeared in Inquisitor Magazine 10(I think...). If you can't get hold of them then the stuff in the Rulebook is fine. Just keep an eye on how everybody is equipping their characters!

Good luck with it all!

18-01-2007, 10:44
If your players are new to the 40kverse, then that's actually the perfect reason to use the random character generator (which I usually discourage). It can also be found in the Inquisitor Annual 2004, still available from SG (or occasionally from eBay).

I recommend making their models for them and then adapting the character generator with some GMery to ensure that the random character roughly fits the model.

2'x2' should be more than adequate for an Inq28 game.