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18-01-2007, 08:40
I am uncertain as to how rank bonus affecting banners on battle standard bearers (BSBs) should work in the event the BSB dies before the combat result part of the combat phase.

For example, the Banner of the Lady means an enemy unit in contact with the BSB cannot claim any rank bonus. But what if the BSB has already been slain by the time it comes to work out combat resolution?

Similarly, what about the Griffon standard which doubles your rank bonus "when it comes to working out combat resolution"?

Here's what is says on page 38 under Extra Rank

you may claim a bonus of +1 for each rank behind the first that the unit had at the start of that combat turn, up to a maximum of +3.

The question is this: with the BSB now dead will the effect of their banner take place?

i.e. In the case of the Banner of the Lady, with it not there now, how can it still stop a person claiming rank bonus?

In the case of the Griffon standard, it is no longer there to double this combat resolution.

However, on page 38, 2nd paragraph, last sentence it states:

The only exception is the extra rank bonus, which instead refers to the number of extra ranks the units had at the beginning of that turn of combat, before any casualties were caused

Emphasis mine.

So does that mean you work out the rank bonus AND magical effects as if no casualties had been caused?

Or does this just state you consider the models in the formation before casualties were caused for the rank bonus score? In this case, does the BSB still have to be there come the combat results to have any effect? i.e. for the banner of the lady, it prevents people claiming, and for the griffon standard, WHEN it comes to calculating combat results...

Please note, I do not currently have either the Bretonnian or the Empire book in front of me at the moment. The wording I am going off is from memory. In fact, the wording may vary in such a way between the two that they will have a different effect in the combat results if the BSB dies.

18-01-2007, 08:48
As i see it, the rank bonus a unit getīs is counted in the beginning, and other bonus will only apply if the are in the end of combat, so if there is no BSB, there will be no more bonus or special effects added for it in the combat resolution.

18-01-2007, 09:38
I have to agree with farsight. Cause if the magic item that enhances a unit's ability to recieve a rank bonus is lost, then the effects no longer apply.

Take the banner of the Lady for example. If the BSB's unit charges a unit of chaos warriors in the front, then the warriors would normally retain their rank bonus. Cause nothing has physically changed about their formation. They still have 3 extra ranks. The Banner of the Lady does not give the warriors the option of recieving the rank bonus as long as the BSB is still around. So if something were to happen to the BSB to be taken out of combat for whatever reason, then I would have to say the charged unit can then again recieve its rank bonus (if any).

Those are my thoughts on the matter. Some people may agree or disagree. Maybe someone will ask a similar question to GW and get an FAQ done on it. Until then, good luck. And don't forget, hitting units on the flank will still the to same thing (as long as it isn't skirmishers doing the hitting). Later!

Got Squig?

18-01-2007, 09:54
When working out Combat Resolution you look back to count the number of ranks at the start of that round of combat. In the case of the Banner of the Lady, the BSB needs to be alive at this point in order to affect the result.