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Voodoo Boyz
18-01-2007, 14:40
Ok, I'm new and will be playing my first game next week with any luck. Here's my question, I was reading the rulebook last night and from what I could tell when a Calvary Unit Charges not only do the riders get to attack but the mounts do as well.

So lets say I get charged by a Brettonian player with 9 Knights in a Lance Formation. I know that they get 7 Attacks with their lances on the charge, but do they also get all the attacks for their horses too (striking first because they charged)?

From what I can tell the Brettonian player would get 7 Attacks from Lances and 7 Attacks from the Horses (albeit at a different WS, S, etc) all in first and then I get to respond with my attacks. Is that correct?

Second, lets say after all those attacks are worked out and lets say I take 3 casualties. I have a normal unit with 5 models wide and 4 Ranks with Full Command. Because I took 3 Casualties I only get to attack back with 2 Attacks, even though the standard bearer, champion, and musician were not removed from the initial casualty set (I got to pull out 3 normal Warriors from the back ranks to make things easier).

Is that correct?

18-01-2007, 14:46
As far as I can see...

Note that, if the musician or standard bearer dies, their equipment is taken over by the one behind them, so to say.
However, if the champion dies, then he is gone. If the champion doesn't die he can makes his attacks, even when more than your front rank dies.
If the enemy wants to kill your champion, he has to declare that he is attacking him and has te reserve several attacks for him.

If nothing has changed, that is, bot I don't believe so for this.

18-01-2007, 15:23
It's all correct, except that you would get 3 attacks, since the champion has 2 (usually). He always get's to strike back too, even if 5 models would have been killed. As long as your opponent does not single him out and say that he directs attacks at the champion, he cannot die and will always strike back with his attacks.

18-01-2007, 15:45
Also, the Lance of Knights will Get 8 Knight Attacks, and 7 Horse Attacks with a fresh Lance of 9 charging. (Every unit of Knights has a Champion by default.) Note that they will not get those attacks from the flanks of the unit in subsequent rounds of combat, nor if you charge them.

Any time a mounted model is in combat the Mount is allowed to attack as well as the rider, using it's own stats. The only time you may attack a Mount specifically is when it is Monstrous.