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19-01-2007, 10:04

I have always enjoyed the naval ship combat in Warhammer 40k, as books like Execution Hour and Shadow Point are among my favorite. I've always wanted to get into BFG but I never really had a strong enough urge to plunk down for ships until just recently. I lucked out and scooped up a starter set before they got phased out and it just arrived.

I want to start an imperial fleet, and once I get it to decent size I will start a second fleet(looking at Orks or Space Marines to match my Navy fleet). I really like the fact that cruisers are plastic and there are apparently a ton of different variants, but I'm having trouble coming up with what to field. I havent looked at the rules in depth or played at all yet so I only have a very basic knowledge of what could be considered good.

Using the pieces in the box I know for sure that I want to make :

1 Mars as my flagship to start
1 Gothic , because the fluff for it is my favorite and I like lances on principle

After that things are up in the air. I like the dominator, and the tyrant, but I dont have enough weapon bays to make both.

so I'm looking at

1 Dominator or Tyrant or Overlord

and the only choices left :(

1 Lunar or
1 Dictator or
1 more Mars

What do you guys think?

Some things to keep in mind:

- My current group mate who is pretty much assured to make a fleet will probably choose Eldar or Tyranids

- The other group mate who expressed immediate interest in getting into it will most likely play Necrons

Whats sitting in my shopping cart on GW site right now:

2 Dauntless
6 Storm
1 Emperor
4 Cruisers

Though I'm hoping to find some stuff around town instead. I really regret not buying any BFG stuff 6 months ago when it was all on clearance :(

19-01-2007, 20:26
many people recommend blu-tac for the weapon bays until you settle on your own preference.

my preference and thus recommendation:
1. mars is a great flag ship. good at everything: launch bays, long range batteries, lances, and nova cannon.
2. i would go tyrant with 45cm batteries. batteries are the only thing that will hurt eldars and you need something with over 45cm range. the mars won't be enough.
3. 2 dauntless is a great idea.
4. you will probably want at least 1 carrier for every 1000 pts. if not 500pts.

welcome to a great game btw :)

19-01-2007, 23:37
Hmm, that's a tough set of armies to face.

Against Eldar, lances, nova cannon, bombers, & torpedoes aren't too useful. Long-range batteries shred them though. Escorts are also nice, since their high maneuverability can compensate for their lack of range.

Against Necrons you'll need a good dose of lances to force them to brace, followed up by a good amount of torps and/or bombers and/or batteries to take advantage of the brace. They'll close quickly, so I'm guessing that nova cannon won't be incredibly useful, but I've never played against them as imperials so can't be sure.

Tyranid hive ships are nigh-invulnerable to anything but massed nova cannon. You'll need lots of fighters for defense. For direct-fire weapons, batteries are generally more useful than lances, since the nids rarely have good armor and will usually present a closing aspect to you. Taking escorts can be a gamble - their high firepower can help take down his uber-battleships, but they're also, well, rather bite-size. Eating something bigger like a cruiser takes some chewing.

Each fleet requires quite a different approach, so putting together a good mix of weaponry seems like your best bet.

20-01-2007, 05:36
I decided to go with :

1 Mars
1 Tyrant with upgraded guns
2 Gothics to support each other with their lances

then for chaos

1 Carnage
1 Slaughter
1 Devastation
1 Acheron

If my first few games manage to drum up the necessary interest I'm gonna probably shell out for some more cruisers to get a dominator and some other variants in there, as well some dauntless and sword frigates.

Then eventually I'll snag an Emperor class.

Thanks for the advice guys.

20-01-2007, 07:25
Your next stop on the Imperial side should be (the next box) either a Dictator and an Overlord/Tyrant. This gives you more Squadrons of Attack Craft and more long range Weapons Batteries. I like the Lunar as it is a mainstay of the fleet fluff wise and can take care of itself and dish out a decent amount of fire.

20-01-2007, 15:39
the carnage, slaughter and devastations are all great ships

21-01-2007, 01:41
my first ship, the Draug ( Mars Class )


deck guns and lance barrels have since been picked up with some bolt gun metal.