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19-01-2007, 14:26
As above, after reading "Riders of the Dead", i found the idea of including some kislev lancers into the DOW army i am in the midst of constructing very appealing. So heres the list i have come up with.

DOW elements :

Mercenary Captain ; General, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield. 60pts

29 Norse Marauders ; Great Weapon, Shield, Full Command. 320 pts

Paymaster ; Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Warhorse, Barding. 79 pts

4 Ogres ; Great Weapon, Light Armour, Standard and Champion. 196 pts

Hireling Wizard ; Magic lvl 1, 2 Dispel Scrolls, Warhorse, Barding. 124 pts

5 Heavy Cavalry ; Barding, Standard and Musician. 135 pts

4 units of 5 Light Cavalry ; Spear, Shield, Musician. 340 pts total

2 units of 10 Crossbowmen ; total 160 pts

************************************************** *******

Kislev Allies :

Kislev Boyar ; Cont. Comdr, Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Warhorse. 110 pts

5 Gryphon Legion ; Standard and Musician. 154 pts

2 units of 5 Winged Lancers ; Full Command. tota 320 pts

************************************************** ********

total 95 models. 3 dispel dice.

The main infantry in DOW, pikemen dont really appeal to me, they are over-rated with their fight in 4 ranks and too rigid. So i chose Norse Marauders instead.

Mercenary Captain would be in the unit of 29 Norse Marauders. 6 wide 5 ranks deep. Norse Marauders with their frenzied are quite threatening and useful.

My idea of the norse marauders are more of battle veterans wielding great swords and axes who join the DOW for promise of battle and money. i would be converting the normal chaos marauders to give them a more "civilised" look.

Paymaster would be with the 4 Ogres.

Wizard is just a scroll caddy. Would put him behind the 5 heavy cav.

the 2 units of crossbow as screens.

Kislev boyar with the Gryphon Legion.

Opinions and advice welcomed.