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20-01-2007, 06:08
I've fished around for ideas on how to greenstuff new hands for my BFSP trolls, but I got impatient and started to chop them up. The idea behind the Trolldork Triplets (or Trolldork Un, Trolldork Too, and Trolldork Free) is they are a group of Trolls led by their handler Wowbagga, an insane immortal (he dies if he is killed, but inexplicably comes back to life days later) Night Goblin riding a Giant Scorpion (counts as a Gigantic Spider) who loves his stupid trolls very dearly. One of the triplets will be the stock standard BFSP troll, one of them will have a hook or something else for a hand (for some reason trolls have a hard time regenerating bits that are covered in scorpion venom) and one I am chopping up to convert now. I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do with him, but I started by chopping off that infernal Dwarven statue thingy. And I decided to document the process. I am also continually fishing for advice, especially for ways that I can reasonably easily 'stuff the hands.


Sorry about the poor piccie.

Anyway, looking through my bits box I found a couple of bits that will help me in my quest - I have ALMOST managed to avoid serious 'stuffing.


Okay, the big spiky hand I believe is off of that old classic Chaos Mutations sprue - it's going to save me greenstuffing his right hand, and will look nice and menacing too - not to mention ease of posability. The big claw I plan on using as a replacement for Trolldork 3's hand (see, our shaman Gorksnik enchanted it so it would move.. a bit, anyway. Trolldork 3 tends to just smash people over the head with it, anyway). Trolldork will also have an eyepatch, and fancy himself a bit of a pirate after hearing Wowbagga's bedtime stories about zombie pirates. So that's all easy, I imagine an eyepatch won't be much trouble, and the claw hand should be a simple greenstuff blending session.

So, I'm still fishing for suggestions about the boulder hand on Trolldork 1. One hand has been nicely replaced, but I'd like to be able to give him some sort of makeshift weapon, too.

EDIT 3 for today: Ok, scrap that idea. I found a big ass claw from an old Clan Wars model I planned to convert into a Nurgle Deamon prince - that's well and truly on hold now, and he can have tentacles and such to replace missing ligaments - sooooo, Trolldork 1 is going to be a troll who plays with warpstone a little too much. God I love using background to explain everything. :)


So this means that I will be building up one of the arms a little more with greenstuff to make this mutation more apparent and make him look a little LESS like a Tzeentchian horror. If there is one thing I am learning about all this is - if you aren't much of a sculptor, you better have a bottomless bitz box.


20-01-2007, 06:31
ill be following this process, as i have to do something very simular..

20-01-2007, 08:13
Yeah i think i'll be checking on how this one turns out too. but I'm no O&G player .

20-01-2007, 11:16
It's revelation night, people! Updates above.

24-01-2007, 10:21
Okay, I'm back. I've been lazy. :)


So we have a couple of arms. Let's chop them up a bit. I tried to cut into areas where the muscle more or less matched up, so that we could stick them together for an adequate result.


Now, I'm not too happy with the pose the arm would have come out as if I'd just stuck it on straight, so I tried my luck at greenstuffing a little more arm length so he'd look more like he had troll shoulder's rather than a footballers permanently padded ones.

24-01-2007, 10:22

He's kinda done now, but I need to fill in gaps and the like first. Since he plays with warpstone, I might make him a bit grosser, too.

Now for Trolldork 3:


Bit of chopping. Chopped it off at the shoulder for repositioning, chopped the hand off so it could stay where it is, I guess. :)


24-01-2007, 10:23
Then I chopped off the rest of the statue, including the hand (I have a secret weapon!) and then stuck the claw on. It worked really well!

My friend Jai allowed me to steal something off his ogre sprues.. :)


And stuck it on. Group shot!


More fiddling to come!


24-01-2007, 10:23
Your images arn't showing?

Warwolt the skaven
24-01-2007, 10:23
pics doesnt work :(

24-01-2007, 10:28
there back! obviously a glitch

24-01-2007, 15:47
C'mon people! Talk to me. I need feedback! :)

Hideous Loon
24-01-2007, 15:58
The arms have been well done and all, nice work Muncher, but what about the rest of the bodies? They don't have the exact same kind of skull-and-bone necklace, do they?

As for the big Ork claw, I think it looks reasonably good, he might have nicked it off a dead Skaven thing for all I care, but it doesn't look particularly blended in with the rest of the Troll. Maybe if you shortened the Troll arm and made it so that the klaw was a replacement for the entire forearm it would look better. Or indeed, if you gave him another weapon entirely, I don't think it looks all that Fantasy-y. Maybe a more regular claw, pushed into the naked flesh of the Troll and nailed to the bone, would fit the unit more. I love the Trollish pirate ideas though.

24-01-2007, 16:20
With the claw thing - I was planning on wrapping it in greenstuff bandages or rope to make it look like it has just been stuck on there. And giving him an eyepatch. :) The main reason I gave him the claw is it was just something I had lying in my bits box. Plus it looks good in a silly kind of way. It is a Goblin warband, after all.

As for the necklaces, I had begun to notice them recently, not too sure what I'm going to do. Probably trim two of them off, give them different danglies and the like. All part of the process. There is also a lot of greenstuff blending that is pending.

In other news, I've found my classic GW Scorpion model that I am planning on using for the mount of my Big Boss - he's in a fairly sorry state of disrepair, missing two and a half legs! I'm thinking about giving it a set of wheels to 'fix' the lack of two of the legs, and give him a wooden leg for the half broken one.. or I could learn to sculpt.. but let's not get too silly now.

Thanks muchly for the response, I need more of it. :)